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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 58 Recap

In order to lure Huan Qin into the bait, Yu Mo released his former henchmen as bait. Ying Yuan didn’t want that person to be Si Mu, but Huan Qin chose Si Mu. When Si Mu was demoted, Ying Yuan asked Lu Jing to give him When he cast the curse, he added a secret voice.

Huan Qin rescued Si Mu and promised to help the Sanyi Wu people to wash away the name of the sinners when he regained the throne of the emperor. Ying Yuan reminded Si Mu through a secret voice not to believe Huan Qin’s nonsense. When he said that he was the bait, Huan Qin had long guessed that Ying Yuan would do it. Si Mu revealed that Ying Yuan would recover the three artifacts and rebuild the fairy spirit in five days, and Huan Qin decided to stop it. Si Mu excused himself to be tired and wanted to take a rest. As soon as Huan Qin went out, Si Mu blew himself up and died.

Once an artifact is recognized as the master, it is difficult to change it. If you want to form this formation and re-recognize the master, you must put your life as a bet. The immortal power will be dissipated in the middle. The caster is very fragile and will die with one blow. Reshaping the fairy, both Yu Mo and Yan Dan knew that Ying Yuan’s immortal power was greatly damaged. If the three artifacts entered his body at the same time, he might be overwhelmed by the power. Yu Mo decided to join Ying Yuan to share his pain and pain. Risk, Yan Dan will use Hanli’s true energy to protect them from being disturbed by Huan Qin.

Ying Yuan didn’t want to drag them down, but he couldn’t hold back their hardships. Lu Jing hurriedly came to report to Ying Yuan that Si Mu was rescued by Huan Qin, Yu Mo decided to return to Kulan Mountain to prepare, Yan Dan wanted to go back with Yu Mo, she had long regarded Kulan Mountain as her home and wanted to Spend time with your family before the war.

Leng Jiang tried hard to persuade Ying Yuan not to take the risk of forming a formation to repair the fairy spirit. He has the divine power of Ran Qing and Xuan Ye in his body. As long as he releases the Emperor Zun Yuanshen, he can easily get rid of Huan Qin by relying on the divine power, not only can he resurrect the emperor. Zun, you can also revive the Shura people who died in vain.

Ying Yuan is worried that restarting the uncontrollable Shura bloodline will hurt innocent people and bring disaster to the three realms. Leng Jiang reminds him that he is the young master of the Shura clan, and Ying Yuan does not want to revive his own family The young master of the Shura clan advised Leng Jiang to let go of his obsessions, not to follow in the footsteps of Si Mu, and to let him forget his past in the Eight Kuchi Pond and go to the mortal world to live freely. Leng Jiang wanted to help him again, but Ying Yuan categorically refused.

Chaolan heard that Yu Mo was going to fight Huan Qin in a desperate battle tomorrow, so he came to see him overnight and persuaded him to express his feelings to Yan Dan. Yu Mo didn’t want to put more pressure on Yan Dan, as long as Yan Dan was happy. Lu Jing found that Ying Yuan was gone, and immediately came to report to Yan Dan, who asked him to take someone to look for it. Yan Dan searched everywhere, and finally found Ying Yuan, who was drinking wine to drown his sorrows at the lotus pond outside Gou Dan’s residence. Ying Yuan was already drunk and unconscious, thinking that Yan Dan appeared in his dream.

Yan Dan wondered when Ying Yuan built this lotus pond. Ying Yuan admitted that he recognized Yan Dan when he punished himself in Diya. Although everyone said that Zhixi cut out his heart to save him, he believed that the person was Yan Dan. Dan, because the emperor told him to cut off his love and love, Ying Yuan was able to suppress his feelings for Yan Dan, so he built this lotus pond, Ying Yuan used the wine to spit out bitterness to Yan Dan, and he was always in the battle between the immortals and demons. It was because of his fault that the three emperors and Xianjun Beiming were killed. Yan Dan advised him not to take the blame on himself, but Ying Yuan couldn’t let it go.

Yan Dan complained that Ying Yuan should not erase the good memories of the two of them. Ying Yuan felt that the heart-wrenching torture was too painful. What he was drinking now was Yan Dan’s wish-fulfilling wine, but they could never go back. Ying Yuan admitted that he was wrong, and Yan Tanqing couldn’t help kissing him. The two kissed affectionately. Ying Yuan woke up in a daze, saw the agarwood incense burner wafted by blue smoke, remembered the sweet moment last night with Yan Dan, and knew that it was not a dream.

Yu Mo, Yan Dan and Ying Yuan came to Moxiang together and summoned the three artifacts. Yan Dan and Yu Mo helped Ying Yuan form a formation. Huan Qin wanted to stop Ying Yuan, but was blocked by the heavenly soldiers and generals at the door. He drove them away without any effort, and swaggered in to find Ying Yuan. Ying Yuan had been waiting for a long time. Stepping forward, he choked him tightly. Unexpectedly, Ying Yuan in front of him was Yan Dan, and Huan Qin gritted his teeth in anger. Ying Yuan rescued Yan Dan, and Yu Mo and Huan Qin fought together.

Ying Yuan complained that Yan Dan should not fight Huan Qin recklessly. He set up a magic circle among the vines. As long as Yan Dan trapped Huan Qin, Yan Dan was worried that Huan Qin would see that she was deliberately delaying time and would break through all the vines. Yu Mo and Ying Yuan were worried about their lives, so Yan Dan had to fight with him recklessly.

This is Yan Dan’s two-pronged strategy, to let Ying Yuan form a formation and collect artifacts to deal with Huan Qin. If this method does not work, he will introduce Huan Qin into the demon so that he can see the four emperors he fears the most, and he can use the emperor to get rid of Huan. Qin, as long as Huan Qin held on to a stick of incense, he and the demon would disappear together.

Yan Dan lit a stick of incense and asked Shang Yu Mo and Ying Yuan to enter the demon phase together. Huan Qin followed closely behind. Yan Dan saw the three emperors, but Ying Yuan suddenly disappeared. She and Yu Mo searched everywhere. Ying Yuan and the three emperors converged. They joined forces to deal with Huan Qin. Huan Qin quickly defeated them.

He summoned Xuan Ye to deal with Ying Yuan, reminding Ying Yuan that he was a descendant of the Shura tribe. The two were at odds with each other, and the fight was indistinguishable. Leng Jiang gathered all the divine power and cultivation base into his own elixir, injected it into Ying Yuan’s body from behind, and shot out the primordial spirit that suppressed Ying Yuan’s blood. Huan Qin killed Leng Jiang on the spot.

Emperor Zun’s Yuanshen was knocked out of Ying Yuan’s body, and Emperor Zun in the coffin gradually woke up. Xuan Ye and Ying Yuan’s father and son were cannibalized, and both were injured in the end.

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