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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 11 Recap

Zhang Xiufen didn’t want to see Du Yongfu and Du Di quarreling, so he took Du Yongfu back to the hotel. Wu Congrui told Zhang Xiufen not to forget to come to the maternity check at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, and Du Yongfu called Du Di aside.

Liu Nianbai saw that Du Yongfu was very dissatisfied with Du Di, and Wu Congrui suddenly realized that she had done something wrong. She regretted helping Zhang Xiufen create a file. , Huang Yunling analyzed that if Du Yongfu and Zhang Xiufen had children because they were old and lonely, Du Di could still accept it. If they wanted to have a son, Du Di would never forgive them, and Wu Congrui would completely offend Du Di. , Wu Congrui complained incessantly.

Du Yongfu asked Du Di to go down today with Zhang Xiufen to the B-ultrasound room to check the gender of the child. Du Di was determined not to do anything illegal. Du Yongfu became angry and cursed at her. He regretted giving birth to her. Du Di was also furious. I would rather be a puppy or a kitten than be Du Yongfu’s child.

Liu Nianbai was worried and bought milk tea to wait for Du Di. Du Di rushed back in anger and went straight into the bathroom. Liu Nianbai was waiting outside. He waited for a long time before Du Di came out. If he didn’t appreciate it, he was punished to collect the diapers of today’s newborns and analyze their feeding situation from the color, shape and smell of the stool. Liu Nianbai had to do so.

Zhang Xiufen came to the hospital on time for the obstetric examination, and Wu Congrui accompanied her throughout the process. Zhang Xiufen asked the doctor who did the B-ultrasound about the sex of the fetus. Wu Congrui made it clear that it was illegal and advised Zhang Xiufen to give up as soon as possible. Du Yongfu was waiting outside and couldn’t wait to find out whether the child was a boy or a girl. Zhang Xiufen had to admit that the doctor did not say that the reason why Du Yongfu came to Shengji Hospital so far to set up a file was to know the child’s gender in advance. He was not willing to give up. Ignore Zhang Xiufen’s obstruction and go to Du Di again.

Liu Nianbai took the newborn’s stool and came to the nurse on duty for consultation, only to know that the obstetrics and gynecology department had never done such a thing. Only then did Liu Nianbai realize that Du Di deliberately harassed him, and went directly to Du Dixing to ask his guilt. Du Yongfu called and asked Du Di to ask about the sex of the child. Du Di excused himself from being on duty tonight, and Liu Nianbai offered to take the night shift for Du Di, only to know that Du Di was not on duty tonight, and Liu Nianbai persuaded Du Di to accept his soon-to-be-born younger brother. Or my sister, who was forcibly driven away by Du Di.

Liu Nianbai invited Wu Congrui to eat skewers, and wanted to know what to do to make Du Di stop punishing him. Wu Congrui knew Du Di’s personality well and persuaded him to accept Du Di’s punishment obediently. Liu Nianbai felt that Du Di was too tired and wanted to relieve himself Take the pressure off her. Wu Congrui briefly described Du Di’s experience. Du Yongfu’s single-handed biography of this generation has caught up with family planning. Du Di was excluded from the whole family. She desperately tried to win the first place, and wanted to be recognized by the whole family. Liu Nianbai vowed to help them open their hearts, but Wu Congrui thought it was impossible.

A pregnant internet celebrity bribed the obstetrics and gynecology nurse to find out the gender of the fetus and advertised it on the Internet, which had a very bad impact. The nurse was fired, and the doctor in the radiology department was also fired.

The incident caused a lot of repercussions. Tian Yunshan called The general medical staff held an emergency meeting, publicly criticized Wang Ying for his lax management, and announced that if such a thing happened again, all the general staff would be punished together. Wang Ying called the nurses together to start a week-long study of rules and regulations. If they fail the assessment, they will deduct bonuses. Wu Congrui reminded Du Di not to tell the parents the gender of the fetus, but Du Di persuaded her not to tell her. Wu Congrui didn’t see the excuse clearly.

Xiao Lili, a seven-month-pregnant woman, came to the hospital to protect her baby. Li Xiaojuan learned that the pregnant woman was pregnant with twins, and tried to persuade her to have a caesarean section. They didn’t listen at all, and even moved out of their relatives’ home to talk about things. Lin Wei and Li Junxiao came to round the room, and Li Xiaojuan left in anger.

Lin Wei looked at Xiao Lili’s examination results and found that the fetus was a twin with amniotic sacs. The two children shared a placenta, and one of them was on the edge of the placenta, so it could not absorb nutrients at all. There was a 40% difference in development. Lin Wei advised Xiao Lili to reduce the fetus. , but she insisted on giving birth to both children. Lin did not make it clear that the fetus would be stillborn due to malnutrition and would endanger the life of the other fetus. Xiao Lili wanted to give birth to the children by caesarean section now. Without explaining the danger of premature babies, Xiao Lili wanted to discuss it with her husband.

Li Junxiao asked the doctor about Li Xiaojuan’s words and deeds just now. The doctor despised Li Xiaojuan’s ignorance and made fun of her as a rural person. Li Junxiao was very annoyed, and Lin Wei hurriedly stood up to relieve the siege. Du Di, Wu Congrui and others were all waiting in the office, and asked Lin Weizi to talk about Lili’s situation.

Du Di believed that Xiao Lili and his wife knew the gender of the child, because it was the boy who was stunted who was reluctant to reduce the pregnancy. Li Junxiao questioned Du Di in public. He also warned her not to apply her own experience to others. The two of them had a disagreement, and they quarreled. Lin Wei hurriedly stopped them, and Li Junxiao left on the excuse that he had left in advance. Li Xiaojuan rented a bigger house near the hospital, and Li Junxiao and Li Xiaojuan moved in together.

Liu Nianbai went to the bar to perform a talk show, weaving the hospital incident into a joke, and the audience was amused by him laughing. Liu Nianbai came to negotiate with Liu Zhenghua, produced evidence that Liu Zhenghua had taken bribes in the bar on the spot, and forced Liu Zhenghua to hand over his mother’s relics within a week, otherwise he would report him.

Du Yongfu and Zhang Xiufen came to the office to wait for Du Di. Du Di was very disgusted. Xiao Lili’s fetus was in critical condition. The nurse called Du Di to deal with it. Du Di was being pestered by his parents and couldn’t walk away, so he asked Liu Nianbai to take a look first. Du Yongfu and Zhang Xiufen knelt on the ground together and begged Du Di to help check the gender of the child. Du Di refused to agree. Zhang Xiufen cried bitterly. Satisfied to leave.

Du Di rushed to the ward and persuaded Xiao Lili to reduce the pregnancy to keep the well-developed child. Xiao Lili insisted on a caesarean section. Lin Wei and Li Junxiao operated on Xiao Lili. Du Di, Liu Nianbai and Wu Congrui observed in the observation room. Colleagues quietly discussed why Feng Yuanhang was absent from the operation. With the full cooperation of the medical staff, the two children went up and down smoothly. The youngest was a girl and the older was a boy. Because they were both underdeveloped, they were both sent to the intensive care unit. Xiao Lili’s husband cried with joy when he learned that both children were alive. .

Du Di’s prediction was wrong, so she quietly hid. She witnessed Xiao Lili being pushed into the ward and fell into reflection. Li Junxiao sneered at her. Wu Congrui came to the neonatology department to see the two newborn children, only to know that since she and Feng Yuanhang divorced, Feng Yuanhang was rejected by the medical staff of the obstetrics and gynecology department and transferred away. She felt very uncomfortable.

Du Di heard the noise in the ward and hurried over to see what was going on. Xiao Lili and his wife had no money to pay for both children to live in the intensive care unit. Li Junxiao tried hard to persuade her that if the younger daughter gave up treatment, she would surely die. They wanted to keep the two children, but there was nothing they could do.

Xiao Lili complained that her husband should not go abroad to check the sex of the fetus in advance. The foreign hospital found out that the older one was a girl, so they asked the two to keep them together. Li Junxiao was immediately stunned. He didn’t expect that the couple chose to have two children by caesarean section because of the wrong gender, which also quietly confirmed that Du Di’s judgment was right, and Du Di was furious at Li Junxiao.

Li Junxiao was distraught and hid alone in the duty room, feeling sad. Suddenly seeing Wu Congrui weeping secretly here, the two confided their grievances to each other.

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