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See You Again (2022) 超时空罗曼史 Episode 8 Recap

Jin Ayin gave Qin Yu a chance to apologize, but was told that he wanted to climb the dragon and the phoenix, which made her furious, went back to the bedroom to vent, and changed the title of the script she wrote to “Damn the Nasty Ghost”. When she walked out of the room, her stomach growled. He made steaks to Qin Yu to attract Jin Ah-yin, and found Jin Ah-yin’s bank card under the gas stove. Jin-A-Yin means that this is prosperous, and it depends on water to make a fortune.

He mentioned to Qin Yu that he used to work in a western restaurant. Jin Ayin originally thought that Xiang Qin Yu could not cook and lived a comfortable life. Xiang Qin Yu’s craftsmanship was learned from the head chef of the largest western restaurant in Shanghai that year. Jin Ayin guessed that Xiang Qin Yu’s mother was Zhou Shu. She confided to Qin Yu that Zhou Shu, as a mother, never recognized herself, and that her mother was also an actor. He remembered that when his film company was established, Zhou Shu gave Xiang Qin Yu a tie clip.

Said to Qin Yu that he had never experienced parental care, and he wanted to help Chi Yu’s parents find Chi Yu. He accidentally knew that Chi Yu was killed, and suspected that Li Longda was the most suspect, and hoped that Jin Ah Yin could come forward. Jin Ah Eun felt incredible, not sure if Lee Yong Dae murdered Chi Woo for the male role.

In the middle of the night, looking at the little orange lantern that Jin Ayin made for himself, he worried to Qin Yu that if the murderer came to this era with him and mistakenly killed Chi Yu as himself, he did not want to involve Jin Ayin. Looking at Zhou Shu’s picture album and tie clip, I buried this memory in my heart.

Director Feng asked Jin Ah-yin to change the script, and Brother Hu quickly stopped him and told him that he saw Chi Yu last night. Feng Dao felt cold for a while, and asked him again and again if he was seeing a living person. Brother Hu was suspicious and not sure if it was Chi Yu that he saw last night.

Jin Ah-yin came to the studio, and Li Long-da graciously presented flowers. Jin Ayin implemented the plan to Qin Yu, pretending that he never knew Chi Yu and had never met him. Li Long was greatly surprised and suspected that he saw the wrong person yesterday, when everyone was on the set. Jin Ah-yin said that he lived alone, misleading Li Long-da into self-doubt.

Director Feng called Jin Ayin away, and Li Longda was alone on the set. He heard the staff say that strange things had happened on the set, and today was the day of sacrifice. Li Long was bold and frightened, and called his assistant to confirm. The assistant was arranged by Qin Yu and told a lie. Li Long really suspected that he was seeing the wrong person, and saw Xiang Qin Yu flickering in the crowd, so frightened, he hurried to find Jin Ayin.

In the evening, Jin Ah-yin accompanies Li Longda to dinner. Li Longda was too frightened to leave when he saw the corpse props, so he hurriedly rested in the hotel on the set. Jin Ayin added a sentence, telling him not to stay in the place of the ghost, nor to look in the mirror at midnight. Li Longda had an illusion and heard a strange sound, the TV and lights were flashing, and he was frightened. Finally, when he saw Xiang Qin Yu at the end of the corridor, he almost fainted and said what he saw.

Under the pressure of Qin Yu, Li Longda told the situation at that time. At the bar that night, I wanted to find Chi Yu, but saw a man in black with a hood and a mask hit Chi Yu from behind and kicked him into the sea. At that moment, Li Longda expressed that he was very scared, he didn’t dare to make a sound, and he didn’t dare to save Chi Yu, so he hurried back to the bar.

Ask Qin Yu why he lied, whether it is because of his selfish desire to play the male lead. Li Longda said that he was very remorseful. At that time, he had this idea for a moment, but he regretted it very much. When he saw Xiang Qin Yu coming back, he thought it was Chi Yu, hoping he could forgive himself.

He took out the group photo of Chi Yu’s family to Qin Yu, and asked who the girl was. From Li Long’s mouth, he learned that the girl was Tao Tao, who used to be the make-up artist of the crew. Xiang Qin Yu hoped that Li Longda would help find Tao Tao.

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