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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 6 Recap

Early the next morning, Cai Wangjin came to the Lu family with a betrothal gift to propose marriage in place of King Qing Mu Ze. At first, Liu Mingyu’s mother and daughter misunderstood that Cai Wangjin was going to propose marriage for Lu Xinran. It was not until Mu Ze confessed that he and Lu Anran fell in love at first sight, so they came to the Lu family to ask for Lu Anran to marry him. wife. And Lu Anran also told his parents in public that he was willing to marry Mu Ze as his wife, and share the honor and disgrace for the rest of his life.

Although Lu Qingzhou was worried about his daughter’s situation and did not want Lu Anran to marry into Prince Qing’s mansion, Lu Anran said that he had a surefire way to keep the Lu family out of the mud pond. Lu Qingzhou told Lu Anran to pay attention to safety. She had the support of the Lu family behind her. The big deal was that the fish would die and the net would be broken in the end.

Because Lu Anran was about to marry King Qing, Liu Mingyu’s mother and daughter were unwilling to be crushed by Lu Anran for the rest of their lives. Liu Mingyu persuaded her daughter not to marry Cai Wangjin. After all, King Qing actually valued the Pisces Ling in Lu Anran’s hands and everything in the Lu family. But if there is only one daughter, Lu Xinran, in the Lu family, then His Royal Highness King Qing can naturally choose Lu Xinran.

When Mu Chuan came to the Lu family to see Lu Anran, he was originally disappointed because Lu Anran was about to marry Mu Ze, but heard Lu Anran explain that his marriage to King Qing was just a deal. The development of the Lu family’s river transportation has put the Lu family on the chopping board, and the choices she made are helpless. Mu Chuan gave Lu Anran the bracelet as a wedding gift. Hearing Mu Chuan explain that the bracelet was bought at random in Sucheng, Lu Anran knew that what Mu Chuan said when he presented the bracelet in his previous life was a lie, and he did not understand why he lied.

Although Dong Qing thought that if His Highness the Ninth Highness knew about Lu Anran’s difficulties, he would definitely help her with all his might, but Lu Anran was unwilling to do so, and only hoped that the less Mu Chuan knew, the better, so that he could be safe and smooth. The wedding was only half a year away, and Lu Anran decided to complete the affairs of the inner house within this time, and then brought Lingxi and others to check the accounts.

Lu Xinran brought Lu Anran high-quality rouge, and Dan Qing checked it and found out that castor oil was put in it, and long-term use would cause rotten face and disfigurement. Lu Anran discussed with her mother, Madam Lu, and put the blame on Cuigu, the maid in Liu Mingyu’s courtyard. Liu Mingyu’s mother and daughter were worried that the matter would be exposed, and they also slandered Cuigu for poisoning her daughter Lu Anran. On the grounds that Cuigu murdered her daughter, she was fined fifty with the stick.

With this incident, Liu Mingyu’s mother and daughter also knew that Lu Anran’s mother and daughter already knew their poisoning strategy, and they were completely torn. Liu Mingyu vowed to take revenge for her dowry maid Cuigu, and also made Lu Xinran ready. When the wedding date came, she would be the only daughter left in the Lu family.

The northern border violated the Dahan border, and Mu Ze led the army to go to war. After half a year of bloody battles, Mu Ze finally returned triumphantly and exchanged military merit for a marriage contract with the Lu family. Although Cai Wangjin thinks that it is not worthwhile to exchange military merit for a Lu Anran, Mu Ze thinks that both military and political affairs and people’s livelihood and economics cannot be separated from the waterway of the Lu family, and if Lu Anran’s talents can be used for himself, everything is worth it.

The wedding date is approaching, His Royal Highness Mu Chuan came to welcome King Qing on his behalf, and Lu Anran found Mu Chuan alone, hoping that he could do him a favor, but when it came time to open his mouth, he should change his tune and let Mu Chuan come to Sucheng every year to instruct the people in farming. After all, Lu Anran does not I would like to pull Mu Chuan into a hatred situation.

Returning to the mansion in the evening, Lu Anran accidentally saw the engraving on the bracelet that Mu Chuan had given him under the candlestick, “Today and tonight, I will see that my beloved loves my dear, and I will never fail him.” Only then did he know that no matter the past or the present, Mu Chuan likes it. It’s all yourself.

Dongqing came to the inn to ask Mu Chuan, hoping that he could help find Hook Kiss and Xue Chanzi. Although he knew that Dongqing lied was what he needed, Mu Chuan also guessed that these things were what Lu Anran needed. Early the next morning, Mu Chuan came to see Lu Anran and asked her if there was a way to make her happy and protect her family, would she be willing?

Mu Chuan wanted to marry Lu Anran as a prince and let Lu Anran do what he wanted to do under his protection, but Lu Anran didn’t want to implicate Mu Chuan, so he could only coldly reject the other party’s kindness. Mu Chuan was misunderstood and disappointed, he put down the hook kiss and Xue Chanzi and chose to leave.

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