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See You Again (2022) 超时空罗曼史 Episode 11 Recap

Sister Fan seems to have misunderstood, thinking that Jin Ah Yin is Li Long Da’s girlfriend. Just when Li Longda came back, Jin Ayin realized that she was like a fool. She thought that the relationship between mother and son was that kind of relationship. She really wanted to find a hole to get in. No matter how Li Longda explained it, he felt that Jin Ah Yin was very cute.

Xiang Qin Yu was still unhappy about what happened just now. The staff sent him clothes for him to choose, but he was impatient. Tengxi bluntly said that Xiang Qin Yu liked Jin Ayin and felt full of jealousy at the scene. Xiang Qin Yu was duplicitous, saying that he could not like the type of Jin Ayin, but he suspected that his heart was too obvious.

Kanno accompanies Jin Ayin to drink by the roadside, and Jin Ayin is always sullen. Kanno advised her to work hard for her career and not always think about Qin Yu. Sitting downstairs towards Qin Yu and Tengxi, both of them were suffering from their hearts, and they were both paralyzed by drinking. Xiang Qin Yu thought that Tengxi’s Bai Yueguang was Chi Yu, but he didn’t expect someone else. After drinking, Tengxi said that the man she had always admired was coming back, but he didn’t like her. Holding the wine glass to Qin Yu, unable to guess the woman’s heart, he muttered to himself to the wine glass, unable to believe that he was in love. The two were troubled by their own feelings, and they used alcohol to relieve their worries.

Jin Ayin went downstairs to pay the bill, saw Xiang Qin Yu and Tengxi who were drunk, and left Kanno to accompany Xiang Qin Yu. After Jin Ayin paid for the order, Xiang Qin Yu was drunk, and the way he spoke touched Jin Ayin, saying that all the money he made would be spent by Jin Ayin. The two got close enough to see Qin Yu want to kiss Jin Ayin, but they fainted.

Jin Ayin will send Qin Yu to Li Long’s family, and Li Longda also wants to invite Jin Ayin to watch a movie on the weekend. Jin Ayin was still reminiscing, thinking about what Xiang Qin Yu said to him, and asked Li Long to take care of Xiang Qin Yu.

The next day, Xiang Qin Yu woke up and learned that Jin Ayin sent him back last night, and Li Longda prepared breakfast for him. Hearing that Li Longda wanted to date Jin Ayin, he became jealous of Qin Yu and rushed to the studio without breakfast.

Jin Ah Yin wrote a play on the set, and Jin Chuan (played by Kurosawa) appeared on a motorcycle, attracting the attention of the people around him. Jin Ayin stepped forward and beat and scolded Jinchuan for not answering the phone and idling. Jin Chuan explained that he was busy with a photography exhibition recently, and he came to the studio to find a friend, and he kept hugging Jin Ah Yin to calm her down.

Xiang Qin Yu came to the studio, just saw this scene, and indiscriminately stepped forward to beat Jinchuan. Jin Ayin explained that Jin Chuan was her younger brother, and Tengxi accused Xiang Qin Yu of not beating. It turned out that Jin Chuan was Tengxi’s Bai Yueguang.

Jinchuan thanked Tengxi for finding a place for the photography exhibition for him. He didn’t want to waste her good resources, so he had to refuse. Tengxi did this voluntarily, she didn’t want Jinchuan to reject everything she did, pretending that she didn’t care. Jin Ayin didn’t expect that Jinchuan and Tengxi knew each other and quietly eavesdropped outside the door. Xiang Qin Yu interrupted her about what happened last night, and Jin Ayin left again angrily.

Brother Hao and Ma Zehao (played by Liu Yitong) drove to the set. Brother Hao wanted to know about Xiang Qinyu’s situation. Ma Zehao didn’t know what the two had to do, and said that it was the first time he did this. Brother Hao told him not to talk too much. On the set, he learned that Xiang Qin Yu had lost his memory, and he did not go on a blind date. Ma Zehao sneaked into the dressing room, put the bug under the table, and just came in towards Qin Yu.

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