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See You Again (2022) 超时空罗曼史 Episode 14 Recap

He fell to Qin Yu and was sent to the operating room. Brother Hu was constantly on the phone, explaining what the business had announced. Li Long was overwhelmed and worried about losing Xiang Qin Yu again. Chen Mumu rushed to look at Qin Yu, but was called away by Chen Jianzhou. She arranged for Brother Hu to go back to the studio, and there was something to deal with.

Jin Ah-yin waited anxiously outside the operating room, and Li Long-da suspected that the murderer who killed Chi Yu had returned, and he decided that it was not an accident. Jin Ayin saw that Li Longda was hiding something from himself, and Li Longda said that what he said to Qin Yu at the press conference was to bring out the real murderer. And before, he deliberately walked away from Jin Ayin to protect her safety, and didn’t want her to be in danger with him.

The doctor came out of the operation and said that he had done his best to express his condolences to the family. Jin Ayin couldn’t believe it, she thought that the body she pushed out was Xiang Qin Yu, but it turned out to be Brother Hao. Jin Ayin knew the ins and outs, and knew that Xiang Qin Yu was pushing herself away to protect herself. She searched everywhere in the hospital and cried because she couldn’t find Xiang Qin Yu.

Chen Jianzhou reported the filming progress to President Gao. He accused Chen Mumu and asked her to do her subordinate’s duty. Walking towards Qin Yu, Jin Ayin couldn’t help hugging him, and immediately laughed when he saw that he was still alive. Jin Ayin said that she would advance and retreat with Xiang Qin Yu, and she was not afraid of danger. Xiang Qin Yu didn’t know how to explain it. He subconsciously felt that the real murderer was still by his side, worried that Jin Ayin would be involved. Jin Ah-yin expressed his attitude that he would never stand by.

Kanno learned that Xiang Qin Yu was injured and worried that Jin Ayin would not be able to think about it, so he came to her house to accompany her as soon as possible. Ma Zehao accompanies Tao Tao in the hospital. He learned from the news that Xiang Qin Yu was seriously injured. He thought his plan had succeeded and cleaned up all those who had bullied Tao Tao. He couldn’t wait to share his success with Tao Tao. He said that only he was the best for Tao Tao. of. Tao Tao was still lying on the bed, unconscious. Ma Zehao owed a lot of debts to treat Tao Tao, and the nurses felt worthless for him.

Jin Ayin couldn’t contact Xiang Qin Yu, thinking that the hospital was pestering him, but he didn’t expect to bump into Chi Yu’s parents. Li Longda explained that Jin Ayin and Xiang Qinyu were ordinary friends. Chi Yu’s parents thought that Xiang Qin Yu and Jin Ayin were lovers, so they got along well and invited Jin Ayin to be a guest at home. They hoped that Xiang Qin Yu would have time to call home often, and Xiang Qin Yu felt very warm.

Jin Ayin specially made rice balls for Xiang Qin Yu, but there was no filling. The police suspected that the case was premeditated, and found that Brother Hao had a motive for committing the crime, and went to the hospital to find Qin Yu to understand the situation. Xiang Qin Yu denied that Brother Hao was the murderer. He believed that the murderer was someone else, and the police said they would investigate further.

Jin Ayin wanted to find the real murderer, and asked Li Longda about the situation of Chi Yu falling into the water at that time, but Li Longda did not tell her. Jin Ah-yin intends to find the murderer by his own ability, and does not forget to cook a delicious meal for Xiang Qin Yu at any time. Jin Chuan fell in love, but he couldn’t find Chen Mumu. Jin Ah-yin asked around the crew, and Kanno advised her to keep a distance from Xiang Qin Yu. Jin Ayin suddenly thought that if the murderer knew in advance that Xiang Qin Yu would not use Weiya, there must be something wrong.

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