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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 12 Recap

Mu Ze suddenly came to Lu Mansion. Lu Anran was afraid that he would see Xu Qingce’s figure, so he hurriedly closed the window and accidentally pinched Mu Ze’s palm. As an apology, Lu Anran used alcohol to help Mu Ze to remove blood stasis, and he made a slip of the tongue to say that Mu Ze never drinks. Although Mu Ze was very puzzled as to why Lu Anran knew so much about himself, Lu Anran had to explain that it was just a guess, but it seemed Mu Ze’s suspicions could not be dispelled. Lu Yun came to find Lu Anran, and wanted to borrow books from the Lu residence for Xu Qingce, which also made Mu Ze just know that Xu Qingce was a great talent in Su Cheng, and thought that Lu Anran had come to be a substitute for Yan Shangshu’s son.

Lu Anran remembered that Xu Qingce was reused by Mu Ze in his previous life because of the title of champion, but he was assassinated by King Yi and corpse on the street not long after. Maybe he could save his life by letting him fall off the list and return to his hometown. Mu Ze was very satisfied with the talented substitute Lu Anran had found. , allowing her to bring Lingxi back.

On Mu Ze’s birthday, Lu Xinran personally cooked to show his sincerity to Mu Ze. Mu Ze entered the secret room alone to worship his biological mother. Although today was his birthday, it was also the day he hated the most in his life. He vowed that one day he would put his biological mother’s name in the royal ancestral temple and be enshrined with incense for eternity.

Lu Xinran brought the longevity noodles made by himself to Mu Ze, but he did not know that this angered Mu Ze. Mu Ze overturned the longevity noodles, mocking her that even if she showed her sincerity, she would also damage Lu Anran, and then warned her to be safe and not make trouble for nothing. . Even if Lu Anran was resurrected from the dead, he did not know why, but to him, Lu Anran was more valuable than Lu Xinran, who was a concubine. Lu Xinran was completely disappointed by Mu Ze’s words, and knew that no matter how hard he tried, he would not be able to get Mu Ze’s sincere treatment.

At the end of the Spring Festival, Xu Qingce was very confident in the answers to the test paper, and Lu Yun planned to go to Taixue Jijiu to help refer to the answer sheet. Lu Xinran came to find Lu Yun and told him that Lu Anran killed Liu Mingyu. But Lu Yun knew that his biological mother was self-inflicted, and that Lu Xinran’s search for him was also to alienate his relationship with Lu Anran, and the plan was also the Lu family’s family business, so he was unwilling to help Lu Xinran deal with Lu Anran. This made Lu Xinran hate Lu Anran even more, and vowed that one day everyone would see Lu Anran’s face clearly.

Chunwei released the list, but Xu Qingce really fell off the list. Yan Shangshu’s son became the champion as he wished, Mu Ze agreed to let Lu Anran take Lingxi away, but he also said that the previous contract between the two was a marriage contract. Treachery will be dealt with by the other party. Seeing that the other party threatened him with Lingxi’s blood, Lu Anran signed the covenant, but before leaving, he also scratched Cai Wangjin’s palm with a hairpin to show his anger.

Lu Xinran lent Cai Wangjin a space to deliver the wound medicine, and learned that Lu Anran was looking for a fellow student to replace the exam paper of Yan Shangshu’s son in order to help Mu Ze. Lu Yun comforted Xu Qingce, who had failed the exam. Lu Anran also blamed himself for ruining his future. He personally promised that the Lu family would support him in retaking the exam in the future. Xu Qingce politely rejected Lu Anran’s kindness and said that he would return to Sucheng tomorrow.

Lu Xinran told Lu Yun that the exchange of his friend Xu Qingce’s exam papers was related to Lu Anran. Lu Yun came to question Lu Anran with the copied exam papers for the champion, but Lu Anran could not explain the matter, which made Lu Yun very disappointed. Lu Yun was reluctant to conceal the matter, and told Xu Qingce about it. Xu Qingce rushed out of Lu Mansion in anger, and Lu Anran stopped him to no avail and had to rush to Qing Prince Mansion to seek a solution.

Xu Qingce came to the Gongyuan, beat drums and declared his grievances, and made public the fact that he had been stolen for the exam papers and won the title of champion. Lu Anran came to the Qing Prince’s Mansion, brought Lu Xinran to Mu Ze, and gave Lu Xinran’s intentional leak to Lu Yun to secretly exchange the test paper, which caused Mu Ze’s plans to fail.

But Lu Xinran quibble that this was what Lu Anran did, because Lu Yun had brought Xu Qingce to find the Taixue sacrifice wine to write the exam paper silently, and Lu Anran must have known it long ago. But now Mu Ze has no time to deal with the disputes between their sisters, so Lu Anran only needs to deal with the matter of the Taixue sacrifice wine as soon as possible, and does not want to leave troubles later.

Mu Chuan ordered Fu and Nan to look into the fact that the exam papers were stolen and replaced, but the major forces in Beijing were swarming in the Gongyuan, and they could not be strictly investigated. But Mu Chuan thought that if the imperial examination site became a place for power and money transactions, how would the Gongyuan Academy recruit talents for the imperial court in the future? Fu Yunan hinted that a strict investigation would be closely related to Mu Ze.

Cai Wangjin came to the prison to find Xu Qingce, expressing that he understood his feeling that the fruits of his ten years of hard study were stolen by others, but even if Xu Qingce regained his fame and offended Yan Shangshu, it would be difficult for him to gain a foothold in the court in the future. However, Xu Qingce had no hope of gaining fame for many years because he was born in poverty. If he is willing to compromise on this matter, he will borrow the help of King Qing and Yan Shangshu in the future, and he will not worry about exerting his talents in the court. Cai Wangjin hopes that he can consider his proposal.

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