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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 10 Recap

Mu Ze brought Gao Chengxian to him and told him that if it was useful to him, perhaps his charges could be changed from existence to nothing. In order to survive, Gao Chengxian said that he could be the eyes and ears of King Yi, and help King Qing achieve his future hegemony. Mu Ze was very satisfied with the other party’s choice, but he also asked his subordinates to remove Gao Chengxian’s arm as a warning. After all, Gao Chengxian had planned on Lu Anran before. Mu Ze warned Gao Chengxian that the Lu family and the Qing prince’s mansion are in the same spirit, and they should know who they can’t touch in the future.

Although the fact that the Lu family was framed has been clarified, but seeing that Gao Chengxian was acquitted, Mu Chuan still did not understand Mu Ze’s actions. After all, Gao Chengxian made money and harmed the people of Danzhou. What is the use of such a corpse and vegetarian meal? Mu Ze should ignore all the evidence. But after seeing the accounts of King Yi and Qin Yekuo, I realized how serious the corruption in the army is. Now Gao Chengxian is left alive to uproot the corruption in the generals.

The torrential rain washed down the mountain road leading into the city, and the mobilized grain team was buried in the mudslide. Mu Ze arranged for Gao Chengxian to gather all the soldiers to divide the soldiers into two groups, stabilize the mountain along the way, and try their best to save the victims along the way. Although Mu Ze assured that Gao Chengxian would receive no less punishment, Mu Chuan left angrily.

Lu Anran brought the cold medicine to Mu Chuan, and stared at him to drink the medicine. Lu Anran instructed Mu Chuan not to have trouble with his body even if he was unhappy. Lu Anran already knew that Mu Ze acquitted Gao Chengxian. Although Mu Chuan couldn’t agree with Mu Ze’s choice, he also believed that if Mu Ze made more outrageous mistakes in the future, the two would eventually disagree, and there was no chance of a return. There are many things in this world that can be accommodated, but black and white cannot blur the boundaries. Lu Anran hopes that Mu Chuan can strengthen his heart.

Lu Anran came to the prison to meet Chai Guang, and told him that His Royal Highness King Qing had determined that he was the mastermind of the robbery and disaster relief. She came here to make a deal with Chai Guang, in exchange for the prosperity and safety of Chai Guang’s family, and she hoped What Chai Guang did was to restore the truth. Early the next morning, Mu Chuan was on the street as the ninth prince, calling on the people to join him in accusing Gao Chengxian of the crime. He also said that if Gao Chengxian is not alone, he will not leave for a day.

Chai Guang came out of prison and kidnapped Gao Chengxian. In front of King Qing and the people on the street, he told him that Gao Chengxian had instructed him to hijack the disaster relief food. In the face of the threat, Gao Chengxian had to admit that the disaster relief food was hijacked, but Mu Ze refuted that there was no evidence. , and Shen Changqing also subsequently executed Chai Guang in the street, and stated that he was cleaning up the door as the leader of the Qinghe Gang, and believed that King Qing would naturally call the shots for the people. In such a situation, Mu Ze had to send someone to put Gao Chengxian in jail.

Afterward, the ninth prince brought the people who were persecuted by Gao Chengxian to come to denounce, and listed Gao Chengxian’s crimes one by one, hoping that His Royal Highness King Qing would put Gao Chengxian under the sword in the name of imperial envoy. Facing the excited words of Mu Chuan and the people, Mu Ze was forced to kill Gao Chengxian in public.

Mu Chuan, who returned to the mansion, apologized to Mu Ze, but Mu Ze did not blame Mu Chuan. The Danzhou incident came to an end, and Lu Anran and Mu Chuan met in Hanjing. Mu Ze was assassinated on his way back to Beijing, the evidence related to King Yi was also burned, and his subordinate Zhaolie died to protect Mu Ze, which further strengthened Mu Ze’s determination to overthrow King Yi.

Mu Ze returned to Beijing to report the Danzhou incident to the emperor. He wanted the emperor to investigate Qin Yekuo thoroughly, but the emperor only asked Qin Yekuo to examine the area under his own jurisdiction, and he did not doubt Qin Yekuo. Mu Chuan returned to Beijing to inform the emperor of the plan of the world’s granary, and the emperor praised him. This made King Yi dissatisfied and objected in court, but the emperor publicly announced that Mu Chuan was named King of Qi, and he was also involved in agriculture and water conservancy.

After going down to court, King Qing came to meet the emperor in his underwear, told him about the assassination, and let the emperor see the wound that he almost lost his life, but the emperor was unmoved, and asked King Qing not to worry about Qin Yekuo. The emperor thought that King Qing was acting in accordance with the law, but he thought about some things that he shouldn’t think about. After all, he had long known that King Qing had been concealed by Concubine Liang, and there were some things that King Qing should not think about.

Because of the emperor’s disgust, Mu Ze knew that all his efforts were in vain. Cai Wangjin persuaded Mu Ze that what he wanted was grand ambitions and hegemony, that his destiny would not be controlled by others, and that he should be the supreme position. The royal family was as thin as a cicada’s wings. Mu Ze figured it out and vowed to stop following the rules and do what he wanted to do.

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