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See You Again (2022) 超时空罗曼史 Episode 7 Recap

Jin Ayin didn’t expect that he was quick to speak, but he didn’t expect Xiang Qin Yu to actually run away. Buying candy from Qin Yu for children to eat, was misunderstood by the children’s mother and taught them not to accept unfamiliar things. Jin Ayin asked Tengxi about Chi Yu’s address. Tengxi thought that Jin Ayin would go to get Chi Yu’s parents first and be happy for her.

Xiang Qin Yu went alone with the address and was kidnapped by Uncle Chi Yu. Chi Yu’s father almost beat Xiang Qin Yu, but was stopped by Chi Yu’s mother. Unable to explain to Qin Yu, he looked at the photos on the wall by Chi Yu, and suddenly found a familiar girl in a group photo. Xiang Qin Yu once saw this girl in his own time. The girl committed suicide by jumping off a building with a newspaper with his photo in it.

Ask Qin Yu to ask Chi Yu’s mother, Chi Yu’s mother asked him to find an opportunity to ask Li Longda, and asked him if he remembered who the murderer was. Only then did Xiang Qin Yu learn that Chi Yu was pushed into the sea after being beaten.

Jin Ah-yin received the payment from the crew, which made her very happy. Li Longda had been following Jin Ayin, wanting to see her happy, but was called away by Sister Fan. Jin Ayin remembered the 100,000 yuan that Li Longda gave her that time in the bar, and she put it into her bank card after she struggled. Jin Ah-yin called her grandmother to report that she was safe, and her grandmother wished her a good life.

Jin Ah-yin had no intention of seeing this scene, and mistakenly thought that the relationship between Li Longda and Sister Fan was not easy. General Li Long had a plan and asked Jin Ah-yin to invite him to dinner. Jin Ah Yin persuaded Li Long Da not to use women to make money. He is a star actor anyway, so he should pay attention to avoiding negative news. Li Longda looked at the girl in front of him, feeling that she was innocent and cute, and asked her if she needed a hush money. Jin Ayin looked at the luxurious dinner in front of her with blood dripping in her heart. She knew that it would cost a lot of money.

After dinner, Jin Ayin returned 100,000 yuan to Li Longda, knowing that it was not easy for him to make money. Li Longda was a little sad, saying that he always paid women money by himself, but this time it was a woman who helped him.

Jin Ah Yin took the opportunity to ask him about Chi Yu’s disappearance, and Li Long hesitated, saying that he did not know. In order to change the topic, he hurried to the front desk to check out, Jin Ah-yin came over, not wanting to take advantage of Li Long, and asked for a two-person AA system. Jin Ah-yin reminded Li Yong-dae again to pay attention to his private life.

When the two left the mall, Jin Ayin saw the activity, as long as they supported the plank, they could win a balance car. Jin Ayin persisted until the end, because she had thought that Xiang Qin Yu would be interested in the balance bike.

Xiang Qin Yu wanted to ask Li Long to clarify, but unexpectedly met Brother Hu. I learned from Brother Hu that Chi Yu was with Li Longda and himself the night he disappeared, and when Chi Yu went out to answer the phone, Li Longda also went out. Xiang Qin Yu’s uncharacteristic appearance made Brother Hu think that Xiang Qin Yu’s brain was damaged by the sea water.

Li Longda drove Jin Ayin home and wanted to ask her if she had a boyfriend. Xiang Qin Yu suddenly appeared after he finished speaking. Xiang Qin Yu wondered why the relationship between the two had become so close, Jin Ayin was deliberately angry at Qin Yu, opening his mouth and shutting his mouth was Big Brother Long. Remind Qin Yu to be careful and not become the double-standard monster in her mouth.

Li Longda felt that the atmosphere was not good and wanted to leave, but was stopped by Xiang Qin Yu. He warned Qin Yu to force Li Longda to stay away from Jin Ayin, mistakenly thinking that Jin Ayin was being played by Li Longda. Li Longda thinks that Xiang Qin Yu likes Jin Ayin, and Xiang Qin Yu thinks that Li Longda has something to hide from himself, about Chi Yu’s disappearance. Li Long was afraid of thinking of something to Qin Yu, and slipped away while he was not paying attention.

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