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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 5 Recap

When Lu Anran and Mu Chuan came out of the tavern, they encountered a girl, Dong Qing, who was forced to sell her body. Lu Anran did not want to see Dong Qing forced to commit suicide, so she simply offered 5,000 taels of silver to redeem her. Although Lu Anran paid money to buy people, he also hoped that Dongqing would be free in the future, but Dongqing insisted on following Lu Anran, and Lu Anran simply brought her into the Lu family for resettlement. After Lu Anran returned to the house, he arranged for Lingxi and Dongqing to get along well, and even applied medicine to Dongqing’s wounds.

Lu Anran accidentally discovered the birthmark on Dongqing’s arm and asked her about her background. Only then did she learn that Dongqing and her parents were lost when she was a child. Now her adoptive father was addicted to gambling and sold her into a brothel. Likewise, the heart grows on the right side. Lu Anran promised to help Dongqing find her family, and Dongqing was very moved to see the kindness of Lu Anran and Lingxi to her.

Although Lu Anran did not find any evidence that Liu Mingyu had murdered Mrs. Lu, she still arranged for Lingxi and Dongqing to find all the things placed by Mrs. Lu’s aunt in Mrs. Lu’s house. In the end, Lu Anran smashed the Guanyin statue to find the ox knees hidden in it, and asked the doctor. It was only after knowing that this substance was in conflict with the warming and nourishing medicinal materials, Lu Anran learned the truth that her mother had been seriously ill for many years.

On the night of the Huachao Festival, Lu Anran saw the children on the street rushing to set the river lanterns. He remembered his son Yu’er who died early in his previous life, so he also bought a rabbit lantern and put it into the river to pray for Yu’er. The ninth prince, Mu Chuan, also came to set it up. Deng, Lu Anran used the excuse that Yu’er was his own rabbit and fell into the water and died, but he still prayed for Yu’er in his heart and hoped that he would have a smooth and safe next life.

Mu Chuan put a river lantern to pray for the deceased mother concubine, and Lu Anran comforted him with the words that Mu Chuan comforted himself in the previous life. Mu Chuan took Lu Anran’s drunken words to heart, and even carved a rabbit for Yu’er, so he went back to the inn to get the rabbit and asked Lu Anran to wait patiently for him. While waiting, Lu Anran unexpectedly noticed that all the boats on the river were covered by Mu Ze, and only then did he realize that everything that Mu Ze approached him in his previous life was planned.

Lu Anran was looking for Mu Ze’s figure on the street, and sure enough, he saw that he was discussing with Mr. Cai how to approach him and make himself attracted to him. Lu Anran didn’t fully realize until this moment. From beginning to end, Mu Ze didn’t have the slightest sincerity to himself. From the beginning of the encounter, it was a carefully designed scam. Instead of waiting for Mu Ze to calculate, Lu Anran decided to take the initiative and meet Mu Ze again according to the plot of the encounter in his previous life, and he also missed Mu Chuan who came to find him.

Although Lu Anran and Mu Ze were not attracted to him after they met again, Mu Ze still admired Lu Anran’s talent on the ship. He thought that if Lu Anran’s talent could be used on vehicles, ships and warships, the Great Han Warriors must be grateful. do. Seeing Mu Ze’s thoughts, Lu Anran politely declined the proposal, which made Mu Ze helpless. Lu Anran and Mu Ze went to the Yuelao Temple to ask for the lottery.

Lu Anran asked for the lottery when he came up, but he knew that the lottery box must have been manipulated, so he simply drew a few lots. Seeing that he couldn’t hide it from Lu Anran, Mu Ze simply admitted that he had come up with this strategy to make the beautiful woman happy. Lu Anran decided to satisfy Mu Ze’s wish, decided to marry him as his wife, and accepted Mu Ze’s jade pendant as a love affair, but Lu Anran also stated that he only had a covenant with Mu Ze and had no feelings.

Mu Chuan came to look for Mu Ze and asked him the purpose of coming to Su City. Mu Ze only explained that he was here for personal affairs, and also said that Mu Chuan was about to have a second sister-in-law. Mu Chuan learned that the second sister-in-law was Lu Anran, the direct daughter of the Lu family, and felt very disappointed. After leaving Mu Ze, he came to Tianbian to borrow wine to relieve his worries, and looked at the bracelet that was never given away.

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