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See You Again (2022) 超时空罗曼史 Episode 10 Recap

Xiang Qin Yu’s remarks at the press conference successfully attracted the attention of the murderer. Jin Ayin expressed sadness after the press conference. She thought that as long as she confessed to Qin Yu, she would not care about the bank card. Kanno pushed Jin Ah-yin in front of Chen Mumu, but Jin Ah-yin couldn’t articulate the opportunity and did not explain the script he created clearly.

Jin Ah-yin is gloomy and wants to drink to relieve his worries. He walked over to Qin Yu and returned the tie clip to Jin Ayin, knowing that the tie clip was very important to her, and told her that he would move out of Jin Ayin’s residence. Jin Ayin lost again, and mistakenly thought that he was saying goodbye to Qin Yu.

Chen Mumu pretended to socialize and drink and came out to breathe, and met Jin Ayin who was alone. Jin Ayin took the initiative to step forward and wanted Chen Mumu to give her another chance. She believed that the script she wrote this time would be successful, and she wanted to fight for what she should fight for. Chen Mumu said that he would look for opportunities to read the story written by Jin Ayin.

Chi Yu’s mother looked at Qin Yu at the press conference, gave him a positioning watch, and gave him the things Chi Yu had lost before. Kanno saw that Jin Ayin was in a bad mood, and learned that Xiang Qin Yu had bullied Jin Ayin. Jin Ayin was soft-hearted, thinking that there might be something unspeakable to Qin Yu, otherwise she would not apologize to herself, and she felt really uncomfortable. Kanno persuaded Jin Ayin not to indulge in it, but to let go when it was time to let go. In a fit of rage, Jin Ah-yin hid his tie.

In the dark basement, the words of Xiang Qin Yu at the press conference attracted the attention of a man, who gritted his teeth. The filming scene of “The Legend of Xiang Qin Yu”, the script restores Xiang Qin Yu’s scene when Xiao Husheng was acting. Di Lao watched the scenes in the film, but he didn’t expect that he could relive the scenes of the past, and was very excited.

Jin Ayin was writing the script on the set and saw Tengxi walking very close to Xiang Qin Yu. Li Long saw that Jin Ayin was not very happy, and took the initiative to come over to speak with her. Li Longda said that he lacked talent in acting, and Jin Ah-yin encouraged him and would help him write the second male role very well. But when the two were talking, Jin Ayin was always influenced by the laughter of Xiang Qin Yu and Tengxi next to him.

Li Longda saw the clue, and specially arranged a high-level writing scene for Jin Ayin, including tea and fruit reception. Jin Ayin didn’t know Li Longda’s identity and told Li Longda that he couldn’t support him. Li Long changed the subject and asked Jin Ayin to eat more fruit.

Xiang Qin Yu, who is not far away, has been paying attention to Jin Ayin, and Tengxi deliberately provoked Xiang Qin Yu, saying that Li Longda is the king of the sea. Xiang Qin Yu was stimulated and wanted to spend a lot of money on Li Long to buy coffee for himself. Li Longda asked A Biao to buy it, but Xiang Qin Yu asked Li Longda to go. Jin Ah-yin couldn’t stand it any longer and held Li Long-da. Xiang Qin Yu pulled Jin Ayin aside, told her not to greet other men with a smile, and reminded her not to be with the playboy. Jin Ayin vented his anger for Li Long and pushed Li Long to Qin Yu. Jin Ayin poured coffee directly on Xiang Qin Yu’s face, expressing that he had endured enough.

Li Longda wanted Jin Ah-yin to be happy and was going to take her out to play on the weekend. Jin Ah-yin didn’t know how to refuse, and returned to Li Longda’s dressing room to adjust his mood, but accidentally cut his hand. Sister Fan made a sudden visit, opened the door of the dressing room, and saw Jin Ah Yin who was wearing clothes. Jin Ah-yin mistakenly thought that Li Long had a big idea, so she didn’t have time to listen to Sister Fan’s explanation.

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