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See You Again (2022) 超时空罗曼史 Episode 9 Recap

Xiang Qin Yu told Jin Ayin what happened. Jin Ayin couldn’t figure out who Chi Yu had offended, so he was killed. Xiang Qin Yu didn’t want Jin Ayin to continue. He planned to tell her about Tao Tao, but Jin Ayin fell asleep.

Li Long helped find Tao Tao from Qin Yu. Tao Tao lived in the hospital for more than a year. The nurse revealed to Qin Yu that Tao Tao was in a vegetative state due to gas poisoning, and he has not been awake. Xiang Qin Yu looked at the girl on the hospital bed and recalled the past. Back then, he saw Yang Xiaoyun, who looked similar to Tao Tao, fall from a tall building, holding the photo of Xiang Qin Yu in his hand.

Xiang Qin Yu wanted to drink coffee, but Li Longda said that he never drinks coffee, and Xiang Qin Yu was worried about revealing the stuff. In the past, Xiang Qinyu sold the Mengsheng studio to Boss Lin in order to make “Huangpu Fengyun”. He didn’t like to socialize in nightclubs, especially when Zhou Shu was close to Boss Lin, he was very uncomfortable.

Yang Xiaoyun appeared in front of Xiang Qin Yu and told him that he had signed with Boss Lin and that he could film with him in the future. Xiang Qinyu didn’t expect Yang Xiaoyun to be his fangirl. A few days later, Xiang Qinyu came to the Mengsheng studio. Yang Xiaoyun chased after Xiang Qinyu, but was stopped by the security guard. The economic man asked Xiang Qin Yu not to interfere and stay away from Yang Xiaoyun, saying that she was filming with Boss Lin. Xiang Qin Yu wanted to help, but was helpless, thinking that Yang Xiaoyun was just what the agent said, and that he was no longer the boss of Mengsheng, and was not qualified to intervene.

Xiang Qin Yu looked at the modern Tao Tao and thought she was related to him. Li Longda found a man wearing a hat outside the door, recognized that he was the one who attacked Chi Yu that night, chased Qin Yu out, and was accidentally knocked down by a motorcycle. Xiang Qin Yu looked at the photos that had fallen out, and he already had a plan to ask Li Long to help.

Back home, looking at the sleeping Jin Ayin, Xiang Qin Yu wanted to take everything alone, he was worried that the murderer would be bad for Jin Ayin. Seeing the press conference, Director Feng was very concerned about the decision of the male lead, and he hoped that Chi Yu would appear in his heart. Suddenly, Li Long brought Qin Yu in, and Director Feng was surprised, thinking that it was Chi Yu who came back. Xiang Qin Yu took the 100,000 yuan that Jin Ayin saved to invest in the crew, and wanted to lead out the murderer of Chi Yu.

The chief producer Chen Mumu (Bai Bing) came to the company to prepare for the press conference, and learned that the male lead was replaced by Xiang Qin Yu. Chen Mumu called the crew for a meeting and told everyone about the replacement of the male lead. Di Lao looked at Xiang Qin Yu and thought that he was not Chi Yu, but the real Xiang Qin Yu.

Di Lao only communicated with Xiang Qin Yu alone, only to find out that Xiang Qin Yu was from the past. Mr. Di said that he was a young man from Shanghai back then. After what happened to Xiang Qin Yu, the real culprit could not be found. Mr. Di stole the film of the “Huangpu Fengyun” and put it at the door of Xiang Qin Yu’s house. Xiang Qin Yu hoped that Di Lao would keep it a secret for him.

Jin Ayin was very surprised when he saw it, and asked Qin Yu about it. When he learned that Xiang Qin Yu had stolen his bank card, he was very angry, thinking that he had stolen his money and Chi Yu’s identity. Xiang Qin Yu had his own plans. He deliberately said angrily, saying that he was using Jin Ayin and did not want to have too much interaction with her. He would not let Jin Ayin continue to follow him, and wanted to distance himself from her. Jin Ayin misunderstood and thought that Xiang Qin Yu meant to meddle in her own business, and she was really disappointed with Xiang Qin Yu.

When Xiang Qin Yu attended the press conference of “The Legend of Xiang Qin Yu”, Chi Yu’s identity was exposed to the public. He said something to the camera and told the murderer that he was back.

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