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See You Again (2022) 超时空罗曼史 Episode 2 Recap

Jin Ayin quickly caught up with Xiang Qin Yu, and she found a book with records. However, the book says that Xiang Qin Yu has been exploring martial arts movies, but because of his loneliness and many relationships, he disappeared from the shooting scene of “Huangpu Fengyun”.

Xiang Qin Yu thought that the murderer was Jin Ayin, but seeing that she didn’t know anything, she said she wanted to leave. When I came to the place where I once lived, I found that it was already a high-rise building. He used the roadside phone to call Gao Bai, but Jin Ah Yin told him that there was no such person.

Xiang Qin Yu was helpless, and Jin Ayin took him back to his residence and wanted to help him find the source of his identity. Jin Ayin had read the black hole theory and thought that Xiang Qin Yu had traveled here through a black hole, and Xiang Qin Yu also expressed the abnormal weather at that time, lightning and thunder. Xiang Qin Yu was puzzled and couldn’t believe this theory. He desperately wanted to know how to go back to 1936. Jin Ayin asked him to wait for the opportunity.

Jin Ayin asked Xiang Qin Yu to wash up first. When she helped organize the clothes, she found that the coins and watches that Xiang Qin Yu carried with him were priceless. Jin Ayin couldn’t hold back his admiration and wanted to do something small while bathing Qin Yu. After taking a bath with Qin Yu, Jin Ayin put on a yellow hoodie for him and complained to Qin Yu that it was too ugly.

Jin Ayin gave up her room and asked Qin Yu what her profession was when she saw the portrait of herself in Jin Ayin’s room. Jin Ah-yin said that he is a literary and artistic creator and has the right to speak. When Xiang Qin Yu saw the word “water army”, he didn’t understand it very well, thinking that Jin Ayin was the same as the Zhou literati he knew in his era.

Jin Ayin encouraged himself, seeing Xiang Qin Yu as a big living person was very unusual, and thought that he would definitely become a top screenwriter. While Xiang Qin Yu was asleep, Jin Ayin quietly entered the room, trying to seize the opportunity to secretly take a group photo of the two of them. Suddenly, Xiang Qin Yu woke up.

Xiang Qin Yu came out for a run very early and was familiar with everything in this era. He found that everyone paid by mobile phone. When he came to the park, he was surrounded by two aunts. The aunt asked him for a takeaway coupon, and Xiang Qin Yu learned that he was wearing the clothes of a takeaway.

Xiang Qin Yu hurried home and asked Jin Ayin to take him to buy decent clothes. Jin Ayin took him to the foreign trade wholesale market. Xiang Qin Yu didn’t like ripped jeans and wallets at all. What he wanted was the decent style of Hengsheng. Finally, Xiang Qin Yu found the clothes he liked, and they looked very handsome. The shopkeeper offered 800 yuan and took out his Yuan Datou coins to Qin Yu to pay, but was stopped by Jin Ayin. Jin Ayin knew that Yuan Datou was worth a lot of money, and said that he helped him pay for clothes, and Yuan Datou also accepted it for him.

Jin Ayin bargained with the store, saying that it was impossible for anyone to buy this style. But he didn’t want to put it on Qin Yu, which attracted a lot of people to spend. Thinking of making money, Jin Ayin discussed with the store about three or seven points of clothing and goods, and the store readily agreed.

The landlord’s aunt came to urge the rent again, and Jin Ayin handed it over quickly. Xiang Qin Yu wanted to have lunch, but the instant noodles that Jin Ayin made for him, Xiang Qin Yu disliked at first, thinking that it was food that even pigs would not eat, but he ate it all. Xiang Qin Yu still wanted to drink coffee, and Jin Ayin prepared Sydney ice candy for him.

Jin Ayin hopes to sign Qin Yu’s autograph for himself and write the motto in life. Xiang Qin Yu said that the famous saying was just a casual remark from a friend, and then he wrote it into the script himself. Jin Ah-yin was suddenly angry, it turned out that the idol’s motto was plagiarized. For Jin Ah-yin, that motto is not just a sentence, but also the person his father explained to him before his death.

Xiang Qin Yu didn’t know why Jin Ayin was angry and wanted to ask her how to use the computer. Jin Ah-yin was angry and impatiently taught him that he wanted to sleep. Nagging to Qin Yu, reminding her that if she wants to achieve success, she must be self-disciplined and not sleep all day. Jin Ayin pushed him into the room and let him figure it out for himself. If he didn’t understand, he could ask the robot on the table to prosper.

Li Longda still wanted to be the male lead. Brother Hu asked him to sign a contract and let him find a way to pay the money. He could help him speak to Director Feng. Hu Ge was puzzled and whispered, not knowing who Chi Yu had offended, but his whereabouts are currently unknown. Li Longda signed, and when he went downstairs, he knocked down the water on the ground, reminding him of Chi Yu’s incident at the seaside, and felt uneasy in his heart.

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