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Beloved Life 亲爱的生命 Episode 2 Recap

Wu Congrui advised Du Di not to be serious with the mothers, but to smile at them more. Du Di couldn’t do it, she just had to do the surgery well. Wu Congrui came to the pediatrics department to ask her husband about Chen Ping’s situation, but the reason for the death of the first two babies could not be investigated. It could only be determined after Chen Ping gave birth to the third child.

During lunch, Wu Congrui took the initiative to sit opposite Li Junxiao, and also called for Du Di to come and sit together, and Du Di sat in a fit of anger and sat elsewhere to eat. Wu Congrui repeatedly stated that being a doctor does not conflict with having children, and he also moved out that Huang Yunling continued the operation with her second child. Li Junxiao thought she was a lobbyist for Du Di and left before finishing the meal. The head nurse came to Wu Congrui to inquire about Li Junxiao With the progress of his relationship with Du Di, Wu Congrui randomly made excuses to cover up the past.

Wu Congrui came to persuade Li Junxiao to submit to Du Di. Li Ran had a sudden convulsion due to high pregnancy. Wu Congrui hurried to the ward. Now that she and the nurse had carried out emergency rescue, they finally turned the corner. Wu Congrui didn’t know what to do next, so he called Huang Yunling asked for help. Huang Yunling was undergoing an operation and asked her to inject magnesium sulfate into Li Ran. When Li Ran’s husband returned from the show, Wu Congrui explained Li Ran’s condition to him and asked him to keep an eye on Li Ran’s blood pressure and heartbeat.

Huang Yunling called Wu Congrui as soon as the operation, reminded Huang Yunling not to ask her for advice, and asked her to study hard from Du Di. Wu Congrui couldn’t wait to know how she could balance the relationship between work and family. Huang Yunling heard that she wanted to get pregnant and had a child, and advised her to go as soon as possible. make a decision.

Her husband stayed by Li Ran’s side and played and sang to make her happy. Wu Congrui imagined that Feng Yuanhang would play and sing for her. Feng Yuanhang suddenly called Wu Congrui. He was going to work overtime tonight for a very complicated operation. Wu Congrui booked a five-star hotel to celebrate his pregnancy. Feng Yuanhang couldn’t go. Tomorrow was Wu Congrui’s birthday. She reminded Feng Yuanhang to come back to accompany him. her birthday.

Wu Congrui told Du Di about the pregnancy. Du Di gave her a B-ultrasound, and the child developed normally. Wu Congrui was very excited, and Du Di was also happy for her, reminding her to be careful everywhere and to pass the most dangerous first three months smoothly. Wu Congrui advised her. She had a good talk with Li Junxiao. Lin Wei asked Liu Nianbai to come to a bar dressed as a hospital. It was opened by a former doctor from Shengji Hospital. It attracted many young doctors to come here to relax.

Lin Wei also made it a base for receiving friends. Liu Nianbai felt very fresh. He worked in the top genetic laboratory abroad and was a close disciple of the top god. This time he returned to China to donate liver to his father who was suffering from liver cancer. He wanted to save his father and would never come back. Lin Wei and Liu Nianbai were small and persuaded Liu Nianbai to reconcile with his father, but he resolutely quit.

Li Junxiao asked Du Di to meet at this bar too. Du Di came late, and Liu Nianbai recognized Du Di at a glance and sneered at her. Du Di went to see Li Junxiao, Li Junxiao took the initiative to admit his mistake and wanted to be with her for the rest of his life. He took the opportunity to persuade Du Di to get married and have children early. The news that he fainted due to heavy bleeding immediately called Lin Wei back to the hospital, and Liu Nianbai and Li Junxiao also followed.

Lin Wei performed an operation on Li Qiaoer and asked Du Di to help him. Lin Wei wanted to remove Li Qiaoer’s fallopian tube that was damaged due to an ectopic pregnancy. Du Di felt that she was too young. If the fallopian tube was removed, it would cause a psychological shadow on Li Qiaoer. The fallopian tube, Lin did not promise to try it. Du Di couldn’t help remembering that when she was a child, her grandmother disliked her mother’s inability to have a son, and spoke ill of her mother and abused her in every way. She felt very uncomfortable.

The operation was finally completed. Lin Wei and Liu Nianbai left beforehand. Li Junxiao took the opportunity to propose to get back with Du Di, but Du Di refused. She did not want women to be unfairly treated because of their marriage, so Li Junxiao left in frustration. Du Di remembered that she won the first place when she was a child. Grandma was very angry and forced her parents to give her another grandson. Du Di protested to grandma and was ruthlessly abused. Liu Nianbai left his phone on the seat in the corridor, and he hurried back to get it. Seeing Du Di was sad, he left without asking more.

Liu Nianbai helped Li Qiaoer pay the hospital bill. Li Qiaoer revealed that he was raped and pregnant by his uncle. Du Di heard it outside the door and persuaded Li Qiaoer to call the police. Liu Nianbai felt it was wrong and worried that it would affect Li Qiaoer’s reputation. Liu Nianbai drove out, and she helped Li Qiaoer deal with the wound.

Li Ran’s husband came to ask Wu Congrui about the precautions for taking care of pregnant women. Wu Congrui patiently explained it to him and encouraged him to make music well, believing that he could stand out. Du Di came to see Wu Congrui and took out a necklace as a birthday present for her.

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