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See You Again (2022) 超时空罗曼史 Episode 13 Recap

The two smiled at each other and sat watching the game together. Jinchuan took out the fluorescent algae creatures he got at the beach to attract Chen Mumu, who thought that Jinchuan was a tour guide. At the beginning of the second half of the game, Chen Mumu felt that Jinchuan was familiar, and the two were chatting and laughing. The man in the yellow jersey next door didn’t like Chen Mumu, and wanted to take away the new wine she had opened, but also deliberately bumped into her. Chen Mumu took off her high heels to fight back, and Jinchuan was fascinated.

After Li Longda came back, he didn’t see Jin Ah-yin, so he only looked for her everywhere. Taking this opportunity to find the balloon, Xiang Qin Yu successfully captured Jin Ayin. He carried Jin Ayin to find the wishing balloon. Jin Ah-yin asked him to make a wish with him, not to waste the opportunity of this trip. Said to Qin Yu that he never believed this, he asked Jin Ayin if he liked Li Longda, Jin Ayin immediately denied it.

Xiang Qin Yu’s behavior made Jin Ayin suspicious, but Xiang Qin Yu didn’t say anything, but changed the subject. Li Longda found the two of them, and he was curious to talk to Qin Yu. He clearly advanced his relationship with Jin Ayin, and said he would stay away. Jin Ayin held the balloon in her hand, and the corner of her mouth rose, her wish was that the person she had always liked in her heart was in her heart. Xiang Qin Yu looked at Jin Ayin by the side, happy for her.

Chen Mumu ran to the center of the square, and Jin Chuan praised her for her greatness. The two sat drinking together, and Jin Chuan couldn’t help kissing her. Jin Ayin and Xiang Qin Yu recalled what happened at the market to each other. Jin Ayin called Jinchuan and no one answered. What she didn’t expect was that Jinchuan and Chen Mumu were working on fire.

Ma Zehao reported the footage captured by the monitor to Brother Hao. Brother Hao wanted to kill Xiang Qin Yu and was going to act as a group of performers when Xiang Qin Yu was filming a fight. Ma Zehao was worried that this matter would kill him, but he didn’t dare to disobey Brother Hao’s intention, otherwise his father’s hospital bill would not be paid.

Li Longda said that he wanted to formally pursue Jin Ayin, and he would pick her up in the future, so that Xiang Qin Yu would find a way to go to the studio in the future. Knowing Jin Ayin from Qin Yu, he attacked Li Longda, saying that Jin Ayin did not like his type. Looking at the backs of Jin Ayin and Li Long going far away, Xiang Qin Yu realized what to do.

Brother Hao took away Xiao Li, who was in charge of putting up the air, and waited for Qin Yu to take the bait. The real shooting began, Xiang Qin Yu and Jin Ayin looked at each other and smiled. Watching the wonderful fighting scenes in the machine, the director couldn’t help but praise Qin Yu. Brother Hao took out the iron rod prepared in advance, and forced Xiang Qin Yu to the support bridge, but he didn’t expect the Weiya on his body to be broken and fell heavily. Xiang Qin Yu wanted to pull him, but he was dragged down too.

Brother Hao didn’t expect that Ma Zehao moved his hands and feet on his Weiya. Ma Zehao was the murderer who killed Chi Yu. He took advantage of Brother Hao’s revenge towards Xiang Qin Yu and wanted to kill with a knife. Brother Hao wanted to return to the crew and was rejected again. Ma Zehao approached Brother Hao and said that he could help him.

He thought that Xiang Qin Yu would definitely die after falling, but Ma Zehao saw Jin Ayin’s nervous expression and began to doubt their relationship. When Jin Chuan woke up, he found himself lying on the bed with several hundred yuan bills on the bedside table. He wanted to ask Chen Mumu to clarify, but he didn’t expect to forget to save the other party’s phone number.

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