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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 7 Recap

The night before the wedding, Lu Anran ate the peach cake arranged by Liu Mingyu as usual, and he vomited blood that night. Lingxi and Dongqing joined hands to identify that Lu Xinran took the opportunity to poison, and Mrs. Lu also pointed out that the Guanyin statue that Liu Mingyu had given to him contained poison and made him stay in bed for three years.

Dongqing brought the Guanyin statue to confront Liu Mingyu on the spot. Everything was pushed to Cuigu, and Liu Mingyu also repeatedly explained that Cuigu was proficient in pharmacology. Naturally, she hid the Achyranthes in the Avalokitesvara statue. Dan Qing smashed and injured the fake Guanyin statue and exposed Liu Mingyu’s conspiracy. Until this time, Lu Qingzhou didn’t know Liu Mingyu’s malicious psychology.

Lu Qingzhou punished Liu Mingyu with a stick and punished her for fifty, forcing her to tell what poison she had given to Lu Anran, but Liu Mingyu bet on the Lu family and Lu Anran just to pave the way for her daughter Lu Xinran, so she refused to tell the poison, Lu Qingzhou ordered The servants do not invite a doctor for Liu Mingyu, and let her live and die.

Lu Qingzhou invited doctors from all over Sucheng to diagnose and treat Lu Anran, and Lu Xinran appeared in front of Lu Qingzhou dressed as a bride, indicating that the Lu family could only be married to her, and that Princess Qing could only be herself. For the safety of the Lu family, Lu Qingzhou had no choice but to agree, and in order not to let outsiders know that the bride had changed, Lingxi also agreed to accompany Lu Xinran to cover up for her. Before leaving, Lu Xinran threatened Lu Qingzhou with the identity of Princess Qing to find a doctor to treat his mother Liu Mingyu, otherwise Liu Mingyu would have an accident and he would not give up in the future.

Liu Mingyu was still complacent in the room, thinking that their mother and daughter’s plan was successful. Lu Anran came to tell her safe and sound that she had already replaced the poison in Taosu, and she fought with her life only to kill Liu Mingyu. Even if Lu Xinran married into Prince Qing’s mansion, how could a prostitute be valued, and she, the daughter-in-law holding the Pisces Token, was the Lu family’s trump card. Seeing that the dream came to nothing, Liu Mingyu had no way to live anymore.

King Qing’s mansion was in a festive atmosphere, and King Qing Mu Ze was also refusing the guests’ toasts. In the end, he had no choice but to call Mu Chuan to help him stop the wine. The Fourth Highness, King Yi, came to celebrate Mu Ze’s wedding and deliberately sent dead fish to the disgusting King Qing. Fortunately, Mu Chuan and Mu Ze were quick-witted, and they satirized King Yi in a few words, making each other angry.

Mu Ze came to the wedding room and felt incredible to see the serious bride sitting in the room. The subsequent series of actions also made Mu Ze realize that something was wrong, and finally found out that the bride turned out to be Lu Xinran. Lu Xinran said that Lu Anran had passed away, and what Lu Anran could do for King Qing, she could too. But Mu Ze didn’t like a Pisces order from the Lu family. What he wanted was the Lu family and Lu Anran. For today’s matter, Mu Ze can let her go in the face of the Lu family, but if Lu Xinran can’t be the head of the Lu family, he naturally doesn’t mind having another wife who died young.

Mu Chuan was originally sad that his beloved married his second brother Mu Ze, but unexpectedly saw that Lingxi was going to commit suicide. After stopping him, he asked to know that Lu Anran had passed away, and Lingxi acted with Lu Xinran in order to protect the Lu family. Now that the play is over, she wants to Go and accompany Lu Anran. Mu Chuan rushed back to Su City overnight, swearing that if Lu Anran was really killed, he would definitely avenge him.

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