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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 8 Recap

Li Xiaojuan came to the hospital to find Du Di. The nurse thought she was a nurse and asked her to change clothes to take care of Shang Guifen and Meng Shuang. Li Xiaojuan had to do it. Meng Shuang’s husband Ma Zan promised to give her a remuneration of 6,000 yuan. Li Xiaojuan could not ask for it. She went out to take out the garbage and was caught by the old nurse Lan. Li Xiaojuan repeatedly explained that the nurse sent her there, and Lan’s daughter-in-law had just After giving birth, she wanted to go home to take care of her, and asked Li Xiaojuan to sign up for a nursing training class. After she completed her studies, the two of them worked as nurses together.

During the lunch break, Li Junxiao accidentally saw Li Xiaojuan and took her to the cafeteria for dinner. Li Xiaojuan wanted to stay here to work as a nurse, but Li Junxiao strongly disagreed and advised her to go back to her hometown as soon as possible. Li Xiaojuan had to admit that she and her husband were divorced, and she had not been married for many years. The child and her husband cheated, and the two of them got divorced. Li Xiaojuan saw Du Di and Liu Nianbai having dinner together and was curious to inquire about their relationship. Li Junxiao hurriedly found an excuse to cover up the past.

Wu Congrui called Su Ye aside and asked her about the precautions of elderly mothers. Seeing Du Di practice sewing with chicken legs, Su Ye wondered why she didn’t use pig skin. Du Di casually said that only rookies use pig skin, Wu Congrui held it in his hands Holding a box of pig skins and preparing to practice sewing, she felt indignant that Du Di was making fun of her.

Wu Congrui read Shang Guifen’s medical report. She was very healthy and had no underlying diseases. Wu Congrui couldn’t help expressing emotion to Li Junxiao. If she was still so healthy at the age of 48, she would choose to have children. Li Junxiao checked Meng Shuang’s case, and was surprised to find that due to abnormal uterine development, she had a stump uterus pregnancy.

In this case, the pregnancy would usually be terminated, otherwise, he would suffer heavy bleeding in the morning. Li Junxiao couldn’t handle such a rare case. He advised Wu Congrui to go to Huang Yunling to apply for a patient change with Du Di. Don’t miss this rare learning opportunity. Wu Congrui had already robbed Du Di once, and she was embarrassed to try again. Li Junxiao advised her Put down the burden and think about the hospital chief who will run for election next year.

Du Di came to the ward and reminded Meng Shuang that the operation had great risks, and asked Ma Zan to sign as soon as possible. Meng Shuang tried desperately to stop her and forbid her to mention the operation. Shang Guifen and his wife were very puzzled. They always thought that Meng Shuang was going to give birth naturally. , Du Di just wanted to tell Meng Shuang’s condition, Meng Shuang interrupted her in a hurry, Du Di was very annoyed, and scolded Meng Shuang severely, complaining that she should not take such a big risk to protect the child, her The stump uterus could rupture at any time, so Ma Zan hurried back and called Du Di outside for a chat.

Only then did Du Di know that Shang Guifen and his wife did not know that Meng Shuang was pregnant with a residual horn. Wu Congrui asked Huang Yunling about the precautions for stump uterus pregnancy surgery. Du Di signed with Meng Shuang’s husband. Shang Guifen suddenly had a fever. Wu Congrui and Huang Yunling went to check it together.

Wu Congrui took Shang Guifen to check, and the results were all normal. Du Di was also very concerned about Shang Guifen’s condition, suspecting that she had a fever caused by excessive psychological pressure. Du Di offered to change patients with Wu Congrui, but Wu Congrui politely declined. Meng Shuang had already reached two fingers, and Du Di immediately pushed her to the operating room, but Ma Zan did not show up. Meng Shuang wanted Ma Zan to take a look at the child. Du Di couldn’t get through Ma Zan’s phone, so he had to go to the operating room first.

Shang Guifen was so anxious that her husband wanted to find Ma Zan, but she refused to let him go. The couple complained that Ma Zan was unreliable. Li Xiaojuan came to clean up the bedding and promised to find time to persuade Ma Zan. Du Di couldn’t get through to Ma Zan’s phone all the time. He was waiting at the door of the hospital. Du Di finally got through to Ma Zan’s number, and he was there right away.

Tian Yunshan performed surgery on Meng Shuang himself, and revealed that Emperor Du recommended Wu Congrui to be his assistant. Wu Congrui was surprised. When the operation officially started, Ma Zan came in a hurry. Du Di took him to the operating room. Ma Zan suddenly vomited blood and fainted. Du Di hurriedly asked the emergency doctor to rescue him.

Wu Congrui made adequate preparations in advance, and she cooperated with Tian Yunshan with ease. At the same time, Shang Guifen was also giving birth in the delivery room. Du Di rushed in to learn about Ma Zan’s past medical history from Ma’s father. Shang Guifen was so anxious that Du Di persuaded her to cooperate with the doctor. Ma Zan died because of the ineffective rescue.

Shang Guifen and Meng Shuang gave birth to their child smoothly. They were heartbroken over Ma Zan’s death. Meng Shuang revealed that Ma Zan had been diagnosed with bleeding cancer a long time ago. In this matter, Ma Zan wanted to divorce Meng Shuang, but Meng Shuang disagreed and insisted that she was pregnant with Ma Zan’s child. Unexpectedly, it was a stump uterus pregnancy, but she insisted on giving birth to the child.

Wu Congrui, Du Di and Liu Nianbai witnessed this scene and felt very uncomfortable. Du Di confessed to Wu Congrui, and the two released their suspicions. Liu Nianbai talked about Shang Guifen and Meng Shuang to Lin Wei, and also talked about Du Di. Lin Wei saw that he was very interested in Du Di, and couldn’t help making fun of him. Liu Nianbai accidentally saw Liu Zhenghua come to the private room of the bar. He believed that Liu Zhenghua came to drink again, so he was angry. Lin Wei led the waiter away and asked Liu Nianbai to go to the private room to see what was going on.

Liu Nianbai saw Liu Zhenghua talking to a person through the crack of the door. There were two glasses of wine on the table in front of him. Liu Nianbai secretly took a photo to find Liu Zhenghua’s theory. Lin Wei firmly believed that Liu Zhenghua would not drink. He was in Liu Nianbai’s mother. He swore an oath before the grave, but Liu Nianbai saw it with his own eyes.

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