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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 12 Recap

Wu Congrui admitted that she and Feng Yuanhang divorced because of their children. Feng Yuanhang did not want children, so he did the sterilization behind her back. Li Junxiao was stunned and did not understand why Feng Yuanhang did such a decisive thing. Wu Congrui thought that Feng Yuanhang might think she She is still a child and cannot take on the responsibility of being a mother, but Feng Yuanhang cannot directly break her right to be a mother.

Li Junxiao feels that the meaning of marriage is to have children, to live and to be with you until the end of life. This is exactly the same as Wu Congrui’s life goal. Realizing that he had been misunderstanding Li Junxiao all the time, it turned out that he and Du Di were not the same person. Li Junxiao felt that he and Wu Congrui were the same person. Wu Congrui encouraged him to find a suitable fellow traveler as soon as possible.

The more Li Junxiao and Wu Congrui chatted, the more speculative they became. Li Xiaojuan accidentally discovered that Li Junxiao and Wu Congrui were talking and laughing, remembering that Li Junxiao had a crush on Wu Congrui when he was in college, and persuaded Li Junxiao and Wu Congrui to be together, Li Junxiao laughed without saying a word. Du Di couldn’t get used to the practice of Xiao Lili and his wife giving up their daughter, so he discussed a good solution with Liu Nianbai.

Huang Yunling went to the wards early in the morning and repeatedly confirmed to Xiao Lili and his wife that they insisted on keeping the boy in the intensive care unit, so Huang Yunling had to give up. Du Di and Liu Nianbai deliberately walked at the end. The two pretended to chat casually, revealing that the condition of the two children was very bad. The little girl was sure to die when she got out of the incubator, and the older boy might have a lung infection that affected his brain. Accidental death, the last two children could not be saved, Liu Nianbai added fuel to it. Xiao Lili’s husband panicked and asked Du Di about the boy’s situation. Du Di suggested that the two children be kept together.

Liu Nianbai and Du Di hid outside the ward, Xiao Lili was so anxious, her husband had to admit that the family still had money, Xiao Lili begged him not to give up her daughter, Du Di and Liu Nianbai were relieved when they heard this conversation. Lin Wei was caught, and Lin Wei exposed their threats and intimidation of the patient in person, punished Du Di not to enter the operating room for a week, and asked Liu Nianbai to follow the trainee for a week of training, Liu Nianbai repeatedly begged for mercy, and Lin Wei threatened to take them Liu Nianbai had no choice but to do so.

Zhang Xiufen asked Du Yongfu to go to the station to buy a ticket. She came to the hospital to find Du Di and gave her a bank card of 20,000 yuan as compensation for her for so many years. Du Di categorically refused and made it clear that he would not be with them. The child fights for the family property, and then goes away in frustration. Liu Nianbai invited Wu Congrui, Du Di and others to go to the bar to watch the talk show. Wu Congrui was very happy. She also heard that there were mysterious guests appearing. Du Di was always depressed, and Liu Nianbai tried his best to make her happy.

At the beginning of the performance, Liu Nianbai took to the stage to perform, telling the interesting things encountered in the obstetrics and gynecology department in a humorous language, which was well received by everyone. At the end of the performance, Wu Congrui and Liu Nianbai said their goodbyes and left. Liu Nianbai thought that Du Di left first, but she did not expect that she would hide and drink and drink.

Tian Yunshan held a regular meeting and first announced that Xiao Lili and his wife had decided to save the two children together, and asked the medical staff to cooperate fully. Because Huang Yunling was pregnant, Tian Yunshan wanted Lin Wei to participate in the joint obstetrics and gynecology conference with him. Lin Wei politely declined, Tian Yunshan Explain the importance of this meeting to him, but Lin Wei still doesn’t buy it. He only likes surgery and is not interested in scientific research projects. Huang Yunling proposes to discuss the matter after the meeting.

Li Junxiao bought all kinds of chocolates and secretly gave them to Wu Congrui. Wu Congrui was very happy. Huang Yunling came out after the birth check and learned that the newly hospitalized pregnant woman Liu Xiaoyu had no fetal heartbeat. Huang Yunling hurried to the ward and found that Liu Xiaoyu did not have a fetal heartbeat, so she asked her to do a B-ultrasound. To change doctors, she also called Huang Yunling a big belly. Wu Congrui stood up to rescue Huang Yunling. He immediately became angry and scolded Huang Yunling and Wu Congrui. The patient’s family members onlookers photographed the scene and posted it on the Internet, which caused an uproar.

Liu Nianbai saw the video of Du Di beating people and admired her. The pregnant husband wanted to hold Du Di responsible. Tian Yunshan reprimanded Du Di severely. Wu Congrui and Liu Nianbai fought for Du Di. Tian Yunshan didn’t buy it at all. Remind Du Di not to be an example, otherwise he will pack up and leave.

Wu Congrui was worried that Du Di would be expelled because of this. She also wanted to compete fairly with Du Di for the position of the inpatient chief. Du Di really wanted to be the inpatient chief, but it was nothing compared to their friendship. Liu Nianbai ran over to cause trouble, and asked Du Di to perform an arm force, but was forcibly driven away by Du Di.

Huang Yunling suspected that there was a problem with Liu Xiaoyu’s umbilical cord, which resulted in no fetal heartbeat. She wanted to perform a caesarean section for Liu Xiaoyu, but the teacher suddenly called her to go to school, and her husband was away on a business trip. Huang Yunling asked Wu Congrui to go to school. Wu Congrui took Huang Yunling’s son to the hospital, Du Di returned to the office, Wu Congrui asked her about Liu Xiaoyu’s situation, only to know that the fetal heart was unstable due to the fetus playing with the umbilical cord. Now the mother and child are safe, Liu Xiaoyu’s husband is giving wedding candy in the whole ward, he The complaint against Du Di was withdrawn, but Tian Yunshan still gave Du Di a note.

Liu Nianbai studied with the interns every day. He was tired of it for a long time, and excitedly came to Du Di to go to the Liuye Island bar to relax. Liu Nianbai turned out the video of Du Di beating people to show off to the bartender. Du Di was very annoyed and turned around to leave. Liu Nianbai tried his best to stop him. Du Di threw him to the ground on the spot. He broke his butt, and asked Du Di to take him home and let Du Di cook for him.

Du Di saw that there were only tomatoes and eggs in the refrigerator in addition to convenience food, so he made scrambled eggs with tomatoes. Liu Nianbai poured Du Di a glass of red wine. He couldn’t drink, so he secretly poured a glass of Coke. Lin Wei suddenly opened the door and came in. He deliberately asked his mother-in-law to make dumplings and buns to deliver. Liu Nianbai wanted him to leave early, but Lin Wei didn’t leave. He sat down and drank a glass of wine. Liu Nianbai gave the bottle of wine to him. He urged him to leave quickly.

Du Di came to Liu Nianbai to ask for onions, Lin Wei immediately understood everything and decided that they were dating. Liu Nianbai and Du Di explained repeatedly that Lin Wei didn’t believe it at all. It was not recognized that the sewing technique on Liu Nianbai’s shoes was Du Di’s.

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