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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 6 Recap

Du Di used the wine to spit bitterness to Liu Nianbai. His father was delivered by Lin Qiaozhi, the mother of all babies. His grandmother went to Beijing to find his grandfather who was a soldier, but he had a dystocia. Thanks to Lin Qiaozhi saving their mother and son, grandma felt like Only a woman like Lin Qiaozhi deserves to be respected, and she and her mother are not even treated as human beings.

Liu Nianbai felt that her grandmother was grateful to Lin Qiaozhi. Du Di would never forget the unfair treatment she received when she was a child. No matter how good her grades were, her grandmother always said “You can never become Lin Qiaozhi.” Du Di vowed to become Lin Qiaozhi since he was a child.

Liu Nianbai persuaded Du Di with kind words, and Du Di opened up to him. Grandma was looking forward to having a grandson and named her Du Di. When she was 18 years old, she became Du Di and wanted to be the emperor in her heart. , Liu Nianbai expressed deep sympathy for Du Di’s childhood experience and advised her to take a good rest. Du Di was so drunk that he asked Liu Nianbai to sleep with her, and also explained the examinations that pregnant women who were in charge of the bed had to do tomorrow. , and then fell back to sleep. Liu Nianbai was so exhausted that he fell asleep beside him.

Early the next morning, Du Di woke up and found Liu Nianbai holding his shoes and glaring at her. When Du Di saw the two shoes were sewn together, he remembered that he drank too much last night. Du Di was embarrassed to admit that she drank. She will practice suturing skills when she has more. She suddenly found an empty bag with condoms on the bedside table. She mistakenly thought that Liu Nianbai had a relationship with her last night, and she was bitter to Liu Nianbai. When underwater creatures were equipped with waterproof and sandproof equipment, he was unwilling to admit that he did such a naive thing, lying that Du Di drank too much and threw him on the bed last night, and kept saying that he wanted to be the emperor.

Du Di knew that she said those words, got up and was about to leave, Liu Nianbai chased after her and asked her to lose her shoes, Du Di warned him not to tell anyone what happened last night, otherwise he would be rude to him. Li Junxiao came to the office early to wait for Du Di, and specially prepared a red rose. He smelled the smell of alcohol on Du Di, so he kept complaining about her. Du Di didn’t want to listen to him and went back to the office.

Liu Nianbai couldn’t find the right shoes, so he had to wear two different shoes. He hurried to his father Liu Zhenghua’s ward. He wanted to donate a liver to Liu Zhenghua. Liu Nianbai was not convinced, and instead accused him of being unworthy of being a father. Liu Zhenghua gritted his teeth in anger. Lin Wei smelled a strong smell of alcohol on Liu Nianbai’s body. Liu Nianbai explained that he was vomited in the bar. Lin Wei asked him to be hospitalized as soon as possible. Liu Nianbai didn’t want to live in the same ward as Liu Zhenghua. , Liu Nianbai had to give up.

Du Di quietly went to the pharmacy to buy a contraceptive pill, but was found by the head nurse Wang Ying. Even though Du Di explained repeatedly that he bought it for a friend, Wang Ying didn’t believe it at all, and decided that she had a relationship with someone else, and told her that she must be in a relationship within 72 hours. Taking it internally, Du Di hurriedly found an excuse to leave. Since then, the story of Du Di buying contraceptive pills has spread in the whole department. Colleagues have talked about her in private. Su Ye has a soft spot for Li Junxiao. When Li Junxiao was told about this, Li Junxiao gave her the rose and asked her to meet after get off work, Su Ye was overjoyed.

Li Junxiao delivered a childbirth to a pregnant woman. The woman’s husband stayed by her side and read poems to cheer her up. The two have been in love for ten years now, and they are still in love. Li Junxiao is very envious and casually asked about the secret of keeping love fresh. , the husband shared their sweet past, and finally concluded that the two sides should have firm confidence in their relationship and persist no matter what happens.

Li Junxiao was deeply touched, and suddenly received a call from his sister Li Xiaojuan. He learned that she was lost at the high-speed rail station, and Li Junxiao hurried to pick her up.

Li Junxiao took Li Xiaojuan to his rental house. Li Xiaojuan just finished a job and wanted to help Li Junxiao and Du Di get back together. Li Junxiao remembered that he had an appointment with Su Ye tonight, and Su Ye happened to call him. Li Junxiao wanted to accompany Li Xiaojuan and agreed. I’ll have dinner with Su Ye next time. Li Junxiao wanted to find an express hotel for Li Xiaojuan, but Li Xiaojuan didn’t want to waste money, so she built a floor shop in a rental house.

Liu Zhenghua is going to undergo liver transplant surgery tomorrow. This night, Liu Zhenghua and Liu Nianbai have their own concerns, and they can’t sleep. Wu Congrui came back to work after recovering from her illness. Colleagues greeted her and also revealed that Du Di was transferred to the family planning department because he was often complained about his bad attitude towards patients. When Du Di passed by and heard this, he had to leave silently.

Liu Zhenghua and Liu Nianbai were pushed into the operating room. Liu Zhenghua was worried that he would not be able to come out alive and would give Liu Nianbai the relic left by his wife. Liu Nianbai couldn’t wait to know what it was. When the time for the operation came, he was pushed in. Wu Congrui sent the newborn to the pediatrics department for observation. Seeing the lovely children in a daze, he couldn’t help but think of the child who had aborted without seeing him, and felt very uncomfortable. Feng Yuanhang saw her from the window and persuaded her to forget about the child. Wu Congrui was angry and yelled at him.

Feng Yuanhang asked Huang Yunling to persuade Wu Congrui. Huang Yunling called her to the office and talked about having a miscarriage of a child. She encouraged Wu Congrui to let go of her heart and try to be promoted to hospital chief first. Lose big.

Liu Nianbai donated liver to Liu Zhenghua. The operation went well and there was no rejection reaction. The doctor in chief reminded Liu Zhenghua not to drink alcohol again. Liu Nianbai complained that Liu Zhenghua should not drink too much alcohol, and accused him of being irresponsible for his family and work. Liu Zhenghua was so angry that his blood pressure rose, so he quickly returned to the laboratory, and the nurse called for the doctor.

Du Di put the stray cat Didi back, because the cat food was too expensive, and she couldn’t afford to keep it. Wu Congrui came later, sneered at Du Di, and then left in frustration. Du Di knew that the two of them would never go back to the past. . After Liu Nianbai was discharged from the hospital, he voluntarily asked to do an internship in the obstetrics and gynecology department.

Director Tian Yunshan asked Du Di to return to the obstetrics and gynecology department. Emperor’s six complaints, Du Di couldn’t stand those irresponsible men. Tian Yunshan asked her to repeat the doctor’s mission and reminded her to take good care of Liu Nianbai. Liu Nianbai is very important to the hospital and their department. If she complained, she was expelled, and Du Di had to make concessions.

Du Di sent Liu Nianbai to clean up the leaking parturient. Liu Nianbai was not afraid of getting dirty or tired, and he was patient and considerate to the parturient. The parturient was moved to tears and kept complaining that her husband didn’t care about him.

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