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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 55 Recap

Ying Yuan untied the chasing incense on Tao Ziqi’s wound, but Tian Bingtian couldn’t find them. Yu Mo sent a message to Shanjing and asked Tao Ziqi to be taken away. He and Ying Yuan discussed ways to rescue Yan Dan.

Bailing came to Yu Mo for help, full of scars. Taiyou Xingjun led the heavenly soldiers to invade the mountain. She desperately escaped. Ying Yuan guessed that Taiyouxingjun wanted to control the demons as hostages, and asked Yu Mo to go back to guard the mountain as soon as possible. He went to rescue Yan Dan alone, and Yu Mo and Bailing hurried back. Ying Yuan searched carefully in various palaces in the heavens, but never found Yan Dan. He suddenly felt Hanli’s true qi, so he followed his true qi and saw Yan Dan sitting there playing chess from a distance. It was blocked by the barrier set up by Huan Qin.

Huan Qin held Hanli’s true qi in his hand, and kept claiming that he used the illusion technique to leave only Yan Dan’s soul to play chess there, just to attract Ying Yuan. Every time Yan Dan made a move, she was struck by lightning. She fainted in pain. Ying Yuan wanted to rush over to save someone, but Huan Qin had already transferred Yan Dan’s real body. He forced Ying Yuan to hand over the fairy spirit. He agreed to let Yan Dan go. Ying Yuan had already seen Huan Qin’s wolf ambitions. Huan Qin boasted that he had obtained the fairy spirits of three emperors, and he had a million troops. Now he was invincible. Ying Yuan knew that he was not Huan. Qin’s opponent had to leave first.

Ying Yuan continued to search for Yan Dan’s real body, but found nothing. Xianjun Yueyao invited Marshal Huo De and others to drink and admire the moon. Marshal Huo De complained a lot about the wine, and they were both demoted to reflect. Ying Yuan had made a lot of military exploits. Yuan happened to find it here, Marshal Huo De and Xianjun Yueyao were very happy. A large number of celestial soldiers chased after them. Xianjun Yueyao refused to open the door, and continued drinking and enjoying the moon with the other immortals. The celestial soldiers insisted on going in to search, and Marshal Huo De was furious and scolded them, and the celestial soldiers left in anger.

Ying Yuan asked Xianjun Yueyao where Yan Dan was being held, but she had no idea. Ying Yuan asked Marshal Huo De to help with something. Qingyun brought the Celestial Soldiers in suddenly, and he ordered the Celestial Soldiers to capture Yingyuan. Everyone looked at each other and stood still. Those Celestial Soldiers had fought with Yingyuan for many years, but they couldn’t make a move, so Qingyun killed a Celestial Soldier on the spot. Ying Yuan gave Qing Yun a severe lesson, and the heavenly soldiers knelt down together and sent Ying Yuan away. Qingyun returned to Huan Qin, but Huan Qin didn’t believe that Ying Yuan was disregarding Yan Dan’s life and death, so he personally led troops down to capture Ying Yuan.

According to the position of Yan Dan’s chess piece, Ying Yuan deduced that she was imprisoned in Yewangchuan. Ying Yuan found Yan Dan in Yewangchuan and rescued her ashore. Yan Dan guessed that Ying Yuan would come to rescue her, and deliberately made the wrong three. Son gave him a hint. Huan Qin brought troops to Yewangchuan to capture Ying Yuan, and the sword spirit stood up to protect Ying Yuan, but was injured by Huan Qin. Ying Yuan vowed to take Yan Dan away even if Yewangchuan was razed to the ground, and Huan Qin threatened the lives of the demons in Kulan Mountain.

Taiyou Xingjun led his troops to arrest Yu Mo and all the demons. As long as Huan Qin ordered, he would burn the demons alive. Ying Yuan ignored Yan Dan’s dissuasion and took out his fairy spirit and handed it over to Huan Qin. Yan Dan hurriedly snatched the fairy spirit. She didn’t believe Huan Qin, and asked Huan Qin to let go of the demons first and withdraw the heavenly soldiers. Huan Qin had no choice but to concession. After the soldiers left, Huan Qin showed his true colors.

He wanted to test the power of Qiankun Yin, and used Qiankun Yin to snatch Ying Yuan’s fairy spirit. Ying Yuan and Yan Dan teamed up to trap Huan Qin with the stepless lock. Ying Yuan took the opportunity to pierce Huan Qin’s body with the Rensoul Sword. If the person who set the Buli Lock dies, the Rensoul Sword will be inserted into Huan Qin’s chest forever.

Qingyun hurriedly came to report to Huan Qin that Marshal Huo De moved the Tianzhong to Beitianmen, where Yewangchuan and the heavens meet, and called all the immortals. He came to Yewangchuan to witness Huan Qin’s true face, but he didn’t expect him to take the immortals to Beitianmen. Huan Qin didn’t want the immortals to see him like this, and wanted to see Marshal Huo De tomorrow, but he insisted on seeing Huan Qin. Yan Dan and Ying Yuan went to the mountain together. If all the monsters are safe and sound, Huan Qin’s step-by-step lock will naturally be unlocked.

Taiyou Xingjun led the heavenly soldiers to withdraw from the mountain, Yu Mo asked Zilin to take the demons back, he wanted to find Yan Dan and Ying Yuan, and the two of them arrived later, Yan Dan saw that the demons were safe, so he released the step Leaving the lock, Huan Qin returned to the heaven. Marshal Huo De led the immortals to wait at Beitianmen, and the bell rang.

Huan Qin wanted to assassinate Ying Yuan on the pretext of rebelling, so he had to lead his troops to suppress him. Speaking of matters, if Huan Qin wanted to dispatch troops, he had to discuss it with everyone. Qingyun stood up and defended Huan Qin. Marshal Huo De took the opportunity to ask Huan Qin to give Yingyuan justice, and Xianjun Yueyao knelt down to plead for Yingyuan at night.

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