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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 56 Recap

Yu Mo is busy healing the injured little demon every day, and wants to settle down the mountain demons before joining Ying Yuan and the others. Ying Yuan was full of self-blame. He felt that he had been involved in the disaster of Kulan Mountain. Yan Dan persuaded him nicely. He was willing to destroy his fairy spirit for the sake of the mountain.

Everyone was very grateful to him. The real petals make nourishing soup for Ying Yuan, and Ying Yuan took the opportunity to propose to stay with her. Yan Dan knew that Ying Yuan cared about the common people and didn’t want to drag him down because of emotional matters, not to mention that Yan Dan also had someone he wanted to protect.

Ying Yuan wanted to deal with the troubles in the heavens, so he would never be an emperor again. He just wanted to be with Yan Dan, but Yan Dan felt that the two of them would never go back. Ying Yuan used the divine artifact Dizhi to restore the immortal power. He wanted to get better as soon as possible, and was ready to fight Huan Qin to the death at any time. Ying Yuan knew that Huan Qin would not give up and would definitely start from each immortal pavilion. Yan Dan happened to know someone who was nobody. Pay attention to Xiange, want to wait for Ying Yuan’s injury to recover and go there to plan the next step.

Yan Dan, Yu Mo and Ying Yuan came to Tao Ziqi together and forced her to tell the secret in her heart. Tao Ziqi saw that Yan Dan was safe and sound, and knew that the situation was over. She pulled out the hairpin on her head and wanted to apologize to her death, but Yu Mo shot. stop her. Yan Dan found out that Tao Ziqi had a large new scar on the back of her neck. She clearly wanted to erase something. Ying Yuan recognized that it was the magic of the demons. Where, Yan Dan guessed that this was what Liu Weiyang planted on Tao Ziqi. The reason Tao Ziqi covered up the Bilin Jue was because he didn’t want them to find Liu Weiyang, so Ying Yuan decided to use the Neighbor Jue to find out Liu Weiyang’s whereabouts.

Ying Yuan found out that Liu Weiyang was locked in the demon phase, and brought Yan Dan and Yu Mo to rescue him. Liu Weiyang woke up and saw Tao Ziqi who was unconscious, and hurriedly woke her up. Yu Mo asked Tao Ziqi to explain the truth to Liu Weiyang. Tao Ziqi kept claiming that the emperor threatened her with Liu Weiyang’s life. Liu Weiyang let go of her past and took the guilt for her. Ying Yuan and Yan Dan denounced Tao Zi one by one. Tao Ziqi tried desperately to defend herself for what Zhou had done to help Zhou’s abuse, but Yan Dan and the others didn’t believe it. Tao Ziqi jumped into the demon and wanted to apologise to death. Liu Weiyang hurriedly rescued her and vowed to clear her suspicions. Despite Yan Dan, Ying Yuan and Yu Mo’s persuasion, Liu Weiyang firmly believes that Tao Ziqi is innocent.

Yan Dan, Ying Yuan and Yu Mo discussed and decided to let Liu Weiyang testify against Huan Qin. Ying Yuan personally made two peace talismans from the cassia tree under the ancient god’s seat and gave them to Yan Dan and Yu Mo. Yu Mo couldn’t put it down and gave Ying Yuan the recipe book he had compiled. They were all Yan Dan’s favorite foods. Dan told Yu Mo not to mess around tomorrow, and the three of them would return safely.

Huan Qin held a banquet in Yaochi to shock the immortals, and vowed to capture Ying Yuan and return the peace to the Three Realms. Taiyou Xingjun was also on the side and scolded Ying Yuan as a traitor. Yan Dan, Ying Yuan and Yu Mo suddenly came to Yaochi. Huan Qin was so embarrassed that he wanted to arrest Ying Yuan. Liu Weiyang came in time and used the puppet technique to expose Huan Qin’s true face. The immortals were stunned. The emperor turned out to be Huan Qin.

Huan Qin pretended to be calm and framed Liu Weiyang for using sorcery to make him look like Huan Qin, just to cooperate with Ying Yuan to alienate his relationship with the immortals, Ying Yuan tore Huan Qin’s belt with force to reveal the waist Zhongjian, the immortals recognized that it was the sword that Huan Qin carried with him, confirming that he was impersonating Emperor Zun.

Yu Mo exposed in public that Huan Qin killed the emperor, used puppet tricks to pretend to be the emperor, and asked the immortals to go to the coffin to verify the truth. Ying Yuan explained in public that the emperor had cut flesh to feed the eagle, and asked Huan Qin to take off his clothes to verify his true body. Huan Qin was instantly speechless, he gave Taiyou Xingjun a wink, and Taiyou Xingjun quietly left.

Huan Qin kept saying that he was born and died for the sake of the peace of the heavens, and the emperor not only did not make him emperor, but also sent him away with a piece of steel. Huan Qin made the steel into a sword and hung it around his waist, always reminding Don’t forget the shame of yesterday. Huan Qin laughed at Xuan Ye for ruining his life for a woman. He sacrificed his life for a clean blood. In the end, he had to work for Xuan Ye’s son. He was not reconciled. All beings, Huan Qin has only rights in his heart.

Yan Dan, Ying Yuan and Yu Mo listed Huan Qin’s use of Tao Ziqi to provoke a war of immortals and demons, as well as the numerous crimes of destroying the Jiu-Qin family. Clan, when the Nine-Fin Clan is defeated, they will send the Dragon Clan to lead them all to the valley to annihilate them in one fell swoop. Yu Mo vowed to avenge the clan.

Emperor Zun discovered Huan Qin’s true face, but it was too late. Huan Qin absorbed the fairy spirits of the three emperors, and then killed Emperor Zun, but he could not destroy his fairy body, so Huan Qin used puppet art to kill Emperor Zun. Transformed into his appearance and sealed in a coffin. Ying Yuan wanted to settle the ledger with Huan Qin, and Huan Qin threatened to prepare a first-class coffin for Ying Yuan.

Taiyou Xingjun brought heavenly soldiers to protect Huanqin, but Marshal Huode blocked their way and killed Taiyou Xingjun without any effort, and Marshal Huode sent a signal to Yingyuan. Huan Qin used Qiankun Yin to absorb all the fairy spirits of the immortals. The heavenly soldiers came later, and Ying Yuan ordered them to protect the immortals. Yan Dan injected the ice soul Hanchan into the immortal spirits of the immortals beforehand. Don’t care, Liu Weiyang, Yu Mo and Ying Yuan joined forces to fight against Huan Qin. Huan Qin suddenly found that he had a loose elixir in his body, and his body was frozen with cold poison. Tao Ziqi came in time and used the fire to help Huan Qin dissolve the frost.

Liu Weiyang was immediately dumbfounded, and Yan Dan realized that Tao Ziqi’s true love was not Liu Weiyang, but Huan Qin. Tao Ziqi had long known that Huan Qin had a loose elixir in his body, and pretended to jump off the demon to commit suicide. The fire inside saved Huan Qin, Liu Weiyang couldn’t accept the reality in front of him, and Tao Ziqi, whom he loved deeply, had someone else in his heart.

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