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See You Again (2022) 超时空罗曼史 Episode 3 Recap

Early in the morning, Jin Ah Yin was sleeping late when he was woken up by a knock on the door. When I opened the door, I saw all the express delivery items I bought from Qin Yu. He learned to shop online from Qin Yu and cooperated closely with Wang Cai. He asked Jin Ayin to pay. Jin Ayin was very reluctant, and Xiang Qin Yu knew that he had made a lot of money in a suit last time, and expressed that he hated people who cheat and cheat, but Jin Ayin had nothing to refute.

I bought a bunch of items from Qin Yu, and wanted to learn from Mr. Franklink and let myself go back to the past through thunder and lightning, but said that I still lack a mobile phone, and I also want to be like modern people. . Jin Ayin did not agree, saying that he could help him, but he was deeply suspicious of Xiang Qin Yu’s plan.

Xiang Qin Yu took a fancy to the terrace of Jin Ayin’s house, and was ready to implement his plan, let Jin Ayin show off his coolies to help him, and press Jin Ayin at any time. Day by day, Jin Ah-yin was tortured unbearably.

Finally, I assembled the items I bought to Qin Yu, saying that the thunderstorm was coming the next day, and I said goodbye to Jin Ayin. Jin Ayin had been tortured impatiently, and expressed to Qin Yu that he could sign her autograph so that she could make money. Jin Ayin was unmoved at first, she turned around and searched for the price of signatures of historical figures on the Internet, which cost her a dozen or so pounds, making her obey in an instant. Xiang Qin Yu also planned to give him the watch, and Jin Ayin was overjoyed.

Jin Ayin stayed up late to write the script, watched Xiang Qin Yu turn on the light to sleep, distressed about the electricity bill, and secretly turned off the lamp. Xiang Qin Yu woke up from a nightmare, Jin Ayin made him a small orange lamp to save electricity, and Xiang Qin Yu was a little moved.

Thunder and lightning are coming, Jin Ah-yin gave him a gift, hoping that he can go back smoothly. Xiang Qin Yu strode towards the terrace, took the umbrella and pointed at the thunderbolt. After passing through the previously assembled objects, he instantly returned to the past.

At this moment, Xiang Qin Yu came to the studio where he was killed, and saw that the masked man wanted to shoot, he rushed over to stop him, but he could not touch the masked man’s hand. The masked man took off the mask, and she looked terrified, unable to believe that she shot herself. Looking around at Qin Yu, he saw a man who seemed to be the real murderer running away from the set. He wanted to chase after him, but was woken up by someone.

Jin Ayin kept shouting at Xiang Qin Yu, she thought Xiang Qin Yu was going back, but she didn’t expect to see Xiang Qin Yu in a corner with a disgraced face. The loud explosion of thunder and lightning attracted the landlord, Sister Wu, who asked Jin Ayin to rush to Qin Yu immediately.

In desperation, Jin Ayin sent Qin Yu to the police station and wrote him a letter for help. At this time, Chi Yu’s parents were also at the police station. The police informed that Chi Yu had been missing for more than 72 hours, but there was no progress. Chi Yu’s parents could not accept it and left sadly.

Jin Ayin left Xiang Qin Yu to take a taxi back, and received a text message from a friend on the way, allowing her to join the film crew about the movie “The Legend of Xiang Qin Yu”. Jin Ah Yin hurried back to the police station, but heard that a tall boy was going to jump off the building. She ran over in a hurry and saw Xiang Qin Yu standing on the rooftop. She kept persuading Xiang Qin Yu to calm down, and Xiang Qin Yu thought that he should not stay here and wanted to jump off the building and go back.

Xiang Qin Yu wants to go back to find the murderer and realize his legendary dream of “Huangpu Fengyun”. Jin Ayin stopped Xiang Qin Yu, asked him to stay, and went to film “The Legend of Xiang Qin Yu” with her. She persuaded Xiang Qin Yu that God sent him here not only to realize his dream, but also to find the real murderer.

Jin Ayin went to Director Feng for an interview and wanted to participate in the screenwriting of “The Legend of Qin Yu”. The people present at the interview were very good, but Director Feng still chose Jin Ayin because Jin Ayin answered the questions correctly, and Director Feng did not know that the answers to these questions were all told to Qin Yu by Jin Ayin. Jin Ayin said that he liked Xiang Qin Yu very much. He had seen the clip of “The Whampoa” when he was a child, because his father was a player in the film studio.

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