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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 16 Recap

When Lu Qingzhou came to Hanjing, he slapped her directly when he saw Lu Anran. If he knew that Lu Anran used such despicable means to protect the Lu family, he would rather die than let his daughter go down the wrong path. Although Lu Qingzhou is a businessman, he sees himself as an upright person and makes money with nothing. But Lu Anran said that the world was pressing and she had no choice.

Now Lu Xinran is insane. Although he knows that Lu Xinran is hateful, Lu Qingzhou hopes that Lu Anran can retaliate against her, instead of taking her so lightly and ruining her reputation. But Lu Anran was unwilling to cover for Lu Xinran, because if she let it go, the entire Lu family would be buried with her. She would never allow such a thing to happen, and she would not regret her decision. Lu Qingzhou thought that his daughter was arrogant, and punished Lu Anran to kneel in the courtyard to reflect.

The torrential rain fell suddenly, and Lu Anran knelt until the night, and finally fainted in Mu Chuan’s arms. Mrs. Lu took care of her daughter and took a rest. She heard that Mu Chuan came to the Lu Mansion to check the grapes under the rainstorm, and learned that he had planted grapes for her daughter. She guessed that he and her daughter must have feelings for each other, so she simply left and let Mu Chuan take care of Lu Anran.

Lu Qingzhou was also worried about her daughter’s health, and learned that Lu Anran was overthinking and fatigued for a long time, causing evil energy to enter her body, and she would be fine if she took good care of it. Although Mrs. Lu didn’t know why the father and daughter quarreled, she also knew that her daughter was worried about the Lu family and never cared about herself.

Lu Anran woke up halfway and saw Mu Chuan guarding him, and told him that he would return to Su City when everything was over, and would never come back again. Mu Chuan promised that when the water conservancy project was rolled out in Dahan, he would go to Sucheng to find Lu Anran. Early the next morning, Lu Anran dressed up and prepared to attend Mu Chuan’s spring ploughing ceremony. Mrs. Lu is very much in favor of her daughter taking the initiative in matters of love, and also gave her the love hairpin with her husband Lu Qingzhou, hoping that her daughter can seize her own happiness.

Lu Anran came to the spring ploughing ceremony and saw the Anxin rice prepared by Mu Chuan, guessing that its name meant “safe food and clothing, then you can feel at ease”. Mu Chuan explained that the word An was Lu Anran’s An. He believed that the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas were Lu Anran’s heaven and earth, so he wanted to plant rice all over the world before, so he thought Lu Anran had stepped on the mountains and rivers. So the real intention of “An Xin” is his selfishness. Mu Chuan knew the current situation of the Lu family, but he didn’t care. After all, he didn’t care about power and prestige. He knew that Hanjing was not where he belonged, but Lu Anran.

Due to the confusion of the pick-up order at the dock, Lu Qingzhou went out to deal with the shop, and Mrs. Lu had to go to the dock to deal with it. But the people on the dock had lost their minds, and they were all rushing to grab the goods, and some people even killed Mrs. Lu while taking advantage of the chaos. Lu Anran, who was participating in the spring ploughing ceremony, learned the news and rushed back to Lu’s house to see the mourning halls up and down the Lu mansion. She couldn’t believe her mother had passed away.

Cai Wangjin, who was in prison, learned that Mrs. Lu was killed, and asked to see Mu Ze on the grounds of the dagger he had given him back then. When Cai Wangjin almost lost his dignity in order to satisfy his hunger, it was Mu Ze’s words that made him find the courage to take revenge. Now Cai Wangjin invited Mu Ze to come here with a severed finger and a dagger, not to ask for forgiveness, but to remind Mu Ze to be careful with Lu Anran. Although Cai Wangjin was unable to produce evidence to correct Lu Anran, Lu Anran was behind all the failures. Cai Wangjin guessed that Lu Anran designed Lu Xinran to marry into Prince Qing’s mansion, and everything after that was to let the Lu family get out of the predicament of the court.

Lu Anran came back and tried everything but still failed to save her mother’s life. She couldn’t help crying why she did everything. Mu Chuan came to pay homage to Mrs. Lu, comforting Lu Anran not to blame herself, none of this was her fault.

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