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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 10 Recap

Wu Nan didn’t want to listen to Wu Congrui continue talking, so he snatched the child and left. Wu Congrui felt very disappointed. Tian Yunshan reminded Wu Congrui to not be an example. Wu Congrui left in frustration, and Huang Yunling also slammed the door and left.

Wu Congrui wanted to have a child. She calculated that today was the ovulation period, so she was fully prepared, and bought a sexy pajamas on purpose. She also called the people in Corey to tell Feng Yuanhang not to call Feng Yuanhang. He was so tired that he fell asleep, Wu Congrui called him up, Feng Yuanhang had to admit that he had a sterilization, and Wu Congrui became angry.

Wu Congrui was angry and went to the bar to borrow wine to drown his sorrows. A man took the initiative to talk to her. Wu Congrui took advantage of the wine to spit on him and showed his sexy pajamas. Du Di came in time to protect her and send her back. At home, Wu Congrui didn’t want to go home and wanted to stay at Du Di’s house for one night, so Du Di carried her into the car.

In the middle of the night, Wu Congrui was sitting on the bed feeling sad. When Du Di woke up, he persuaded her nicely. Wu Congrui likes to live according to the plan since she was a child. Du Di clearly remembers Wu Congrui’s eight-year study career on the first day she went to college, and she made detailed plans for her eight-year study career. She worked hard to complete it one by one. When Feng Yuanhang’s ligation was revealed, Du Di was also very surprised. He wanted to call Feng Yuanhang Xingshi to ask his guilt, but Wu Congrui immediately stopped her. She decided to re-plan her life.

Early the next morning, Wu Congrui came to Huang Yunling to resign, but Huang Yunling’s hard persuasion was to no avail. Wu Congrui called Feng Yuanhang to file for divorce, and there was no doubt about it. Wu Congrui forced Feng Yuanhang to sign the divorce agreement. She decided to move back to her parents’ house. Du Di knew that it was her dream to be an obstetrician and gynecologist and did not agree with Wu Congrui’s resignation. life.

Wu Nan and his wife came to the hospital to express their gratitude to Wu Congrui. After taking the child for a few days, Wu Nan realized how good Wu Congrui was to the child. She was very moved. His real name is Han Xie Rui. Wu Congrui’s love for picking up the child is not enough. Du Di and Liu Nianbai came in a hurry, and after seeing this warm picture, they were relieved. Wu Nan proposed to let Wu Congrui be the godmother of Xiao Hulu, and Wu Congrui naturally couldn’t ask for it. Du Di took the opportunity to persuade Wu Congrui not to resign, and Wu Congrui hurriedly went to Huang Yunling to ask for a letter of resignation.

Du Yongfu and Zhang Xiufen suddenly came to look for Du Di. Only then did Du Di know that Zhang Xiufen was five months pregnant and had to set up a file in Shengji Hospital. Du Di was very annoyed. When she was pregnant, the father and daughter quarreled when they disagreed. Zhang Xiufen pushed Du Yongfu aside, and she asked Du Di for help. Du Di felt that they had disliked her as a daughter since childhood and never loved her. Du Di said more and more. Get angry, and then go away. Du Yongfu was so angry that he wanted to come to Du Di every day until she was willing to help.

Liu Nianbai came to work early in the morning, and he ate breakfast while walking. As a result, he bumped into Du Di. Liu Nianbai was choked and kept hiccups. Du Di picked him up and patted the food out of his mouth. Du Yongfu and Zhang Xiufen came to look for Du Di, met Li Junxiao head-on, and learned that Du Di was delivering the baby in the delivery room, Li Junxiao settled them in the office, and went to Wu Congrui for help.

Wu Congrui came to the office in a hurry, Du Yongfu explained his intention, Wu Congrui was stunned, he didn’t expect Zhang Xiufen to be pregnant at the age of 50, so he took them to Tian Yunshan to file. When Du Di came back from work, she found out that Wu Congrui had helped Zhang Xiufen create a file, and she was very annoyed. Wu Congrui persuaded Du Di kindly, persuaded her to accept the fact that her mother was pregnant, and promised to do her best to help Zhang Xiufen.

Liu Nianbai invited Du Yongfu and Zhang Xiufen to dinner. Du Yongfu was very dissatisfied with Du Di, and Liu Nianbai tried his best to make them happy. Wu Congrui and Du Di came to the cafeteria, and Zhang Xiufen hurriedly made an excuse to leave.

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