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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 9 Recap

Shang Guifen has not given milk since she was too old. Meng Shuang squeezed out her milk to feed her newborn brother. Li Xiaojuan gushed about Shang Guifen and Meng Shuang’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to Sister Lan who had just returned from vacation. About giving birth, Du Di passed by and heard her words, and gave her a hard lesson, but Li Xiaojuan laughed at her that no one wanted her.

Du Di came to Li Junxiao to ask him the guilt and condemned him for not spreading the news about their breakup. Even the new nurses knew about it and scolded the nurses for being unqualified. Li Junxiao was very annoyed and made it clear that Li Xiaojuan was his sister. Li Xiaojuan and Du Di have never met, but every week Li Xiaojuan calls Du Di to greet him. Li Xiaojuan heard that the two had broken up, so she traveled all the way to match them back together. Li Junxiao was so angry that he slammed the door and left.

Wu Congrui accidentally saw Li Xiaojuan overturning the trash can, so he hurried over to help and reminded her how to deal with medical waste. Li Xiaojuan was very grateful to her. After Wu Congrui left, Du Di came to Li Xiaojuan to admit his mistake and wanted to invite her to dinner to make amends, but Li Xiaojuan didn’t buy it at all, and even sneered at her.

Du Di found that something was wrong with Liu Nianbai and was worried with his mobile phone in his hands, so he leaned over to see what was going on. Liu Nianbai hurriedly closed the video of his father drinking in a bar. Du Di couldn’t dodge and the two collided. Liu Nianbai hurriedly changed the subject and discussed with Du Di about the delivery of Wu Nan tomorrow.

Tian Yunshan personally delivered Wu Nan, Liu Nianbai and Du Di served him as assistants, Wu Nan gave birth to a healthy daughter by Caesarean section, and the medical staff present were very happy. Wu Nan’s husband saw the scars on the child’s body and was worried about the sequelae. He looked at the cases on the Internet. The results of the fetuses with spina bifida were induced labor, but the doctor at Shengji Hospital asked them to give birth to the child, suspecting the doctor. for the cost of surgery.

Li Xiaojuan was cleaning in Wunan’s ward. Wu Nan’s husband brought her to witness whether the child was healthy. Li Xiaojuan found that the child’s face was sallow, and Wu Nan and his wife were even more anxious. The pregnant doctor used their child to practice hands. Li Xiaojuan was worried that the Wu Nan couple would make trouble, and immediately notified Li Junxiao. Li Junxiao thought she was overthinking, Li Xiaojuan wanted to buy him a meal, but Li Junxiao politely declined. Dissatisfied with the work, Li Junxiao hurriedly found an excuse to cover up the past.

The old building of the hospital was assigned to Shenwai, Obstetrics and Gynecology and Hepatobiliary Surgery. When Liu Zhenghua returned to work after the operation, he had to leave all the beds in the old building. Tian Yunshan came to Liu Zhenghua to discuss not occupying the beds of the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department. Concession, Shenwai just won a national-level laboratory.

There are more and more elderly women in obstetrics and gynecology, and there are serious shortages of beds in the department. Tian Yunshan tried his best to fight for it, but Liu Zhenghua did not let go, and joked that Tian Yunshan would use all previous projects as soon as he took office. It was put on hold, Tian Yunshan revealed that Liu Nianbai was helping Corey fight for a project with the laboratory where he had worked before, and Liu Zhenghua was gnashing his teeth in anger.

Liu Zhenghua came to Liu Nianbai for a showdown, forced him to return to the foreign laboratory as soon as possible, and promised to give him a sum of money, but Liu Nianbai refused to agree. Liu Zhenghua decided that Liu Nianbai went to the obstetrics and gynecology department to anger him and asked him to leave tomorrow. Liu Nianbai insisted on staying in the obstetrics and gynecology department. Liu Zhenghua was so angry that he cursed. Liu Nianbai condemned him as unworthy of being a father, and then walked away.

Lin Weiwei acted as a lobbyist for Liu Zhenghua and persuaded Liu Nianbai to return to his laboratory as soon as possible so that he could exert his strengths. Liu Nianbai resolutely quit. Du Di found out that the Wu Nan couple had left the child and ran away without even paying the hospital bill. She hurried to find Liu Nianbai and Lin Wei. Wu Congrui happened to pass by. She felt that the Wu Nan couple was too cruel.

There is a rule in the hospital that for any patient who evades payment, the doctor in charge of the bed will pay half of the hospitalization fee, and the remaining half will be deducted from the salary of the doctor in the general department. However, the problem of the child cannot be solved. Take it to the hospital at get off work and take it home after work. Huang Yunling thinks it is feasible, Tian Yunshan instructs Wu Congrui thousands of times.

Wu Congrui loved the child very much, and even named the child Xiao Hulu. Feng Yuanhang strongly protested that it was their child’s name, and Wu Congrui insisted on using this name. Feng Yuanhang came to Du Di for help, worried that Wu Congrui would have psychological problems in the long run. Du Di felt that he was making a big fuss.

A month later, a media reporter came to report the Wu Nan couple’s abandonment of the child. Huang Yunling asked Wu Congrui to carry the child over for an interview. The child’s wounds had healed and other signs were normal. Huang Yunling called on the Wu Nan couple to come back as soon as possible to pick up the child. Wu Congrui Hope the little gourd is healthy and happy.

The Wu Nan couple came to the hospital to pick up their children when they saw the news. Du Di condemned them for being irresponsible and asked them to make up for the medical bills they owed. They lied that they would go out to relax and yell at Du Di. Lin Wei stood up for it. Du Di cleared the siege, and Wu Nan and his wife went to the dean to complain. Du Di was very angry. Lin Wei learned that Wu Nan’s husband had asthenozoospermia.

Wu Congrui resolutely refused to return the child to Wu Nan and his wife. Tian Yunshan and Huang Yunling had to persuade them to no avail. Wu Congrui also asked a lawyer to sue Wu Nan and his wife, and wanted to keep the child at all costs. Tian Yunshan and Huang Yunling were helpless. Wu Nan and his wife paid the hospital bills, and then cried in public, claiming that the hospital had kidnapped their child, and the onlookers didn’t know the truth, and they all supported the two of them to return the child.

Wu Congrui found Lawyer Feng to file a lawsuit. Lawyer Feng persuaded her to give up and explained her interests. Wu Congrui vowed to fight the Wu Nan couple to the end. Early the next morning, Wu Congrui took the child to his grandmother’s old house. Du Di and Feng Yuanhang came to find her. Du Di persuaded her hard, but Wu Congrui did not agree. Du Di asked Feng Yuanhang to come forward, and Feng Yuanhang did not want to raise other people’s children. , he wanted his own child, Wu Congrui hugged him and cried, Feng Yuanhang proposed to let her be the godmother of the child, Wu Congrui reluctantly agreed. The Wu Nan couple came to pick up the child. Wu Congrui told the child’s living habits and the precautions for feeding the child in detail.

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