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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 3 Recap

Du Di put the necklace on Wu Congrui himself. Wu Congrui was very happy and invited her to celebrate her birthday tonight. Du Di learned that Feng Yuanhang was participating in a major operation for brain cancer combined with pregnancy. Du Di did not want to miss this rare learning opportunity. Take Wu Congrui to watch it together.

The chief surgeon was Director Liu of the Brain Surgery Department of Shengji Hospital. He was suffering from liver cancer and was waiting for a liver replacement. Du Di was stunned by Director Liu’s technique and took a picture on the spot with his mobile phone. Wu Congrui suddenly reported that Li Ran’s fetus was hypoxic. She split and rushed back to the ward. Li Ran was found to have an abnormal umbilical cord blood. Wu Congrui pointed out two ways for them to take out the fetus immediately.

The fetus may be deformed, and Li Ran needs to be very If it takes a long time to recover, or wait for the fetus to continue to develop in the mother’s body, it may be stillborn. Li Ran is a premature baby. She decided to give birth to the child, and her husband vowed to never abandon the child no matter what. Wu Congrui was moved and promised to help Li Ran to regenerate for a few more days. Li Ran’s husband has a live broadcast tonight, please help take care of Li Ran.

Liu Nianbai brought Li Qiaoer a meal card and supplements. He casually mentioned that he was going to be hospitalized today. Li Qiaoer was very grateful to him and wanted to call the police after Liu Nianbai was discharged from the hospital.

Liu Nianbai was very pleased and went to Du Di to help Li Qiaoer. Save the evidence. The head nurse Wang Ying recognized Liu Nianbai and introduced the nurses to him. Liu Nianbai’s mother was the head nurse of the obstetrics and gynecology department before her death, and Wang Ying also delivered her childbirth. His mother died by suicide, and Liu Nianbai always thought that his mother died in a car accident. He asked Wang Ying hard about the reason, and Wang Ying realized that he had made a slip of the tongue.

Liu Nianbai came to his father Xingshi to ask the guilt, and insisted that he was the culprit who killed his mother. Director Liu was so angry that he fainted on the spot. Wu Congrui asked Huang Yunling to perform an operation on Li Ran. Li Ran wanted to watch her husband perform live, so Wu Congrui turned on the phone. Li Ran gave birth to a daughter. She was so excited that tears filled her eyes.

Director Liu finally came to his senses, and he canceled the liver transplant. Liu Nianbai came to Wang Ying early in the morning to ask for the case that his mother was hospitalized that year, and Wang Ying promised to talk about it when he was done. Li Junxiao hid in the office after a meal. Unexpectedly, Du Di was also having lunch in the office. Li Junxiao’s sister called Du Di, but Du Di didn’t answer. The sister called Li Junxiao again, wanting to know their wedding date. excuse to cover up.

Yuan Ya came to Du Di for an oxytocin injection, and wanted to give birth to the child as soon as possible. Yelling, Li Junxiao hurried over to relieve Du Di and asked Yuan Ya to ask her to call her husband. Yuan Ya became angry and went to Director Tian to complain. Li Junxiao advised Du Di to be patient with patients, otherwise she would never be able to become the hospital chief, and Du Di slammed the door and left before finishing his meal.

Liu Nianbai has been waiting for Wang Ying, but she has not come out. Liu Nianbai learned from the nurse that Wang Ying had left the back door long ago, and he realized that he had been deceived. Yuan Ya wanted to have a child as soon as possible, and then went to work directly without confinement. Chen Ping, who was in the same room, envied Yuan Ya very much. Yuan Ya asked her about the death of her first two children. Chen Ping explained the whole process in detail, and revealed that She had miscarried twice, but her mother-in-law didn’t know about it. Yuan Ya persuaded Chen Ping to explain the truth to the doctor, and encouraged Li Ran not to let her family control her life. Yuan Ya worked so hard to become the company’s CEO. eliminated by the times.

Liu Nianbai ran to the nurse station to find Wang Ying, Wu Congrui tried desperately to stop him, and dropped the case in his hand on the ground. Liu Nianbai helped pick it up, and accidentally saw Li Ran’s case, suspecting that their husband and wife had imprints and genetic incompatibility, Du Di remembers There was an article about this type of disease in an authoritative foreign medical journal. Liu Nianbai accurately stated the name of the journal and the specific publication date. Wu Congrui hurried to report to Director Tian.

Director Tian agreed to let Chen Ping and her husband have a genetic test, and was full of praise for Wu Congrui. Wu Congrui informed Chen Ping and his wife to do the test as soon as possible. Liu Nianbai came to his father’s ward and heard the conversation between his father and Lin Wei at the door. His father felt sorry for Liu Nianbai, so he sent him abroad when he was young. Liu Nianbai felt very uncomfortable when he heard his father’s words.

Wu Congrui raised several stray cats, and Du Di wanted to sterilize them, but Wu Congrui firmly disagreed. Ye Ying resigned and left Shengji Hospital. Before leaving, she came to Li Junxiao to say goodbye, invited Li Junxiao to work in her hospital, and explained that Emperor Du was not suitable for Li Junxiao.

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