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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 11 Recap

Back then, the emperor was confused after drinking and let Concubine Liang’s dowry maid get pregnant with Mu Ze, but the emperor didn’t expect Mu Ze to be so gloomy now, so he beat Mu Ze for this. Lu Anran brought Lu Yun to Hanjing City. She wanted Lu Yun to go to Taixue to study, and she also wanted to dispel Lu Yun’s idea of ​​joining the army. At the same time, Mu Ze was also curious about how Lu Anran would act to complete the nomination form, and instructed Lu Anran to come to the mansion without communicating, and he could come to him at any time.

Lu Anran came to Qingwang’s mansion alone and entered the mansion where she lived for decades in her previous life. Lu Anran’s eyes flashed painful memories, but this also strengthened Lu Anran’s idea of ​​entering Qingwang’s mansion to find a way to survive for the Lu family. Lu Xinran was dissatisfied that Lingxi regarded Lu Anran as the main thing, tortured her in every possible way, and even immersed her in the water tank.

Lu Anran was even more angry when she saw Lingxi being tortured, and directly invaded Lu Xinran into the water tank. In the past and present, Lu Anran only hated Lu Xinran a lot, and almost drowned Lu Xinran in anger. Fortunately, Mu Chuan came to save Lu Xinran’s life. Mu Chuan did not want Lu Anran to bear the name of killing his family.

Lu Anran also pleaded guilty to Mu Ze because of this matter, but Mu Ze hoped that Lu Anran would beat the dog to see the owner in the future and not act arbitrarily. Lu Anran wanted to take Lingxi away, but he needed Lu Anran’s help. Mu Chuan persuaded Mu Ze people to use sincerity as a matchmaker, hoping that Mu Ze would return Lingxi to Lu Anran, but Mu Ze said that he and Lu Anran were just an alliance and had no trust. Mu Chuan wanted to borrow Lingxi for a day to make Lu Anran happier. Seeing that Mu Chuan thought about Lu Anran so much, Mu Ze teased whether Mu Chuan liked Lu Anran, but Mu Chuan did not admit it, only said that the two were confidants.

Lu Anran was resurrected and would also live in Hanjing in the future, which made Lu Xinran even more terrified, and knew that Lu Anran’s plans with his mother were all part of Lu Anran’s plan. Lu Xinran begged to see Mu Ze and revealed Lu Anran’s face, but Mu Ze didn’t care about the truth, but only cared that the Lu family could be used for him. Mu Ze warned Lu Xinran not to tell lies in the future.

Lu Xinran met Cai Wangjin in the mansion, and revealed to him that he didn’t know that his biological mother poisoned Lu Anran, but now Mu Ze doesn’t want to believe him, so she has no prestige in the mansion as Princess Qing. Cai Wangjin comforted Lu Xinran that His Royal Highness King Qing would understand her sincerity one day. Seeing what Mu Ze asked, Lu Anran understood why Yan Shangshu, who had always been neutral in his previous life, would support Mu Ze. It turned out that it was because Mu Ze used Chunwei to change the exam papers and helped Yan Shangshu’s son get a chance to high school. Now Lu Anran is looking for a student who is more Yan Shangshu’s son to replace the exam papers, but Lu Anran is unwilling to help Mu Ze achieve this wish.

Mu Chuan brought Lingxi to Lu Mansion. Lu Anran was very happy to see Lingxi, but seeing the wounds on Lingxi’s body and her comforting words, Lu Anran blamed herself even more. Mu Chuan built a grape trellis in the yard, and told Lu Anran the beauty of the grape trellis he built. He also planned to plant the green grapes of Sioux City, which Lu Anran liked, so that there would be different scenery in the four seasons.

Recalling all kinds of past lives, it turned out that when the previous life was pregnant, the person who really built the grape trellis was not Mu Ze, but Mu Chuan. In the past and present life, Mu Chuan silently did too many things for himself, and Lu Anran blamed himself for missing too much, so he simply resorted to drinking to ease his worries. Mu Chuan was worried that Lu Anran was drinking too much, and persuaded her to eat prunes. During the dispute between the two, Lu Anran accidentally leaned on Mu Chuan’s chest, and Lu Anran blamed herself for not being able to see the vicious people, let alone the sincere people.

Lu Anran reluctantly sent Lingxi away, and returned to the mansion, Lu Yun teased that Mu Chuan was still reluctant to part with Lu Anran, perhaps Lu Xinran married Lu Anran into the Qing Palace, which was a choice made by God for her. And Lu Yun also saw Lu Anran’s intentions for Mu Chuan, teasing her sister for having a different heart, not wanting to admit her love. Dong Qing also persuaded Lu Anran to choose what he loves from his heart, but Lu Anran’s plan now is to let the Lu family get rid of the prince’s battle completely, and he must not be confused with Mu Chuan at this time.

Knowing that Lu Xinran was neglected in the Qing Palace, Lu Anran planned to deal with Lu Xinran from Lu Xinran’s maid Cui Cui. Lu Anran knew that Lu Xinran would never let go of Mu Ze’s birthday, but Mu Ze never missed his birthday, so angering Mu Ze would only make her more neglected.

Lu Yun brought Xu Qingce to the Lu Mansion to live in. Lu Anran remembered that this person was the champion of Chunwei in his previous life, arranged for this person to temporarily live in the Lu Mansion, and asked the other party to urge Lu Yun to do his homework. Lu Anran didn’t want to see the tragedy of Xu Qingce falling into a party dispute and corpse on the street again in his previous life, but he still wanted to help the other party get rid of it all.

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