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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 8 Recap

Lu Anran left a letter to Mu Chuan, informing him that he was still alive but would leave Su City. Lu Anran didn’t want Mu Chuan to see the ghost-like appearance of people in this world, and hoped that he could maintain his true nature in the future, see the mountains and mountains, enjoy the fragrance of the mountains and flowers, and be his Daoxiang lay Buddhist happily.

It would have taken three days to get from Hanjing to Sucheng, but Mu Chuan finally arrived in Sucheng within two days. But the nostalgia is even more timid. Mu Chuan thought that Lu Anran really died, but when Lu Anran got the news, Mu Chuan thought that the Lu Anran in front of him was his hallucination. When it was truly confirmed that Lu Anran was still alive, Mu Chuan could no longer control his mind and embraced Lu Anran in his arms.

At night, Lu Anran simply prepared grilled fish for Mu Chuan on the edge of the rice field. Mu Chuan was worried that when Mu Ze found out that Lu Anran was not dead, he would come to ask for trouble. Lu Anran admitted that he and Mu Ze were originally an alliance, and now that Lu Xinran married, the effect should be the same. While the two were talking, Lu Anran found that Mu Chuan had fallen asleep tiredly. Seeing his tired face and injured hands, Lu Anran felt sorry for him. While Mu Chuan was asleep, Lu Anran also revealed his love for Mu Chuan, but for the safety of the Lu family, he had to hide this love in his heart.

Lu Anran, who returned to the mansion, asked Dongqing to burn the letter he had written, and planned to take advantage of Mu Chuan’s break to leave Sucheng early the next morning. On the other hand, Mu Ze arranged for his subordinates to come to Su City to investigate the cause of Lu Anran’s death.

Lu Anran came to see Lu Yun, who was guarding Liu Mingyu’s spirit. Lu Anran apologized to Lu Anran for what his biological mother had done. Seeing his younger brother’s self-blaming and sad face, Lu Anran could not open his mouth to comfort him. Lu Anran planned to go to Danzhou, although Mother Lu was reluctant to leave her daughter, but Lu Qingzhou learned that her daughter was going to Danzhou to solve the flood problem, and was very supportive, and told her to pay attention to safety outside.

Lu Anran knew that Mu Ze would soon be ordered to go to Danzhou to thoroughly investigate the perennial hijacking of disaster relief food by local river bandits. Before that, Lu Anran wanted to present to him Gao Chengxian, the real culprit behind the hijacking of disaster relief food. Only in this way can she find the key to rescue the Lu family.

Early the next morning, Lu Anran bid farewell to his parents and was about to go to Danzhou, but he found Mu Chuan on the carriage. Mu Chuan learned from Shanyue that Lu Anran was going to Danzhou, and simply said that he was the last time he had traveled to Dahan in these years. Cheng was Danzhou, and Lu Anran couldn’t refuse, so he had to take him to Danzhou with him.

The subordinate Mu Ze sent to Sucheng brought a letter left by Lu Anran. In the letter, Lu Anran said that he was poisoned by his aunt and almost died before letting Lu Xinran marry him. Now he is waiting for the celebration in Danzhou. king. Then Mu Ze received the imperial decree and sent himself to Danzhou to clear the river bandits. Mu Ze wondered why Lu Anran knew in advance that he was going to Danzhou, and was more curious about it.

Because of the theft of food for disaster relief, prices in Danzhou soared, and the people were miserable. In order to prevent the people from starving to death, Lu Anran opened the Lu family’s grain storage in Danzhou, so as to solve the three-day ration of the people in Danzhou. After three days, the surrounding grains will be transferred to Danzhou one after another, and the food situation will also ease by then. . Building water conservancy and protecting farmland are the fundamental strategies.

Lu Anran proposed to go to the Qinghe Gang to find labor for help. The two came to the Qinghe Gang to find the leader of the gang, Shen Changqing, and learned that they were looking for brothers in the gang to build a dam, and Shen Changqing readily agreed. Lu Anran remembered the previous life when Mu Ze helped Shen Changqing to catch Chai Guang, a traitor in the gang, and simply pointed out in public that the Qinghe Gang and Gao Chengxian colluded and hijacked disaster relief food under the guise of river bandits.

Shen Changqing was very angry that he was slandered, and Lu Anran simply raised the doubts on the hijacked ship and asked Shen Changqing to check it himself. In order to prevent the final court from coming to investigate and deal with the problem, Gao Chengxian will return the crime to the Qinghe Gang, and all the brothers in the Qinghe Gang will be affected.

Lu Anran arranged for his servants to give Chen Ji’s rice to Mu Ze, so that he could investigate along this clue. In the end, Mu Ze also investigated and dealt with Chen Ji’s rice as the disaster relief food sent by the court, and also knew that this was Lu Anran’s express statement that there was something wrong with Gao Chengxian. Mu Chuan knew that Lu Anran didn’t come to Danzhou to do business.

After all, she was so aware of the Qinghe Gang and Shen Changqing when she came here, so she must have had a plan. Lu Anran was reluctant to say more, but Dongqing had already privately sent the letter from Lu Anran to Mu Chuan. Mu Chuan naturally knew Lu Anran’s love for him, and couldn’t help but tease her.

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