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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 13 Recap

Du Di didn’t want Lin Wei to misunderstand her relationship with Liu Nianbai. He explained that these two times were misunderstandings, and asked Liu Nianbai to testify. Liu Nianbai admitted that Du Di was drunk that day and slept in his house all night. Lin Wei was even more sure that the two of them were boyfriends and girlfriends, and hurriedly left with interest. Du Di was cold to Liu Nianbai.

Su Ye delivered the pregnant woman. The pregnant woman screamed in pain and didn’t cooperate at all. Li Junxiao helped to divert her attention. The pregnant woman held on to Li Junxiao’s neck and didn’t let go until the child was born.

The pain was unbearable, and his foot was severely stepped on by the pregnant husband, and he complained in pain. Li Junxiao ran into Liu Nianbai when he went out. Liu Nianbai just sprained his waist and neck. He walked in the same posture as Li Junxiao. Li Junxiao mistakenly thought that Liu Nianbai was learning from him, and Liu Nianbai hurriedly explained that he was also injured.

Lin Wei saw Liu Nianbai’s embarrassed appearance, bending over and covering his neck. He mistakenly thought that it was caused by his vigorous exercise with Du Di last night. Liu Nianbai denied it, and Lin Wei took the opportunity to speak loudly, otherwise he would make the matter between the two of them public. Liu Nianbai had to give in obediently, and someone secretly filmed this scene.

When Wu Congrui saw Li Junxiao’s pain, he greeted him and helped him deal with the wound. Liu Nianbai limped back to the office, and Du Di followed and ordered him to take the test results of the pregnant woman. Liu Nianbai was injured and could not go. Du Di He had to go get it himself. Liu Nianbai saw that Wu Congrui took care of Li Junxiao in every possible way. He felt sorry for himself and no one loved him.

At lunch, Wu Congrui persuaded Du Di to call and take care of his mother Zhang Xiufen. Du Di concluded that his father, Du Yongfu, would take good care of him. Wu Congrui no longer insisted. Li Junxiao and his colleagues changed classes and offered to help Wu Congrui move. Du Di felt that Li Junxiao had changed. She moved several times in a row, but Li Junxiao did not help.

Li Junxiao came to help Wu Congrui move. Seeing the various small gifts that Wu Congrui carefully prepared for Feng Yuanhang, Wu Congrui admitted that she loved Feng Yuanhang deeply. Feng Yuanhang was not interested in the gifts she carefully prepared, but would give them to her like sanitary napkins. s things. Li Junxiao saw that Wu Congrui still cherished an umbrella he gave him back then, with the letter “L” engraved by him on the handle of the umbrella.

Wu Congrui thought that Feng Yuanhang gave her the umbrella, put it in a box and threw it away together, but Li Junxiao didn’t say it. It was when they were in college. Wu Congrui and Du Di came out of the library together and found that it was raining heavily outside. Du Di ran back to the dormitory regardless of the rain, and Li Junxiao brought Wu Congrui an umbrella.

Feng Yuanhang suddenly came back to help with the move, and called Wu Congrui aside. Feng Yuanhang wanted to get back with her, but Wu Congrui didn’t buy it. He listed what Feng Yuanhang had done to her one by one. Feng Yuanhang wanted to explain the reason for the sterilization, but Wu Congrui didn’t want to hear it. , pull up Li Junxiao and leave.

The more Du Di thought about it, the more wrong he felt. He felt that Li Junxiao was too attentive to Wu Congrui, and Liu Nianbai felt the same. Du Di didn’t have a good rest last night. He yawned a lot when he was on the night shift today. Liu Nianbai advised her to take a rest first. Du Di couldn’t hold it any longer, so he went to the duty room for a while. Liu Nianbai was on duty at the outpatient clinic. Lu Mengyao, a 20-year-old junior girl, was accompanied by her father to see dysmenorrhea.

Liu Nianbai learned that she had not had a period for two months, and gave her a simple examination, suspecting that she was having an ectopic pregnancy. She was still a big girl, how could she be pregnant? He asked Liu Nianbai to prescribe painkillers. Lu Mengyao also denied having sex. Liu Nianbai saw that Lu Mengyao was lying and remembered how Du Di taught him how to get unmarried girls to draw blood for pregnancy test. Liu Nianbai I gave her a lab test.

Lu Mengyao’s examination results came out. Liu Nianbai found out that she was pregnant, and it was an ectopic pregnancy. She checked with Lu Mengyao again whether she had been in the same room with someone else, and suggested a B-ultrasound for further examination. Lu’s father gritted his teeth in anger and scolded Liu Nianbai as a rogue doctor. They also called the police to report Liu Nianbai, but Lu’s father ignored Liu Nianbai’s dissuasion, pulled up Lu Mengyao and left.

Liu Nianbai hurried back to find Du Di. Du Di learned that Lu Mengyao was ectopic pregnancy and worried that her bleeding was life-threatening, but Lu Mengyao’s phone number and address were fake, so Du Di and Liu Nianbai separated to find someone, and Liu Nianbai called nearby Ten universities inquired about it, but they found nothing. Li Junxiao advised him not to waste any more time. Lu Mengyao left by himself. Even if they were in danger, some of them would not be responsible. Liu Nianbai disagreed with him and continued to find someone according to Du Di’s request.

Li Junxiao’s mother who was in charge of the bed suddenly had an unstable fetal heart. He immediately rushed to see what was going on. The mother’s husband refused to let the male doctor deliver the wife’s delivery, and clamored for a female doctor. Li Junxiao asked the nurse to pull the mother’s husband out. The umbilical cord prolapsed and the operation must be performed immediately, so he called Su Ye to send the mother to the operating room.

Lin Wei performed a caesarean section for the mother. The mother was trembling because of her nervousness. The nurse comforted her by the side. The inspection caused his wife’s umbilical cord to prolapse. Su Ye told him the reason for the prolapse of the umbilical cord in detail, but he didn’t believe it at all and threatened to sue Li Junxiao.

Lu Mengyao fainted at school because of heavy bleeding. The school contacted Liu Nianbai. Liu Nianbai arranged for an ambulance to take Lu Mengyao to Shengji Hospital. He immediately reported to Du Di, who informed Huang Yunling to perform surgery on Lu Mengyao. Father Lu came to hear the news, and Liu Nianbai explained the truth to him and asked him to sign the consent form for the operation. Father Lu was dumbfounded.

Lu Mengyao’s uterus could not be saved due to excessive bleeding. Lu’s father could not accept this reality. Liu Nianbai explained to him the stakes. If the uterus was not removed in time, Lu Mengyao’s life would be in danger. Lu’s father had to sign the consent form for the operation. After the operation, her father kept complaining about Lu Mengyao. When her wife died, Lu Mengyao was only three years old. The father and daughter depended on each other for life. Unexpectedly, Lu Mengyao confessed to her father that she was wrong. She never dared to tell her father about girls since she was a child. , and secretly got a marriage certificate with her boyfriend.

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