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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 5 Recap

Li Junxiao came to see Wu Congrui, and by the way asked about the situation of Wu Chanjuan, her mother in charge of the bed, and learned that Wu Chanjuan had set up a file in another place. It was Wu Chanjuan’s daughter, and Wu Congrui reminded Li Junxiao not to give Wu Chanjuan too expensive medicine, lest she could not bear it.

Li Junxiao complained to Wu Congrui about Du Di’s ruthlessness and indifference, and persuaded Wu Congrui to cheer up and compete with Du Di for the hospital chief. He believed that she could win, and Wu Congrui was suddenly full of confidence. When Du Di came to see Wu Congrui, Li Junxiao opened the door and pulled her away forcibly, not allowing her to stimulate Wu Congrui again.

Du Di found that Wu Congrui’s stray cat, Didi, was very unmotivated, so he took it to the pet hospital, only to find out that the cat was pregnant and was about to give birth in a few days. The veterinarian charged 1,100 yuan for the examination and persuaded Du Emperor bought commercial insurance for the cat, and Du Di bought a beautiful cage for the wild cat and took her back to the dormitory.

Li Junxiao asked Wu Chanjuan’s daughter Li Huandi to call her father to pay the hospital bill, only to find out that her father had hit someone else’s car while delivering food. With more than 1,000 scholarships, Li Junxiao promised to help Wu Chanjuan pay the hospital bill first, and invited Li Huandi to eat a hamburger. Li Huandi ate a hamburger for the first time in 16 years. She was very excited. Li Junxiao was surprised. Li Huandi revealed that his grandfather was sick. He spent all his family’s money and borrowed a large amount of foreign debt. Li Junxiao and his sister depended on each other since childhood. In order to support him in college, her sister dropped out of school early to go to work.

Li Huandi was reluctant to eat a hamburger and wanted to take it back to his mother to eat. Li Junxiao let her eat it, and went to buy another hamburger for Wu Chanjuan to bring back. Li Junxiao asked Li Huandi to use his computer to do his homework, but Du Di felt it was inappropriate. He also said to his face that Li Huandi was originally called Li Huandi. His parents wanted a son. Dropped out of school to go to work, Li Junxiao complained that Du Di’s words were too hurtful, Du Di retorted him, and the two quarreled when they disagreed, Huang Yunling came to stop it in time, and asked Du Di to transfer to the family planning department to help, Du Di strongly protested , Huang Yunling made up her mind, and let Li Huandi go to her office to study.

Li Junxiao performed surgery for Huang Yunling as an assistant. He was skilled and skilled, and was recognized by Huang Yunling. Li Junxiao found that Huang Yunling was indifferent to Du Di recently, guessing that it was because of Wu Congrui, Huang Yunling felt that Du Di lacked love for patients.

Ye Ying took the initiative to invite Li Junxiao to dinner and wanted to meet him. Li Junxiao was not ready to start a new relationship, Ye Ying promised to wait for him. Today, Wu Congrui was discharged from the hospital. Du Di was waiting at the door of the hospital early, and he also brought the pregnant kitten Didi. Wu Congrui believed that Du Di was deliberately trying to stimulate her, so he took Feng Yuanhang’s hand and left.

Wu Congrui couldn’t sleep at night, she held a grudge against Du Di, Feng Yuanhang tried his best to defend Du Di, Wu Congrui was furious, Feng Yuanhang persuaded her kindly, Wu Congrui became more and more sad, and finally burst into tears. Du Di heard that Wu Congrui was in a bad mood, and asked the head nurse to hand over some supplements to Wu Congrui.

Li Junxiao cut down on food and clothing every day, and finally collected enough for Wu Chanjuan’s surgery. Ye Yingquan was very distressed and advised Li Junxiao not to waste his body for the patient. Li Junxiao assisted Huang Yunling to operate on Wu Chanjuan, Wu Chanjuan gave birth to a son, Li Huandi was very happy, Wu Chanjuan’s husband knelt on the ground and thanked Li Junxiao, promised to pay off the hospitalization fee he had advanced within three years, and asked Li Junxiao to help Li Junxiao Huandi looked for a job, Li Junxiao insisted that Li Huandi go to university, but her family was broke, Li Junxiao promised to help Li Huandi, Li Huandi vowed to study hard and repay Li Junxiao in the future.

Du Di sent kitten Titi to the pet hospital to give birth, but all three kittens died. Wu Congrui came in a hurry. When she learned that Titi’s children were all dead, she was very sad and couldn’t wait to ask Feng Yuanhang for another one. Child, Feng Yuanhang felt that she had an impulsive idea. Wu Congrui decided that Feng Yuanhang did not love her. Feng Yuanhang lied that he had something to look for in the ward and left the house in a hurry.

Liu Nianbai waited hard for Wang Ying at the door of the hospital. Wang Ying promised to take out his mother’s case. Went to the bar to relax and saw Du Di came here to drink wine to drown his sorrows. Liu Nianbai took the initiative to come over to say hello to Du Di. Du Di couldn’t help but vomited all on Liu Nianbai’s newly bought shoes. Liu Nianbai went to the bathroom to clean it up. Emperor had been waiting for him, Liu Nianbai had to send Du Di home, Du Di vomited furiously on the ground, and kept claiming to study hard to become Lin Qiaozhi.

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