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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 14 Recap

Lu Anran tried to intimidate Lu Xinran with his familiarity with the Qing Palace in a previous life, and when he learned that the other party just didn’t want her to go to Mu Ze to complain, he took Xu Qingce’s body in advance to threaten Lu Anran. Mu Ze angrily rebuked King Yi on the court, and tried his best to get justice for Xu Qingce and won the support of many Qingliu officials. And because of these gains, even if Mu Ze lost the help of Yan Shangshu, he would not feel a pity.

After hearing Mu Ze’s words, Lu Anran remembered the death of Xu Qingce in his previous life, and only then did he know that Xu Qingce in his previous life had already become famous and was a rising star in the court. It won the support of Qingliu in the DPRK. Wanting to understand all this, Lu Anran felt that Mu Ze was hypocritical and was extremely disappointed with him.

I thought it would be difficult for Xu Qingce to regain the title of champion after the Gongyuan was burnt down. Fortunately, Fu Yunan kept Chunwei’s exam papers, and Mu Chuan revised the list again and put the candidates on the list. This time Xu Qingce was a veritable champion. Many candidates also thanked Mu Chuan for finding the truth for the candidates, and Lu Anran was also gratified by this.

Mu Ze brought Mu Chuan to his childhood residence. At that time, both of them were left out and endured hunger. Mu Chuan gave Mu Ze the only cake in his hand, which made Mu Ze swear that he would never let anyone in his life. hurt him. Xu Qingce was negligent, but now that King Yi has murdered him, he can only resist, but he assured Mu Chuan that he will not arbitrarily touch people’s lives in the future. Mu Chuan understood that Mu Ze was in a critical situation and could not be alone, but he couldn’t think of a way.

Knowing from Cuicui that Lu Xinran went out alone, Lu Anran followed Dan Qing with him. Lu Anran found out that Lu Xinran had come to the mountain to ask God to worship Buddha, and inquired and learned that the goddess had rejected Lu Xinran’s request because her request was contaminated with the blood of her relatives.

On the way back to the city, Lu Xinran encountered a robber. Fortunately, Cai Wangjin, who was also in the mountains to worship his parents, came to deal with it. The two worked together to kill the robber, and Lu Xinran was accidentally injured in the back. Because Lu Xinran had a wound on his back, Cai Wangjin had to bandage it himself. Later, from Cuicui’s mouth, Lu Anran also learned that before Lu Xinran returned to the house, the wound on his back had been bandaged. Lu Anran suspected that Lu Xinran and Cai Wangjin would have a life-long relationship again in this life, and also believed that the time to rescue the Lu family had finally come.

Mu Chuan came to plant grapes in Lu’s courtyard. Seeing Mu Chuan’s melancholy face, Lu Anran asked and learned that Mu Chuan knew that Mu Ze was in danger and that no one inside and outside the court could be trusted, so he could not abandon Mu Ze. . But Mu Ze didn’t retreat. He didn’t know if Lu Anran had retreated. Although he had always guessed that Lu Anran had a big thing in his heart about Mu Ze and the Lu family, he hoped that Lu Anran would believe in him and he was willing to face it together with Lu Anran. He didn’t want Lu Anran to trap himself too much. Lu Anran confessed that she had seen the words on the bracelet and knew Mu Chuan’s friendship with her. She had a way out, but hoped that Mu Chuan could wait for her.

Lu Yun left a letter and ran away from home, expressing that he wanted to do what he liked. In the letter, Lu Yun also had good things to say about Lu Xinran, thinking that Lu Xinran told him to report the assassination for Lu Anran’s sake. Mu Chuan knew that Mu Ze wanted to silence him, and Lu Anran also knew that Lu Xinran’s move was to kill with a knife.

Xiao Ying brought his sister Xiao Jingque to the Qing Palace to discuss the wedding date, and Lu Anran, who came to Qing Palace, also learned that Mu Ze still wanted to take Xiao Jingque as his concubine in this life, but did not understand why it was three years earlier. Mu Ze introduced Lu Anran to Xiao Ying’s brothers and sisters. Xiao Ying hoped that Mu Ze would marry Xiao Jingque as a concubine. Lu Anran rejected Xiao Ying’s proposal on the grounds of favoring a concubine and destroying his wife. In his name, he held a banquet and invited a group of noble ladies in Beijing to show their attention to the Xiao family.

Lu Xinran learned that Mu Ze was going to take a concubine, but the other party was still a noble girl. She thought the world was unfair and put herself in such a situation, and she wanted to change everything in her heart. Mu Chuan accepted Hanjingcheng’s Taiping warehouse and brought Lu Anran to check it out. In addition to the major cities and counties in Hanjing, the emperor has ordered the construction of official warehouses in various places, and all the major prefectures and counties where Lujia set up ports have also deployed imperial grains, and the world’s granaries have achieved initial results.

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