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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 4 Recap

At night, Wu Congrui and Feng Yuanhang talked about Chen Ping, a pregnant woman with two children who died. She vowed to help Chen Ping save the third child, and she would persuade Chen Ping and his wife to do genetic testing tomorrow. Feng Yuanhang had been holding a medical journal, Indifferent to Wu Congrui’s words, Wu Congrui was very angry, and Feng Yuanhang hurried to comfort her.

Li Ping discussed with her husband and wanted to tell her about the two miscarriages, but her husband resolutely disagreed, worried that the doctor would shirk the responsibility at that time. Yuan Ya couldn’t stand it any longer, so she accused Li Ping’s husband of being irresponsible and took Li Ping and her stomach. kid jokes. The assistant hurriedly came to deliver oxytocin to Yuan Ya, and briefly reported the company’s affairs to her.

Because Yuan Ya was hospitalized and did not participate in the negotiation, the client was very dissatisfied. Finally, the chairman came forward to settle the matter. Yuan Ya was so anxious that the nurse came to round the room. She hurriedly hid the oxytocin. After the nurse left, Yuan Ya gave herself a shot of oxytocin despite Li Ping’s dissuasion.

Yuan Ya had no uterine contractions after taking oxytocin. She walked in the corridor and sat on the fitness ball to exercise, but she still didn’t move. Yuan Ya suspected that her assistant had bought fake medicine in a private hospital, and Li Ping advised her to consult a doctor. For a moment, Yuan Ya’s husband and Director Tian are good friends, but when they got married, they agreed to three chapters of the law, and family chores could not affect the development of their career. Yuan Ya’s husband’s company was in a critical period of mergers and acquisitions, and she believed that she could handle this trivial matter.

Yuan Ya suddenly had persistent abdominal pain, Li Ping hurriedly called the doctor, Yuan Ya was pushed away by the medical staff, and before she left, she reminded Li Ping to tell the truth to the doctor as soon as possible, Yuan Ya’s uterine aura ruptured because of excessive uterine contractions. She had a caesarean section, Yuan Ya firmly disagreed, and kept claiming that she was taking oxytocin according to the dose. The doctor reminded him that oxytocin could not be injected intramuscularly. After Yuan Ya’s husband signed it, he performed a caesarean section for her.

At the same time, Li Ping had contractions, Huang Yunling personally delivered her, and her mother-in-law insisted on a caesarean section. Huang Yunling asked the nurse to kick her out. Wu Congrui also called Feng Yuanhang to escort the newborn. Li Ping gave birth to a baby boy smoothly. She only revealed the fact that she had had two miscarriages, and Du Di hurriedly sent the newborn to the pediatrics department for observation.

Yuan Ya suffered heavy bleeding. The medical staff tried their best to rescue her and gave her her own child by caesarean section, but the uterus was not preserved. Yuan Ya woke up after the operation and was relieved when she learned that the child was healthy. Her husband was always by her side, persuading her to rest in peace. After the full moon, she would let Yuan Ya go abroad for development. Yuan Ya regretted it beyond her time and felt sorry for the child, so she offered to resign and go home to her husband and children.

When Du Di saw this warm scene, he quietly sent a message to Li Junxiao. Li Junxiao asked her to touch the newborn with his own hands. Du Di had a new feeling for life. Li Ping’s child suddenly had respiratory failure. Although the medical staff tried their best to rescue her, she was still unable to recover. Li Ping’s third child died again. Her mother-in-law could not accept this fact and yelled at the doctor.

Director Tian learned about today’s work in detail and praised Wu Congrui. Wu Congrui regretted not letting Li Ping and his wife do genetic testing in advance. Du Di advised her not to blame herself. Director Tian will have the first AIDS childbirth operation tomorrow and let Wu Congrui be him Du Di was worried that she was in danger of pregnancy and excused her lack of ability. Wu Congrui did not want to lose this rare learning opportunity and insisted on being Director Tian’s assistant. Director Tian asked them to participate together.

Li Junxiao called Du Di aside by himself. He had been preparing for this operation for a long time and asked Du Di to give him the opportunity. Du Di refused to agree. Li Junxiao was extremely disappointed with her and accused her of being too selfish. Du Di had to say When Wu Congrui was pregnant, she didn’t want Wu Congrui to participate in such a dangerous operation. Li Junxiao called to tell his sister that he and Du Di had broken up.

Li Ping wants to divorce her husband, but her husband does not agree. If they are genetically discordant, they can have no children for the rest of their lives. He takes Li Ping on a trip. Li Ping loves him deeply and wants a child that belongs to them. The husband is kind to Li Ping. persuade. Wu Congrui came to Li Ping and persuaded them to wait for the test results. If the two of them were genetically discordant, they would block this gene by transferring embryos, and there had been successful precedents. Director Tian had promised to help them contact experts in this field to ensure that The next one will give birth to a healthy baby. Li Ping is ecstatic and wants to work hard again. The couple hugged and cried excitedly.

Du Di and Wu Congrui were assistants to Director Tian together. Du Di urged Wu Congrui to wear a protective mask, don’t touch the blood of AIDS patients, and don’t rush forward for the sake of the child in your stomach, Wu Congrui Full of promise. The mother had stage 4 AIDS, and she never dared to take an obstetric examination after she became pregnant, so she could only hide in Tibet until she had severe lung infection. After this operation, Du Di once again reminded Wu Congrui to step back in case of emergency and never rush forward.

The operation officially started. Director Tian briefly introduced the situation of the mother and reminded Du Di and Wu Congrui that they must be well isolated. The three directors joined hands to help the mother operate and give birth to the fetus smoothly. However, the mother suddenly suffered from nose and mouth bleeding. The director of the respiratory department and the director of surgery both Thinking that she was bleeding from a large abdominal blood vessel due to a lung infection, she was sucked blood and intubated. He slipped and fell to the ground, causing the fetus in the womb to abort.

Wu Congrui was very distressed. Du Di did not dare to face Wu Congrui, and he was full of self-blame. Feng Yuanhang persuaded Du Di to go away. He came to comfort Wu Congrui and kept claiming that abortion was a natural choice, but Wu Congrui could not let it go. Feng Yuanhang suddenly received the news that the newborn was infected. He hurriedly escaped from the ward and stood in the corridor with tears streaming down his face. He was also saddened by the loss of his child, but he didn’t want to let Wu Congrui see it.

Wu Congrui thought that Feng Yuanhang was deliberately avoiding her, and that she had nowhere to vent her anger, so she tore off the necklace that Du Di gave her and threw it away. The nurses all believed that Du Di always intentionally caused her to have a miscarriage in order to compete with Wu Congrui for hospitalization. Li Junxiao was also very dissatisfied with Du Di and privately spoke ill of her to his colleagues. Du Di did not want to explain and could only endure it silently.

Director Tian took the medical staff to round the room and publicly expressed his hidden concerns. The proportion of caesarean section in my country has already exceeded the upper limit required by the World Health Organization. , which also increases maternal and fetal risk. Director Tian asked Du Di to take over Wu Congrui’s patient. Li Junxiao strongly protested. He asked to take over Wu Congrui’s patient. The head nurse disagreed.

Director Tian decided to cancel Wu Congrui’s qualification to run for the inpatient chief. Du Di’s business ability was much stronger than her. Huang Yunling fought for Wu Congrui and promised that she would become a qualified inpatient chief one year later. Director Tian promised to give Wu Congrui another chance.

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