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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 13 Recap

Jing Zhaoyin caught fire, and many students were trapped in the fire. Xu Qingce was unwilling to save himself. He believed that cheaters were bullying others. As a poor student, he was bullied like ants. He would use his own methods to maintain the justice in his heart. In Chunqi, he returned the imperial examination for fairness and justice to the students all over the world, and then he drew his sword and executed himself. Lu Anran watched the other party die in front of him, fainting on the ground.

Mu Ze sent people to burn the Gongyuan, hoping to destroy the evidence and prevent Xu Qingce from finding out about him. Mu Chuan came to look for Mu Ze and asked Xu Qingce that the test papers had been changed and whether the fire in the Gongyuan was related to him. Mu Ze did not deny it. The more Mu Chuan could not understand Mu Ze, the more disappointed he became. Mu Ze privately explained that Cai Wangjin prevented Mu Chuan from continuing the investigation, but he must not harm his life.

Lu Anran blamed himself for his arrangement for causing Xu Qingce’s death, and was disturbed even in his sleep. When Lu Anran woke up, he blamed himself and wept, thinking that if it wasn’t for him, Mu Ze would not have chosen Xu Qingce. She shouldn’t deprive others of their more than ten years of hard work, let alone deprive others of their lives, even if she thought it was to protect others. When Mu Chuan came to visit Lu Anran, he accidentally heard Lu Anran’s remorse and asked her if she was threatened by Mu Ze.

Lu Anran confessed that Xu Qingce was recommended to Mu Ze by herself. She was for fame, and Xu Qingce had no roots, Full of talents and learning, he is the best candidate for secretly changing exam papers. Mu Chuan scolded that it was a human life. He didn’t expect that Lu Anran was the one who made a desperate attempt to save Dongqing, but now he actually participated in the fraud in the imperial examination and killed Xu Qingce. Mu Chuan was very disappointed and left angrily.

The next day, Lu Anran came to Taixue to find Jijiu, hoping Jijiu could come forward to testify that Xu Qingce’s test papers were stolen and exchanged, but Jijiu didn’t want to be an enemy of Yan Shangshu, Lu Anran begged Jijiu to help Xu Qingce once, and now he The humiliation of death, an innocent scholar, should not die when the truth is not white.

Lu Yun found Mu Chuan and told him that he and Xu Qingce once went to the restaurant with Xu Qingce to write the exam paper silently. Now this exam paper may prove Xu Qingce’s name as the champion. Afterwards, Mu Chuan went to Jijiu’s house to verify, and Cai Wangjin, who got the news on the other side, decided to kill Jijiu and Mu Chuan in order to pave the way for Mu Ze’s emperor. Lu Xinran, who overheard Cai Wangjin’s order, wanted to use a knife to kill Lu Anran, so he found Lu Yun and told him the matter, hoping that he would inform Lu Anran as soon as possible.

As soon as Mu Chuan came to the sacrificial restaurant, he found that he had been assassinated. He quickly took the sacrificial wine to avoid the pursuit, and then Lu Anran, who learned the news, also came, but several people were unable to fight the assassin. Fortunately, Shen Changqing came to the rescue at the critical moment. under them. Mu Chuan learned from the wine sacrifice that Lu Anran personally came to the door and asked him to correct Xu Qingce’s name. If the assassin had not come, he would have gone to the emperor to present the facts. Mu Chuan decided to accompany the sacrificial wine into the palace the next day to correct Xu Qingce’s name.

Lu Anran took care of Mu Chuan’s wounds. Mu Chuan knew that he had misunderstood Lu Anran, so he took this opportunity to ask Lu Anran if he had any difficulties that he did not want to tell. Seeing that Lu Anran was very embarrassed, Mu Chuan simply stopped persecuting her, but he also hoped that Lu Anran could seek his own help when encountering problems in the future.

Early the next morning, the emperor learned that Chunwei Xu Qingce’s champion exam papers had been changed. He believed that the people behind him were lawless, and then ordered Mu Chuan to do everything possible to thoroughly investigate Chunwei. Mu Ze was very angry when he learned that Cai Wangjin sent dark guards to assassinate Jijiu and Mu Chuan. But Cai Wangjin did not regret the decision that day. After all, in his opinion, King Qi Mu Chuan was not the help of Mu Ze’s emperor’s road. Mu Zejian cut the jade of Cai Wangjin’s hair and warned him not to hurt Mu Chuan. Now that the matter has been known to the emperor, Mu Ze decided to kill Yan Shangshu and blame it on King Yi.

Afterwards, Yan Shangshu committed suicide in fear of the crime, and left a document before his death to testify that King Yi had won him over by passing the imperial examination. Lu Anran knew that this was Mu Ze’s self-defense by breaking his arm, and then learned that Lu Xinran had taken Xu Qingce’s body away, and Lu Anran came to Qing Wangfu to ask Lu Xinran to question him.

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