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See You Again (2022) 超时空罗曼史 Episode 4 Recap

Jin Ayin thought she was being played by Xiang Qin Yu, but unexpectedly received a call from Director Feng, and she passed the interview. Feng Dao told Jin Ayin that the answers to the previous questions were indeed the answers to Xiang Qin Yu’s interviews, especially the last question, why did Xiang Qin Yu not marry, the answer was that Xiang Qin Yu did not like women.

Jin Ah-yin was very happy and said that he would make a name for himself in the crew in the future. Xiang Qin Yu saw the human-powered tricycle on the side of the road, and wanted to take that one to go home, Jin Ayin gritted his teeth, because the starting price of a human-powered tricycle was 300 yuan. Sitting in the car, Qin Yu felt the familiar smell. Jin Ah-yin thought he was a prodigal, so he knew how to spend money to enjoy it.

Jin Ayin thought that Xiang Qin Yu was very strange, curious that he had never been in love, and expressed to Qin Yu that he hated long-winded women the most. Jin Ayin suspected that he was a “sugar cane man”, Xiang Qin Yu did not understand the meaning of the word, Jin Ayin explained that he was a tall and handsome man like him, and Xiang Qin Yu thought he was complimenting him. Jin Ayin was worried that Xiang Qin Yu would be discovered by Sister Wu, so she quietly waited at the entrance of the alley to see that the lights in Sister Wu’s room were turned off before letting Xiang Qin Yu go home with him.

Xiang Qin Yu went to the park to run and exercise, and met a group of middle-aged and elderly people who were practicing Tai Chi. He gave some advice in the past, criticizing the leader for teaching the wrong method. When Sister Wu saw that it was towards Qin Yu, she rushed over and cursed. Everyone thought that Xiang Qin Yu was only superficial in kung fu, but they did not expect that after the real competition, Xiang Qin Yu’s Tai Chi kung fu was highly appreciated by everyone, and they all hoped that he would become everyone’s master.

After Xiang Qin Yu returned home, Jin Ayin reminded him not to run around, lest it would be miserable to be discovered by Sister Wu. At this moment, Sister Wu knocked on the door, and Jin Ah Yin was terrified. After opening the door, Sister Wu brought a pot of soup and said it was for Master Gan. Jin Ayin wondered when Sister Wu was so enthusiastic about Xiang Qin Yu. Tell Qin Yu the ins and outs, so that she doesn’t have to worry about Sister Wu in the future, just concentrate on writing the script. As for why Sister Wu called Master Xiang Qin Yugan, she told Qin Yu that she was a “sugar cane man”.

Jin Ayin found Xiang Qin Yu’s newspaper in 1936, and Xiang Qin Yu saw that there was a record of Mr. Zhou’s death in the newspaper. There was a problem with Jin Ayin’s computer, so Xiang Qin Yu took her to the mall to buy a computer, and also chose a mobile phone. Xiang Qin Yu wanted to renovate Jin Ayin’s messy hut and led her to buy and buy frantically. Jin Ayin always exchanged the expensive one from Qin Yu for the cheaper one. After the two finished shopping, Jin Ayin exchanged the supermarket receipt for a movie ticket and brought Xiang Qin Yu to experience a wave of 4D movies, which made Xiang Qin Yu terrified.

After returning home, the two rearranged. Jin Ah Yin found out the script that had been passed and wanted to throw it away. Xiang Qin Yu encouraged her that as long as she wrote a good script for “The Legend of Xiang Qin Yu”, the previous scripts could be seen again. Jin Ayin focused on writing dramas, and Xiang Qin Yu was responsible for supervising.

Xiang Qin Yu handcrafted a rocking chair, placed it on Jin Ayin’s terrace, and did not forget to sign on it. When they were shopping at the mall, Xiang Qin Yu found that Jin Ayin liked a hanging chair, but it was very expensive, so he made one for her by hand.

Jin Ah Eun’s script was about to be finished, but received a call from the crew. The male lead brought money into the crew and asked him to appoint a screenwriter. The crew told Jin Ah-yin to stop writing. Jin Ah Yin was instantly lost, and she burned all the scripts she wrote. Xiang Qin Yu stopped her after finding out, and wanted to take her to the crew to seek justice. Jin Ayin was unwilling and wanted to keep her remaining self-esteem, so she cried.

Jin Ah Yin walked to the side of the road and saw the black gauze dress in the window, which was her dream since she was a child. Looking at the little girl in front of him, Xiang Qin Yu felt pity in his heart. He continued to persuade Jin Ah-yin that she must never back down, and that she only came out to do things if you didn’t want to do it, but never because others said you couldn’t.

Jin Ayin was encouraged to go home and continue to create “The Legend of Qin Yu”. Xiang Qin Yu accidentally saw the script she wrote and thought the plot was unreasonable. The two began to fake this line, and Jin A-eun almost fell into it.

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