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See You Again (2022) 超时空罗曼史 Episode 6 Recap

Xiang Qin Yu stayed in the small closet and accidentally bumped into his underwear, causing the closet to vibrate. Kanno looked around, suspecting that there was a man hiding in her house. Jin Ayin winked at Xiang Qin Yu and told him to hide, but he was still discovered by Kanno. Seeing such a good and high-quality man, Kanno teased Jin Ayin for not telling himself, thinking that the two were lovers, so he gave Jin Ayin a marriage bag in private and asked her to put it in Xiang Qin Yu’s underwear and wait for the result of the marriage.

Xiang Qin Yu and Jin Ayin came to the set and wanted to personally check Li Longda and learn about Chi Yu’s clues. Jin Ayin was called away, Xiang Qin Yu was attracted by the high-tech equipment on the set, and couldn’t help but go forward to explore. He saw that martial arts dramas can hang Weiya, and the camera can last for several hours, and he feels that this era is amazing. Jin Ah-yin came back to persuade him not to touch, lest he do bad things.

Director Feng still wanted to use Chi Yu, but he was not optimistic about Li Longda. Brother Hu persuaded him that Chi Yu was nowhere to be seen, and the crew’s funds were tight. Li Long was able to bring the funds into the crew to reduce a lot of trouble. Brother Hu asked Director Feng to give Chen Mumu (played by Bai Bing) face, to believe that this drama can be successful.

When he was alone with Qin Yu, he had no intention of seeing Li Longda. Li Longda thought that when Qin Yu came here, he should say hello in advance. Xiang Qin Yu didn’t like Li Longda’s actions on him very much, and wanted to ask him a few questions.

Jin Ah-yin handed over to Brother Tuo Tuo for the first film, and when he turned around, he was harassed by Ah Hao in the action scene. Ah Hao thinks Jin Ah Yin has modified her martial arts scene and forced her to audition. Jin Ayin expressed embarrassment and wanted to break free, but was almost beaten. Xiang Qin Yu suddenly appeared, hit Ahao back, and grabbed Jin Ayin who was about to fall.

Xiang Qin Yu read the script and said it was easy. Ah Hao said cruelly, as long as Xiang Qin Yu could perform this scene, he would give him the role and agreed to Qin Yu. The two discussed each other on the set, and Ah Hao was not Xiang Qin Yu’s opponent at all. Li Longda deliberately dressed Xiang Qin Yu in a group costume and covered his face. Xiang Qin Yu suspected that there was something wrong with Li Long, and he always faltered when he spoke.

Director Feng was about to start filming, but Li Long forgot his lines and needed to rely on post-editing processing, especially when he saw Xiang Qin Yu in the crowd. Xiang Qin Yu despised Li Longda’s acting skills, believing that his acting skills insulted his image, and his lines were extraordinarily blunt. Director Feng was very angry, thinking that Li Longda was a fool and could not act at all.

Xiang Qin Yu, who was watching from the side, couldn’t stand it any longer. Not only did Li Longda have poor acting skills, but he also had to find a substitute to be cool. He couldn’t help it, and wanted to teach Li Longda a lesson. Xiang Qin Yu volunteered and applied to Brother Tuo Tuo to join the action group, and Brother Tuo Tuo agreed. When the popular film and television flower Tengxi (Zhang Xuelan) came to the studio, she was enthusiastic and dedicated and instantly attracted Qin Yu’s attention. Jin Ayin explained that Tengxi was born with the temperament of an actor, and has been filming since childhood.

Xiang Qin Yu entered the action team to prepare for the filming. His skilled fighting skills made Li Longda unable to start at all. Director Feng was very optimistic about Xiang Qin Yu and asked Brother Tuo Tuo to arrange more group performances for him. Li Longda wanted to do it all over again, but Director Feng refused and arranged for him to make up a close-up. He robbed Qin Yu of Li Longda’s role, and Jin Ayin begged him not to cause trouble for him.

Seeing Xiang Qin Yu’s figure, Tengxi thought he was Chi Yu, and went up to greet him. Xiang Qin Yu didn’t know what she was talking about, and told her that she had mistaken someone. Tengxi thought that Xiang Qin Yu was because Jin Ayin was by his side, so he didn’t dare to tell the truth, and hoped that the two would get together as soon as possible, and she would definitely pack a red envelope when they got married.

Jin Ayin looked at Chi Yu’s space, Chi Yu once wrote that he had a white moonlight, and Jin Ayin guessed whether Chi Yu’s white moonlight was Tengxi. When Xiang Qin Yu saw the drone for the first time, he thought it was a hidden weapon, so he kindly reminded the master on the ladder next to him, but he didn’t expect to overturn the scene at the scene. Jin Ayin was furious and scolded Xiang Qin Yu loudly. The master on the ladder did not stand firm, the colored powder in his hand fell, and the colorful smashed on Jin Ayin’s face. Li Longda, who came to join in the fun, was also caught.

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