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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 18 Recap

Lu Anran said that Lu Yun was just her half-brother, and she didn’t need to sacrifice her life’s happiness for Lu Yun. She was a selfish person. Lu Yun wanted to build an army and start a career, and she would not interfere more in the future. .

Lu Anran hoped that Lu Qingzhou would bring Lu Xinran back to Su City. Hanjing was not a stable place, and she did not want Lu Qingzhou to live on thin ice all day. Lu Qingzhou thought that his daughter could not fight against these people, and hoped that Lu Anran would return to Su City with him to protect his family for the rest of his life. The next day, Lu Anran was about to send Lu Qingzhou away, but was surrounded by Xiao Ying’s troops. Xiao Ying said that he received a report that Lu Qingzhou had close contact with Beilin and was suspected of treason and collusion with the enemy. Lu Anran watched the officers and soldiers search for the secret letter. , and escorted Lu Qingzhou away.

Lu Anran knew that only Lu Xinran could be the ghost in the mansion in the past and present, and hurriedly came to look for Lu Xinran, only to find that Lu Xinran had already left, and the next person who left a letter in the room was Lu Yun. Lu Anran was about to go to the military camp to find Lu Yun, but was ambushed and taken away halfway. And it was Lu Xinran who set an ambush and took Lu Anran away. When Lu Anran woke up and saw Lu Xinran, she knew that she was pretending to be crazy and acting stupid to avenge her mother’s hatred, and that Mrs. Lu was also killed by Lu Xinran, and Lu Qingzhou was also killed by her, and all this was forced by Lu Anran, Because all the people she cared about were only Lu Anran.

Lu Xinran changed Lu Anran into a red dress, and wanted to put her in a coffin and bury her alive, even cursing her that she would never be born again. When Lingxi couldn’t find Lu Anran, he asked Mu Chuan for help. Mu Chuan, Shen Changqing and others sent people to look for Lu Anran in the forest.

Lu Xinran returned to King Qing’s mansion, and Mu Ze affirmed Lu Xinran’s ability for framing the Lu family. But Lu Xinran framed his biological father and murdered his sister. How could this sincerity guarantee that he would not deal with him in the future. Lu Xinran said that although Quan Hanjing knew that he had been abandoned, he could re-marry into the Qing Dynasty as Lu Anran. Mu Ze learned that Lu Xinran buried Lu Anran alive and forced her to reveal Lu Anran’s location.

Facing the threat of disfigurement, Lu Xinran agreed to take Mu Ze to find Lu Anran. But in a blink of an eye, he delayed the time, and pointed out that Mu Zeyu and himself were the same kind of people, they only loved themselves. Lu Xinran could see that Mu Ze liked Lu Anran, and she chose to jump off the tower to seek death, but she didn’t want to say where Lu Anran was.

Lu Anran was trapped in the coffin, struggling to survive, regretting at the last moment, fate gave her a chance to start over, why couldn’t she give up everything and stay with Mu Chuan for a long time. Mu Chuan found scraps of burnt paper from Lu Xinran’s room, and found clues from here to find the place where Lu Anran was buried. Mu Chuan and the others dug out the coffin and successfully rescued Lu Anran. And Mu Ze came a step late, and just saw Mu Chuan hug the lost and found Lu Anran, crying with joy.

Mu Chuan sent Lu Anran back to the Lu house, and learned from Dan Qing that the Lu family was framed, and said that he would help clarify it in front of the emperor. Mu Ze ignored Danqing’s obstruction and broke into the Lu Mansion to visit Lu Anran. Looking at the now weak Lu Anran, he remembered that Lu Xinran said before his death that he clearly loved Lu Anran, but he wanted to torture her by any means. Lu Anran woke up and found Mu Ze. Mu Ze concealed his worries and instead threatened Lu Anran with Lu Qingzhou’s life as his concubine. Then he said he would give her three days to think about it.

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