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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 17 Recap

Cai Wangjin told Mu Ze that it was Cuicui, the maid in the princess’ courtyard, that Lu Xinran couldn’t think about it, so he went to the inner courtyard to persuade Lu Xinran. He and the princess had absolutely nothing to do with each other. They only hated themselves for being part of Lu Anran’s design of Mu Ze, and then Cai Wangjin committed suicide with a dagger, hoping that death would make Mu Ze pay attention to what he said.

Mu Ze investigated and found that Cuicui had indeed been sent away by Lu Anran. Knowing that everything Lu Anran did was to let the Lu family get away, he decided not to let Lu Anran do so. Lu Yun aggressively questioned Lu Anran if there was only money left in his eyes. Now that his mother had just passed away, he would use the funeral to stabilize the Lu family’s business. Later, Lu Yun found out that Lu Anran had locked the crazy Lu Xinran in the house. Hearing Lu Xinran’s words that Lu Anran was hurt by Lu Anran, Lu Yun no longer believed the eldest sister Lu Anran.

Dan Qing followed Lu Yun out of the house and found that he went to Xiao Ying’s house alone. Lu Anran knew that Lu Yun finally chose to join the army, and swore before her mother’s spirit that she would take Lu Yun out of the military camp and return to Sucheng safely. Afterwards, Lu Anran went to the army to persuade Lu Yun to leave, but Lu Yun was reluctant to come out to see her. Thinking of the issue of recruiting, Lu Anran approached Mu Chuan for help. Mu Chuan happened to encounter farmers who were unwilling to relocate because of the improvement of the river course, and Lu Anran helped him come up with an idea for Xiao Ying’s recruits to deal with these scoundrel landlords. Lu Anran also hoped that Mu Chuan would take this opportunity to take Lu Yun out of the military camp.

Mu Chuan came to the barracks to ask Xiao Ying to borrow new recruits to help the river divert. He knew that Xiao Ying would not agree easily. Mu Chuan asked the emperor in advance to get the imperial decree, and Xiao Ying had nothing to say about it. Afterwards, Lu Yun approached Mu Chuan imposingly, thinking that in order to help Lu Anran, he was not acting upright enough. Mu Chuan admonished Lu Yun not only to be a soldier to protect the family and the country, but what Lu Anran did was also a major event to expand the territory and protect the family and the country.

Then Mu Chuan listed one by one what Lu Anran had done in Yicheng and Licheng in his early years. Over the years, Lu Anran had saved tens of thousands of people because of what Lu Anran had done. Even now, Lu Anran is full of calculations and is forced to help. As the only man in the Lu family, facing the current situation of the Lu family, Lu Yun should take responsibility like a man. Then Mu Chuan arranged for Lu Yun to be responsible for the relocation of the private house along the river bank, and Lu Yun readily agreed.

King Qing’s subordinates reported that King Yi used Wushi San to control his officials. Then Mu Ze learned from Xiao Ying that Mu Chuan used the imperial decree to borrow Lu Yun, but for his own plan, Mu Ze hoped to bring Lu Yun as soon as possible. After returning, he arranged to add the private house of King Yi Tibetan Medicine to the houses demolished in the river.

When Lu Anran learned that Lu Yun had been transferred from the military camp, he sincerely thanked Mu Chuan for his help, and thanked Mu Chuan for understanding his difficulties. Lu Anran was very sorry for letting Mu Chuan meddle in the affairs of the court, but Mu Chuan said that although he did not like the intrigue in the court, the people Lu Anran cared about were also the people he cared about.

Lu Xinran ran out of the house madly, snatched Mrs. Lu’s tablet, and even threw it into the water, which made Lu Qingzhou very sad. Mu Chuan accompanied Lu Anran to enshrine Mrs. Lu’s tablet in the temple. Dongqing saw that Mu Chuan was someone he could rely on, and persuaded Lu Anran to ask for help from Mu Chuan when something happened, and not to take everything. Afterwards, Mu Chuan planted a wishing tree in the temple, praying that the person you read will love what you love and be happy in your life. Only then did Lu Anran know that the wishing tree he had seen in his previous life was planted by Mu Chuan for himself.

Lu Anran and Mu Chuan prepared to leave after praying, but Mu Ze also came here. Mu Ze kept saying that the fate of the Lu family was over, and it was the Lu family’s own sins that could not survive. Before leaving, he also hinted that Lu Anran had better pray that the Buddha would bless her younger brother Lu Yun.

At night, Lu Anran dreamed that Lu Yun had an accident and woke up. Then King Qing’s subordinates came to report that Lu Yun had a dispute with King Yi’s subordinates because of the demolition of his private house. Now he has been brought back to the army by Xiao Ying to recover. Lu Anran anxiously went to Qingwang’s mansion, but was turned away, so he simply waited at the mansion’s gate for one night. Early the next morning, Mu Ze went out and ran into Lu Anran. Lu Anran knew that Lu Yun was injured and sent back to the military camp because of Mu Ze’s design. Mu Ze said that he just wanted everything back to the original point, and this time Lu Anran was only fit to be a concubine.

Mu Chuan wanted to ask Mu Ze to transfer Lu Yun out of the barracks, but just as he was about to plead for mercy, he was rejected by Mu Ze with an excuse, and then King Yi kept saying that as long as Lu Yun stepped out of the barracks, his corpse would be broken into thousands of pieces. Mu Chuan had no choice but to ask Mu Ze to protect Lu Yun, but he didn’t know that Mu Ze had other plans. Lu Anran came to the Qing Palace and told Mu Ze that he would never marry him as a concubine.

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