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The Investigator 简言的夏冬 Episode 15 Recap

Taking the egg custard that Aunt Huang made for her, Jian Yan went out and saw Xia Dong’s car, and sat on it directly. Later, Xia Dong was greedy for the egg custard in her hand and asked her to drive. Xie Qianduo came to work, but did not see Xia Dong and Jianyan, Xiaoka said that the superior had already gone on a business trip. Xiaojin missed Susan’s call last night.

She called back after seeing the missed call, but Susan didn’t answer her call. So today, Xiaojin went to work and felt both uneasy and uneasy, hammering the stapler to vent his grievances. . Xie Qianduo was puzzled. After Xiaoka explained, she suddenly felt that when she was Xia Dong’s assistant, she might not necessarily be the person closest to him.

Guan Hai has set up a bureau, and to let Ou Xun out in Longguan Town, they can no longer let them interfere in Dongguan affairs. Lin Junwen was worried that if the scene got out of control, people would be killed. But Guan Hailin said that Galaxy lost the Shengxin project, and they still had business to do, but if Lin lost this project, the result would be death. Lin Junwen got off the bus halfway and took the subway to work in the company. After Susan and his party arrived in Dongguan, she asked Mike and Jeffrey to go directly to the police station with her group, while Xia Dong and Jianyan went directly to Yinhe Yirong, and they split up.

Susan can let the legal affairs take notes. After bringing Lao Fang out, she is ready to go to Beijing for a meeting. But it wasn’t easy for John Li. He kept saying that he wanted to get Liang Meizhu’s whereabouts, but he couldn’t provide more information. Jian Yan and Xia Dong suggested that Yinhe Yirong sue Liang Meizhu. Once the police intervene, it would be easier to find someone, but Li John refused. In the end, John Li still didn’t buy it, but Xia Dong was not worried. Before leaving, he seemed to casually ask the whereabouts of the driver A Qiang, and John Li said that he asked for leave today.

Xia Dong found a person’s Weibo, and provided Xiaoka with some information to help him find this person. Lin Junwen still has affection for Xia Dong. He was worried that Xia Dong would be in danger, so he called him specially and told him to pay attention to safety. Lin Taiqiang, a member of the Lin family, was John Li’s driver, Aqiang. Under Guan Hailin’s instructions, he deliberately called in the noodle shop so that the old side next to him could hear Achang’s residence. Lao Fang told Xia Dong the news. He was eager to make up for his mistakes and wanted to set off to find Achang and ask Liang Meizhu’s whereabouts, but Xia Dong told him to go to the airport to buy a plane ticket and return to Shanghai immediately.

Aqiang’s real name is Lin Taiqiang, Xia Dong has long discovered that he is actually a member of the Lin family. Since Aqiang always throws many clues to him intentionally or unintentionally, Xia Dong has noticed his identity. Later, he discovered Lin Taiqiang’s vague Chaoshan accent. , further investigation will easily dig out that he is Lin’s internal response. Jian Yan and Xia Dong acted together, and found Shi Tanli, who shared with A Qiang, to learn about A Qiang’s situation. Although Lao Fang heard it clearly, Xia Dong was very cautious. A Qiang was not a loud voice, so he suspected that A Qiang was most likely deliberately letting Lao Fang hear about the location of Donggu Community. A play that invites you to enter the urn.

Donggu Community is very far away from Longguan Town. Even though Li John is a local snake in Longguan Town, Donggu Community is far beyond his sphere of influence, so if the Lin family wants to get rid of them here, it will be easy. He kept on the phone with Jianyan, let Jianyan wait for him in the car, and then he went into danger alone. Sure enough, when the security guard heard Achang’s name, he immediately changed his attitude and let him enter the community. Jian Yan realized that something was wrong with the security guard and wanted to pick him up at the door, but Xia Dong asked her to stand by.

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