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See You Again (2022) 超时空罗曼史 Episode 12 Recap

Seeing someone coming in, Ma Zehao quickly hid in the locker room behind. Xiang Qin Yu’s thing fell to the ground, he was about to bend over to look with the cup, Tuo Tuo called him at the door. Xiang Qin Yu was suddenly in a trance, the hand holding the cup turned transparent, and the cup fell on the ground and shattered. Ma Zehao saw this scene, and he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Ma Zehao was terrified, and he was almost discovered for the first time he committed a crime. He returned to Brother Hao’s car, connected the monitor device to his mobile phone, and aimed the camera at Qin Yu’s dressing room. Brother Hao heard that Xiang Qin Yu lost his memory, and Ma Zehao hoped to get the money promised by Brother Hao.

Jin Ah-yin came to see Jinchuan’s photography exhibition, and met Li Longda to help at a critical moment. Li Longda delivered breakfast to Jin Ayin and brought a group of workers to help set up the exhibition site. Jin Chuan laughed at Jin Ayin and named Li Longda “the second brother-in-law”. He felt that the “second brother-in-law” was stronger than Xiang Qin Yu’s “eldest brother-in-law”. With the help of Li Longda, the exhibition site was quickly arranged.

Jin Ayin’s photographic photos touched Jin Ah-yin. When she saw a photo of the disaster area, she instantly felt that Jin Chuan had grown up. Jin Chuan missed his father, but he never called his mother. He felt that it was embarrassing for his son to chat with his mother. He couldn’t act like a girl. Jin Ah Yin advised him to take the initiative, after all, his father’s last wish was his mother’s happiness.

Jin Ah-yin went to Jangho Film and Television Company to find Kanno, and happened to meet Chen Mumu. Chen Mumu was not very satisfied with Jin Ayin’s script. Jin Ayin came up with the latest revised version of “The Troubled Old Idol”. Chen Mumu admired her serious attitude and planned to sign Jin Ayin as a full-time screenwriter, hoping that she could stick to it.

Jin Ah-yin shared the joy of the contract with Kanno, and gave Kanno Jinchuan’s photo booth ticket and asked her to bring her friends to the show. Li Long was about Jin Ayin going to the market, Xiang Qin Yu heard that Li Longda was going to pick up a girl, Baidu voiced the meaning of the words, worried that Jin Ayin would be kidnapped by Li Longda, and he quickly chased after Li Longda to stop Li Longda.

He made various excuses to Qin Yu, but failed to stop Li Longda. Li Longda suggested that the three of them go to the market together. Li Yongdae revealed that he likes Jin Ah-yin and will always insist that he always thinks that Jin Ah-yin is cute. Xiang Qin Yu has always been jealous, not letting Li Longda and Jin Ayin get along alone, always hovering between the two. Jin Ayin took a fancy to Sugar Man, and Xiang Qin Yu wanted her to be transferred to Sun Wukong, but Jin Ayin transferred to Zhu Bajie. Li Longda echoed Jin Ayin, saying that he also likes Zhu Bajie. Xiang Qin Yu is always picking on the two of them and destroying the atmosphere.

Chen Mumu was busy with work until the evening, remembering that she had something important to do, she hurriedly drove to the ball game. Because she was shouting loudly in the bar with her opponent’s jersey, others called her, and they looked at Jin Chuan inadvertently, and the two smiled at each other.

Bringing Jin Ah Yin to Qin Yu to make a wish, the proprietress said that this wishing balloon is very effective. As long as you write your wish in the balloon, you will be the first to go across the bridge to find the balloon with feathers and gold ink. Whoever comes first can make a wish. After Jin Ayin got the balloon, he was sprayed with water by the little boy next to him. Li Longda said that he would go back to the car to get Jin Ayin clothes. Jin Ayin wanted to wait for Li Longda, but Xiang Qin Yu took the opportunity to hold Jin Ayin’s hand and asked her to quickly find the wishing balloon. Jin Ayin smiled happily.

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