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The Investigator 简言的夏冬 Episode 14 Recap

Xia Dong and Lin Junwen officially meet again, some things have changed, but Xia Dong still remembers some things from the past by heart. Lin Junwen told Xia Dong that when he left the Sida team, he wanted to find a shortcut to get closer to the goal he had pursued, and to use the intelligent algorithm he had learned to apply it to domestic smart commercial housing, but he did not expect that the domestic market would not accept it.

Eventually, the technology stagnates and affects the normal operation of Lin’s. The story of the past is almost over. Lin Junwen brought the topic to his interest, hoping that Xia Dong could help him introduce him. At this time, Xia Dong received a call from the police station in Longguan Town, Dongguan.

Lao Fang was taken to the police station as a fraudster. He explained that he was a market researcher of a Thai company. The police contacted Xia Dong according to the business card and phone number provided by Lao Fang. When Xia Dong learned that Lao Fang was arrested, he immediately contacted Xiaoka and asked him to book a flight to Shenzhen for him.

Xiaoka missed her mouth, and Xia Dong learned that Jian Yan also flew to Shenzhen. When Jian Yan came home, Aunt Huang sat on the sofa and waited for her to fall asleep. Jian Yan wanted to take the TV remote control from her hand, but unexpectedly woke her up. The first thing Aunt Huang did when she woke up was to get up and give her a late-night snack. Jian Yan was both distressed and moved when she saw the scars on her hands caused by cooking.

Xia Dong sent Lin Junwen to the place he designated and drove away, but in a place that Lin Junwen could not see, Xia Dong was following him. Lin Junwen prevented Xia Dong from following him, and made a special phone call. It’s not that Xia Dong’s phone is muted, it’s probably already revealed. Xia Dong told Susan about Lao Fang’s situation in Dongguan.

For Susan, this was no less than the biggest investigation accident that had occurred since the establishment of the Shanghai Department. But after all, she is the legal person of the most common business consulting company, so she asked Xia Dong to call the lawyer Mike and Jeffrey, and the four of them will fly to Shenzhen tomorrow morning.

After receiving the message of concern and condolences from his mother, Xia Dong suddenly missed his mother very much. He later found a reason to ask Jian Yan to wait for him at the milk tea shop behind the alley. When Jianyan went out, Xia Dong went in and stayed with her mother for a while, ate the noodles she made for herself, and watched an episode of TV with her. Then he called Jianyan and comforted Jianyan with a few words. Jianyan’s anger from waiting for him for a long time dissipated in an instant. Later, lying in bed and watching the hotel video sent by Xia Dong, the smile on her face never disappeared.

Guan Hailin told Lin Junwen about Fang De’s inquiries about Liang Meizhu in Dongguan. If he hadn’t reported the fraud, he didn’t know what Fang De could find out. For Xia Dong, Guan Hailin meant to let Lin Junwen approach him, preferably to buy him off. Xia Dong called Lin Junwen. Fortunately, he changed Xia Dong’s remarks to Mr. Wang. Guan Hailin didn’t realize that he actually left Xia Dong’s contact information.

Ju Wei felt that Lin Junwen couldn’t figure it out, she was worried that Lin Junwen knew Xia Dong too well, and Xia Dong would be used by him, so she kindly reminded Xia Dong not to have any contact with Lin Junwen. Xia Dong left the wooden restaurant, sat in the car and clicked the video developed for Jian Yan, and a smile appeared on his face.

But after thinking about it, he deleted the video from his phone. Jian Yan was on a business trip today and got up early in the morning. The egg custard that Aunt Huang made for her was not ready yet. At this time, Xia Dong had already driven the car outside and waited for her to go out.

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