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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 14 Recap

Liu Nianbai, Lin Wei and Li Junxiao came out of the operating room and sat on the bench in the corridor together in deep thought. Lin Wei wondered why they chose the obstetrics and gynecology department. Li Junxiao felt that the gynecology department was short of manpower and would be promoted quickly. When Du Di came out to see the three of them looking downcast, he shook his head in disappointment and left.

Since the incident with Lu Mengyao, Liu Nianbai has become a different person. He is listless every day. Du Di did not expect this to hit him so hard. Liu Nianbai realized the importance of a clinician for the first time, and he vowed to study hard from today. , to become a qualified obstetrician and gynecologist as soon as possible, which made Du Di admire him.

The mother’s husband sent a pennant to Li Junxiao, and he was grateful to him. He also took a photo with him. Li Junxiao sent the photo to the circle of friends, and Wu Congrui liked him. Li Junxiao was very happy. Yang Zhenzhen was accompanied by her parents, mother-in-law, father-in-law and husband Gao Jian to the hospital to give birth. Du Di recognized at a glance that she had persuaded her to go back three times because of false labor, and persuaded her to go home again.

After examination, it was still fake labor this time, the cervix did not open at all, and there were no continuous contractions. Yang Zhenzhen was worried that it would be too late and did not want to give birth to the child in the car. Du Di patiently explained the symptoms of real labor to her, and the hospital stipulated fake labor. Unable to be hospitalized, Yang Zhenzhen’s family of six had to leave first.

On the way, Yang Zhenzhen suddenly had unbearable abdominal pain and urged Gao Jian to stop immediately, but the car could not stop on the viaduct, so Gao Jian had to speed up to rush home, Yang Zhenzhen’s amniotic fluid suddenly broke, Gao Jian hurriedly drove to the hospital, but there was a huge traffic jam on the road. Gao Jian had no choice but to divert to the hospital in violation of regulations.

Du Di delivered several children in one breath, and went to the cafeteria to eat very late. Wu Congrui had been waiting for her to buy a meal. Du Di suddenly received the news that Yang Zhenzhen had broken water, and she hurried away without eating. Yang Zhenzhen’s mother-in-law and mother blocked Du Di firmly and insisted that Du Di delayed Yang Zhenzhen’s condition. Du Di wanted to see Yang Zhenzhen’s condition, but they resolutely refused. Wu Congrui took the initiative to go to the delivery room to see what happened.

Yang Zhenzhen’s uterine contractions are very urgent, the fetus is falling too fast, Yang Zhenzhen can’t control her force, and the fetus is huge, Wu Congrui is worried that Yang Zhenzhen’s perineum will be severely torn, and reminds Yang Zhenzhen to cooperate fully. After everyone’s unremitting efforts, Yang Zhenzhen finally gave birth to a daughter, Wu Congrui helped Yang Zhenzhen sutured the torn wound and explained the situation to her family.

When Du Di returned to the office, Liu Nianbai had been waiting for her to prepare lunch. Du Di spat out Liu Nianbai’s face with rice grains because he was so anxious to eat, and Liu Nianbai complained. Wu Congrui successfully completed the suture operation for the first time. She was nervous and excited. Li Junxiao brought her a cup of milk tea. Wu Congrui was relieved. Li Junxiao invited her to dinner to celebrate.

Liu Nianbai waited for Du Di after get off work and invited her to eat crayfish. Du Di actually taught him to give the crayfish a caesarean section, attracting many customers to watch and take pictures. Liu Nianbai was very embarrassed. At the same time, Li Junxiao invited Wu Congrui to go to a high-end restaurant to eat seafood, and Wu Congrui feasted.

Li Junxiao casually mentioned that he gave Wu Congrui that umbrella. Li Junxiao took the opportunity to express his feelings to Wu Cairen, and Wu Congrui immediately became alert and wanted to AA with him. Li Junxiao hurriedly changed the subject.

Tian Yunshan took the medical staff to the ward. Yang Zhenzhen’s family specially waited in the ward and unanimously demanded that Du Di be dealt with seriously. Tian Yunshan carefully reviewed Yang Zhenzhen’s case and pointed out that Du Di handled it improperly. Yang Zhenzhen had three false labors, and she was still a huge baby, so she should consider the situation of emergency labor.

Du Di felt that he strictly followed the hospital regulations. Huang Yunling and Tian Yunshan both accused her. Instead of thinking about the problem from the standpoint of the mother and her family, let her study hard from Wu Congrui. Tian Yunshan asked Du Di to go to the family to apologize, otherwise she would be punished with a bonus. God pulled away.

Wu Congrui tried hard to persuade Du Di, but Du Di was willing to give in. Du Di came to Yang Zhenzhen’s ward. Her father-in-law took the initiative to admit to Du Di and admitted that Du Di was not misdiagnosed. Driving home, Yang Zhenzhen would not suffer such a serious crime. He hoped that Du Di would be patient with his family in the future. Du Di sincerely apologized to him and began to reflect on his mistakes.

Wu Congrui persuaded Du Di nicely, but she just couldn’t let it go. Liu Nianbai brought two packs of instant noodles for Du Di to relieve the pressure. For the first time, Du Di felt that a good operation is not necessarily a good doctor. It is equally important to communicate with them well. Nianbai encouraged her to express the warmth and concern in her heart, and asked Du Di to praise him first, but Du Di hesitated for a long time without saying a word of praise.

42-year-old Zhang Ying is pregnant. She originally wanted to go to Shengji Hospital where her best friend Huang Yunling is located to set up a file, but her husband insisted on going to a private hospital. Zhang Ying hung up Huang Yunling’s number and met 22-year-old Guo Caiting while waiting in the hall. They hit it off right away, and they talked about having a baby and talking about a third party. The more they talked, the more speculative they became, until the nurse called Guo Caiting. When it was Zhang Ying’s turn to see a doctor, she handed the test results to Huang Yunling for review. Since the private hospital did not do Tang screening and genetic testing, Huang Yunling asked her to do it at Shengji Hospital.

During the operation today, an intern fainted. Lin Wei reminded Du Di to strengthen physical exercise. Du Di explained that she was exercising, but Lin Wei didn’t believe it. Sunday dinner, if Lin didn’t lose, put on three days of death Barbie lipstick. Du Di and Lin Wei put on a stance, and the medical staff came to watch the fun. Du Di lived up to expectations and won, while Lin Wei was willing to admit defeat and promised to put on lipstick for three days.

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