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Chasing the Undercurrent 罚罪 Episode 13 Recap

Because he couldn’t find the backup data left by Zhao Pengcheng, Chang Zheng was furious and drove away Jin Yan. Jin Yan also rushed to the grievance and ran to the entrance of the cemetery crying and got into a taxi. The driver was actually Yan Guohua. Yan Guohua comforted Jin Yan. The most tacit partner is often like this. There will be disagreements and quarrels, but after the request, they can continue as usual. Jin Yan told Yan Guohua that in addition to feeling aggrieved, it was more because he felt that he could not help Chang. Sign is busy.

After calming down, Jin Yan accepted the invitation from Chang Zheng again. The two analyzed it together. They clearly felt that every link was reasonable, but the USB flash drive was not found. There must be something strange in it. Maybe it was taken away by the Zhao family in advance. After a clue, the two went to the cemetery to adjust the monitoring. Since the monitoring could only be arranged at the door, there was not much discovery, and they went around the cemetery separately. Due to the heavy rain the day before, everything was washed clean.

Zhao Xiaosheng sent someone to take the USB drive in advance, but Zhao Pengcheng didn’t know it. Zhao Xiaosheng told Zhao Pengchao, and Zhao Pengchao said that he would be more vigilant. He immediately called the informant and told him to pay attention to Chang Zheng’s actions at any time, and report any situation to himself.

Chang Zheng asked about the relationship between Jin Yan and Yan Guohua. The police in Changwu had thousands of people, why they chose Jin Yan to join the task force. Jin Yan told Chang Zheng that Yan Guohua used to be his principal and helped him out of the siege. He is very trustworthy, and handling a major case like the Zhao family requires someone you can trust, so he sent himself to the task force.

Song Guangming provided Chang Zheng with a new idea. You can ask about the cleaning of the cemetery. They are in the cemetery most of the time, and there may be new discoveries. Chang Zheng hurried to the cemetery to ask, and sure enough, a cleaner claimed to have seen someone open it that day. Chang Zheng confirmed his inference after a very unusual wall burial box, but the clues have been stolen, and the next step is still confused.

After the turmoil in the cemetery for the USB flash drive, Zhao Xiaosheng was very worried that Chang Zheng would catch him sooner or later, so he called Zhang Qiufeng and asked Zhang Qiufeng to assign a new task to Chang Zheng, and stop staring at the Zhao family.

Zhang Qiufeng told Chang Zheng that the Binxi Criminal Investigation Brigade received a new report and found an unnamed corpse in Longwang Mountain a few days ago. Lao Han was in charge of investigating the case. Because Lao Han was recently ill and was hospitalized, Zhang Qiufeng decided to let Chang Zheng and Whether Jin Yan took over was due to work needs or for another purpose, it was not clear for the time being, but Chang Zheng broke out directly. Why add another case to the closed case? Zhang Qiufeng is right. If each police officer can only handle one case at the same time period, how efficient is the Binxi Criminal Investigation Brigade? Seeing that the two were at a stalemate, Jin Yan hurriedly reconciled and took over the information handed over by Zhang Qiufeng.

After leaving Zhang Qiufeng’s office, Chang Zheng went to Xiao Zhenbang’s office again to complain. Xiao Zhenbang signaled Chang Zheng to follow the advice of his superiors, not to be picky about cases, and not to have personal prejudices. Chang Zheng was not convinced. In the past few years, Zhang Qiufeng always obstructed the follow-up of the Zhao family’s case. It is hard not to make people suspect that Xiao Zhenbang still adheres to the principle that if there is no evidence, he should not talk nonsense. Chang Zheng reluctantly took over the unnamed corpse case.

The next morning, Chang Zheng and Jin Yan went to Longwang Mountain to check the scene. Jin Yan checked the information in advance. The crime scene used to be the location of the No. 5 well of Qiongya Mine, which was abandoned a long time ago because it happened 28 years ago. In an accidental collapse, many miners were buried underground. Chang Zheng asked Jin Yan to examine the bones and returned to the team to wait for news.

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