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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 15 Recap

The Taiping warehouse was closed today, and Mu Chuan invited Lu Anran to write an inscription for the Taiping warehouse. Lu Anran was very happy to see what Mu Chuan had done. There was nothing sinister and complicated here, it was a place where Lu Anran could relax. The granary in the world has achieved initial results. When the water conservancy construction in the suburbs of Beijing is completed, he can leave Hanjing and stay away from the right and wrong here. Lu Anran also decided to leave Hanjing, Mu Chuan was very happy, and agreed with him that outside Hanjing could accompany him.

Lu Xinran prepared Jiang Tang to come to please Mu Ze, although Mu Ze bluntly said that this would have no effect, but Lu Xinran said that he had married into the prince’s mansion, and naturally wanted to do his duty as a wife. Although she was the only link between the Lu family and the Qing prince’s mansion, even if it was a wrong choice to marry the Qing prince, she still hoped that Mu Ze would see her more. Mu Ze remembered what happened to his biological mother, felt pity for Lu Xinran, and drank the ginger soup that Lu Xinran sent. But he didn’t know that Lu Xinran put the medicine in the ginger soup in order to have a child. Mu Ze endured the medicine and summoned the guards to drag Lu Xinran away, and he did not want to touch Lu Xinran because of it.

Mu Chuan came to Qing Wangfu to hear that Lu Xinran was acting, and learned that Mu Ze had been dealing with the struggle of the previous dynasty every day, and he could not live in peace. When he returned to the palace, he would be caught in a jealous inner court battle, which added a lot of troubles. Why not Treat each other with sincerity. Mu Ze believes that royal marriage is just a means of consolidating power and guarding the throne, how can we expect to seek sincerity. Mu Chuan still hopes that Mu Ze can have happiness and enjoy the family life of ordinary people. Although Mu Ze believes that love is a phantom, it is not as good as the right to give people a sense of security, but he promises that if his brother meets someone who is sincere, he will be willing to try this kind of relationship.

Lu Anran learned from Cuicui’s letter that Lu Xinran drugged Mu Ze, and now that the matter is exposed, Mu Ze has been detained in the inner courtyard. Today was the big day when Mu Ze married Xiao Jingque, and Lu Xinran was saddened in the backyard. Mu Ze gave a feast to the noble ladies in Beijing to show Xiao Jingque’s identity. Although Xiao Jingque was a concubine, she still chose to bring a double-headed phoenix hairpin with the grade of the prince’s concubine, just to let the noble ladies in Beijing know that she is the real hostess in the Qing palace. However, Lu Xinran, who lived alone in the backyard, was treated harshly by the servants. When she learned about Xiao Jingque’s beauty, she was envious and jealous.

Under the instigation of Cuicui’s words, she went directly to the banquet to entertain the guests as Princess Qing, and also personally Prepared a gift branch for Xiao Jingque, mocking her for clinging to the golden branch. But Xiao Jingque was not to be outdone, and mocked Lu Xinran’s first boatman’s daughter, Dove occupying the magpie’s nest, and the two women quarreled in public regardless of face. Fortunately, Mu Ze came to take the princess away on the grounds that she was mad.

Cuicui secretly came to find Cai Wangjin, hoping that Cai Wangjin could comfort Lu Xinran who was abnormal at this time. Lu Xinran was very aggrieved, she just wanted to let people know that she was not an unknown person, but an upright Princess Qing, but no one could see her. Cai Wangjin calmed down Lu Xinran. He could see Lu Xinran’s efforts. Lu Xin then regretted that he had chosen the wrong person, and couldn’t help hugging Cai Wangjin. Xiao Jingque came with a group of female relatives, just seeing this scene, Lu Xinran couldn’t bear the ridicule of everyone, and suddenly went crazy.

Mu Ze was reprimanded by the emperor for this matter. The emperor wanted to behead Cai Wangjin and Lu Xinran in public, but Mu Ze thought that killing the two would be equivalent to admitting the rumor and humiliating the royal family, and then suggested that Cai Wangjin should be imprisoned, while Lu Xinran External statement please leave home.

Lu Anran came to see Mu Ze, saying that King Qing had suffered such humiliation because of Lu Xinran, and the Lu family was willing to withdraw from all Hanjing businesses to make up for it. As long as the Lu family left Hanjing, the rumors of Hanjing would disappear one day.

Lu Xinran was taken back to the Lu Mansion, and was frantic and troubled all day, not wanting to eat or drink. Lu Anran finally persuaded her to eat in the name of Mu Ze. Looking at her mad sister, Lu Anran felt that the sisters had gone right and wrong, and Lu Xinran’s credit for the Lu family’s safe withdrawal from Hanjing. The scandal spread like a plague in Hanjing City, the Lu family was cast aside by the nobles in the city, and their prestige plummeted. Lu Anran finally got rid of the gaze of the imperial power. Just when she thought she could finally get out of her body, fate laid a dangerous foreshadowing long before she knew it.

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