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The Investigator 简言的夏冬 Episode 16 Recap

Xia Dong asked the security guard about A Liang, and the security guard’s attitude towards him was not good, but when he mentioned A Chang’s name, the security guard changed his attitude and enthusiastically told him where A Chang was. Jian Yan heard the conversation between Xia Dong and the security guard over there through the earphone.

She felt that something was wrong and wanted to pick him up at the door, but Xia Dong told her to stand by. Later, dozens of people rushed into the construction site to attack Xia Dong. Lin Junwen wore a mask and drove a car and rushed in to rescue Xia Dong. Jian Yan’s heart hung in her throat, and she couldn’t contact Xia Dong. She kept driving and followed. Later, Lin Junwen put Xia Dong down, and Xia Dong got into the car that Jian Yan drove.

Jian Yan chased after him, wanting to see who rescued Xia Dong just now, Xia Dong told her to stop chasing. Later, he also admitted that the person who saved him just now was Lin Junwen. After Jian Yan was worried, the rest was anger.

On second thought, Xia Dong and Lin Junwen obviously knew each other, but Xia Dong never told her. This kind of information is not equal, which makes Jian Yan very dissatisfied, but what she is even more dissatisfied with is that Xia Dong ignores his own safety and goes into danger alone. A Qiang told Guan Hailin that Longguan Town’s action against Xia Dong failed, and someone came forward to save him. A Qiang believed that the other party should be someone from the Galaxy. Guan Hailin was not worried, this time it was just a warning.

Ju Wei went to see Aunt Huang, and accidentally learned that Jian Yan had rented the room that Xia Dong used to be upstairs. She was upset and returned to the wooden restaurant to occupy the chef’s kitchen, and then she asked her subordinates to help investigate Jian Yan.

Xia Dong invited Jian Yan to eat at the stall, apologized to her by the way, and told her all about the relationship between him and Lin Junwen. Jian Yan believes that this is Matthew’s purpose, using the relationship between Lin Junwen and Xia Dong to make him affected in the investigation. Jian Yan remembered his own father. His father sold the company’s secret technology, which led to the bankruptcy of the company. She has always insisted on being an investigator, in order to prove that she can use her professionalism and perseverance to wash away the stains her father left on her body.

Lao Fang ate at a restaurant and chatted with the owner. The relationship quickly became closer. The owner said that he had a friend and his daughter was named Yang Wenxin. Jian Yan drank too much, and even though the beauties at the next table were called Beer Girl, if Xia Dong hadn’t tried his best to stop them, there would have been a conflict between the two sides.

Xia Dong saw A Qiang, and there was a man with a helmet next to him, most likely A Chang. Before the two approached, A Qiang and A Chang ran away. Jian Yan and Xia Dong chased for a while. As a result, there were more people on A Qiang’s side. Instead, Jian Yan and Xia Dong became the one being chased. Jian Yan wanted to chase again, Xia Dong quickly pulled Jian Yan away for safety.

On the other hand, Lao Fang also found Yang Wenxin’s address and lied that he was from the bank. Yang Wenxin thought he was from the bank and ran away through a door. Lao Fang did not give up and kept chasing each other until they were out of breath. Lao Fang finally caught Yang Wenxin. Yang Wenxin learned that he was not from the Galaxy, and finally felt relieved to stop running away. Xia Dong accompanied Jian Yan at the convenience store. After Jian Yan fell asleep, Xia Dong waited for her to wake up by herself. Jian Yan started to feel melancholy after waking up, but Xia Dong said that they still had two cards.

When Lin Junwen returned home, Guan Hailin was waiting for him. Obviously, Guan Hailin already knew that Xia Dong was rescued by him. Guan Hailin decided to give Xia Dong some color to see, but Lin Junwen said that he was using bitter meat, and Xia Dong had been shaken. Feng Jun hid in Mu Xinhui, and Mu Xinhui’s owner Ju Wei was Xia Dong’s good friend. He could use Xia Dong to enter Mu Xinhui to get close to Feng Jun.

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