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See You Again (2022) 超时空罗曼史 Episode 5 Recap

When the two were rehearsing, Jin Ayin fell and wanted to kiss Qin Yu, but Jin Ayin deliberately interrupted, thinking that this scene really didn’t need a kiss scene. The relationship between the two was a little delicate, so Xiang Qin Yu sorted out the attic and returned Jin Ayin’s bedroom to her. Encouraged by Xiang Qin Yu, Jin Ayin typed “Trouble Idol” on the computer. This was the first time she wrote the script she wanted to write.

The next day, Jin Ah-yin summoned up the courage to come to Jangho Film and Television Company, and wanted to show Li Long the script she had written. Unexpectedly, as soon as she entered the conference room, she ran into screenwriter Mu who owed her a fee. When the two were pulling, Xiang Qin Yu came in to protect Jin Ayin. Screenwriter Mu shouted loudly, seeing Li Longda coming, and hurriedly cried to him about his grievances.

When Li Longda saw Xiang Qin Yu, his expression was shocked. He was stunned first, then hugged Xiang Qin Yu, and called out Chi Yu’s name. Pushed away Li Longda to Qin Yu, saying that he recognized the wrong person. Jin Ah Yin felt puzzled and didn’t know what Li Long Da was talking about.

Li Long greatly supported the screenwriter Mu, and kept thanking Jin Ah-yin for his life-saving grace to Chi Yu. Xiang Qin Yu wanted to leave, but Li Long didn’t allow it. He asked him if he still remembered him, and he said what happened when he disappeared in the bar a month ago, but he didn’t say what happened. Xiang Qin Yu pulled Jin Ayin away from Jianghe Film and Television, and Li Long drove a sports car to chase them downstairs.

Jin Ayin looked up Chi Yu’s network records and found that he did look exactly like Xiang Qin Yu. What’s even more strange is that the time when Jin Ayin saw that Chi Yu was missing was the 16th, and the time when Xiang Qin Yu came to modern times was the same day. Jin Ah Yin recalled that he had been to a bar and seemed to have seen Chi Yu. Xiang Qin Yu felt strange and wanted to investigate this matter.

Li Longda had to drive a sports car home. He recalled the past. Chi Yu was his good friend and always helped him in the crew, but he was always unsatisfactory and could only play tricks all year round. Jin Ayin returned home and called Da Ye, asking her to help him get Li Longda’s phone number and let Xiang Qin Yu solve the dinner by himself.

Jin Ayin came to the bar and wanted to get Li Longda drunk, but he didn’t think that he would get drunk first. Li Longda gave Jin Ah Yin a sum of money to thank her for saving Chi Yu, and then left. Xiang Qin Yu was worried about Jin Ayin, followed the positioning to the bar, helped her settle some matters on the scene, and then took her home.

Jin Ayin was drunk and confused, and accidentally stirred Xiang Qin Yu’s heart. Jin Ayin was talking drunkenly. She looked at the tall buildings in the distance and said that when she had money, she wanted to buy an apartment of her own there. Every day she opened the door, she could smell the scent of gardenias, and she even teased Qin Yu. I don’t like women, I don’t understand women’s hearts. He expressed to Qin Yu that he was very dedicated to his feelings, and that if there was someone he liked, he would always take care of her. Xiang Qin Yu has been taking care of Jin Ayin, but Jin Ayin was drunk and unrestrained, and hugged Xiang Qin Yu with a kiss, and fell asleep on the ground. Xiang Qin Yu took a sip of the wine, looked at Jin Ayin who was sleeping, and listened to Wang Cai’s song about flirting with sisters. Both of them slept on the terrace.

At dawn the next morning, Xiang Qin Yu woke up, Jin Ayin remembered the impulsive scene last night, and the two were a little embarrassed. Kanno knocked on the door frantically, and Jin Ayin hurriedly hid Xiang Qin Yu in the closet, fearing that the big speaker, Kanno, would see them, and the two would not be safe. Kanno told Jin Ayin that Li Longda asked someone to vote for the script, and Jin Ayin’s script won.

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