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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 59 End Recap

Xuan Ye asked Ying Yuan to use the blood of the Shura clan to subvert the three worlds, lead all beings, and restore the Shura clan. However, his heart and nature were dyed blue. Xuan Ye boasted that the Shura people were invincible in the world, but he was cursed by God to be short-lived. He felt it was unfair.

Ying Yuan sneered at Xuan Ye. It was because of his obsession that Cheng Wei of the Shura clan was attacked. In the end, the whole clan was destroyed. Xuan Ye put all the blame on Ranqing. If it wasn’t for his love for Ranqing, He would never fail. Ying Yuan condemned him for the immortality of his life, causing countless people to be buried with him. Ying Yuan handed over the blue-tinted statue of his mother to Xuan Ye, thanked Xuan Ye for giving him life, and advised Xuan Ye to stop as soon as possible, not to. No regrets anymore.

Xuan Ye was deeply moved by Ying Yuan’s remarks, Ying Yuan helped him extend his life, he finally understood the meaning of longevity, Ran Qing came to see Xuan Ye, thanked Ying Yuan for making them reunite, Ying Yuan vowed to be with them in the next life As a family, Xuan Ye and Ran Qing left hand in hand, Ying Yuan said goodbye to his parents in tears.

Huan Qin witnessed Ying Yuan’s victory over his inner demon, but his Asura bloodline was destined to bring catastrophe to the three realms. Ying Yuan could not avoid it. , he forced Yingyuan to make a choice, if he continued to stay in the demon and fight with him, he would not be able to protect the safety of the Three Realms. Ying Yuan vowed to kill him first.

Ying Yuan and Huan Qin fought to the death. Huan Qin saw that Ying Yuan wanted to die with him. He was so frightened that he dodged left and right. Ying Yuan pressed him step by step and knocked him to the ground. Yan Dan and Yu Mo hurriedly came to help, and the three teamed up to deal with Huan Qin. Ying Yuan revealed that Leng Jiang had knocked Emperor Zun’s Primordial Spirit out of his body. He didn’t know what would happen next. When Huan Qin was ready to die together, he asked Yu Mo to take Yan Dan away, but Yan Dan resolutely refused, and Ying Yuan forcibly drove them away.

Yan Dan didn’t want to lose Ying Yuan, so she pushed Yu Mo away and entered the demon again despite the danger, and met Huan Qin head on. Huan Qin was beaten to the core, and Huan Qin struggled to resist, Ying Yuan beat him to the ground, and Yan Dan vowed never to be separated from Ying Yuan again.

Yu Mo came to join them. The three did not have time to celebrate their hard-won victory. Xianjun Yueyao hurriedly came to report to Ying Yuan that the barrier set by Shangshi Yuan Zun had broken, and the Asura Army was now moving towards the Three Realms. Offensive, Marshal Huode guards the heavenly realm, while the demon realm and the mortal realm are weak.

Ying Yuan asked Yan Dan to follow Yu Mo back to Kulan Mountain, and then go to them after the rebellion was quelled. Yan Dan insisted on staying to help Ying Yuan, and let Yu Mo go back alone to protect the mountain monsters. The Shura bloodline in Ying Yuan’s body suddenly erupted, and he was in unbearable pain. Yu Mo and Yan Dan joined forces to suppress him, but they failed. Ying Yuan suddenly went crazy, Yan Dan wanted to wake him up, but Yu Mo held Yan Dan tightly , worried that Ying Yuan would be wiped out.

Yan Dan ignored Yu Mo’s dissuasion and rushed forward to help Ying Yuan to suppress the bloodline, Ying Yuan stubbornly strangled Yan Dan’s neck, Yan Dan begged Ying Yuan not to fall into the devil, and promised to live with him after the war, Ying Yuan couldn’t help but Thinking of the past when he and Yan Dan were dependent on each other in the heaven and the mortal world, he forced himself to calm down, Yan Dan hugged him tightly, and promised to protect him in the future, Ying Yuan admitted that he never loved Yan Dan from beginning to end.

After the change, he wanted to use his primordial spirit as an enchantment to protect the peace of the three worlds. The immortals persuaded Ying Yuan hard. Ying Yuan asked them to wait for the emperor to wake up and take charge of the overall situation again. Please tell the emperor to abolish the rule that the heaven cannot be affectionate. Yao Xianjun promised to tell the emperor.

Yan Dan begged Ying Yuan to give up his ideas, but Ying Yuan had already made up his mind. Only by reshaping the barrier can the safety of Yan Dan and the world be protected. Ying Yuan used his Yuanshen to set up the barrier, and Yan Dan rushed over and wanted to hug him. Live him, but he has long since disappeared. Yan Dan was so sad that she wanted to die. She had no love for her life. She also destroyed her soul and went to accompany Yingyuan. Yu Mo tried her best to keep her back, but it was too late, so she could only watch Yan Danxiang Xiaoyu die. Since that day, the Three Realms have regained their peace and harmony.


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