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Lost Track of Time 覆流年 Episode 4 Recap

With the explosion of a mine, Lu Anran opened his eyes and unexpectedly found that he had returned to the day before the ceremony. The attendant reported that there was a boat ahead that encountered bandits. Lu Anran knew that the ship ahead was Mu Ze’s ship, and arranged for the attendant to take the mine. The second time she saw Mu Ze as an enemy, she would kill Mu Ze with a sword, which also verified that she really returned to the wedding ceremony, not the moment when her family was in her dream.

Recalling Mu Ze’s affectionate words in his previous life, Lu Anran only had hatred in his eyes. Facing Mu Ze’s accusations, he only explained that he was wrong to do hurtful actions, and then left the boat. Although Mr. Cai has recognized Lu Anran as Lu Qingzhou’s daughter, he also thinks that this woman is arrogant and not someone who is easy to win over.

Back at Lu Mansion, Lu Anran had a completely different mentality from his previous life. Looking at Mrs. Lu who was still alive, Lu Anran hugged Mrs. Lu and cried out her thoughts. Later, seeing that his younger brother Lu Yun was going to sneak out of the house to learn martial arts, Lu Anran strongly opposed his younger brother learning martial arts, and asked Lu Yun to start learning to settle accounts the next day.

This time, she figured out that it is not only the thing that a man should do to protect the family and the country, but to carry forward the family and to be a businessman who can benefit the world can also benefit the people. Lu Anran privately told the maid Lingxi that she secretly took the leftover medicinal residues from her mother Mrs. Lu to the doctor outside the mansion for inspection, and told her not to let the people in the manor know about it.

After explaining that Lingxi took care of Mrs. Lu’s food, Lu Anran met her aunt and sister Lu Xinran. This time, Lu Anran did not have a good attitude towards their mother and daughter, and vowed in her heart that she would protect her family in this life and would never let the Lu family go. Involved in the imperial family strife. Seeing the clothes carefully prepared by her aunt, and recalling her experience of developing rashes in her previous life, Lu Anran asked Lingxi to give the clothes to her sister Lu Xinran.

The next day, Lu Anran came to the ceremony site. Lu’s father, Lu Qingzhou, announced in public that the Pisces Order would be passed on to Lu Anran. Since then, Lu Anran has been the owner of the Lu family’s thirty-sixth port and the only heir to the Lu family. This time, Lu Anran promised that his father would swear to the death to protect the Lu family.

In the face of the second uncle Lu Ting’s public opposition to women being in charge of the family, Lu Anran simply preemptively announced the illegal overloading of the second uncle’s boat. Lu Qingzhou saw the second brother’s life in vain. When he returned home that night, Lu Anran saw the scene of his sister Lu Xinran colluding with Mr. Cai. Then, facing Mu Ze who followed him, he also resolutely rejected the Dahan River system map sent by the other party, directly debunked the true identity of His Royal Highness King Mu Zeqing, and scolded the other party for his lack of sincerity in forming an alliance with the Lu family. Simply ridiculous.

Lu Anran was worried that the second uncle would not be reconciled to being kicked out of the Lu family, so he arranged for the servant Shan Yue to keep an eye on Lu Ting to prevent him from framing the Lu family. Aunt Liu Mingyu’s mother-daughter plan failed, but she was not willing to be subordinated to Lu Anran’s mother and daughter. Liu Mingyu told her daughter Lu Xinran to contact Mr. Cai who came from Hanjing from time to time. The future of Xinran is immeasurable.

Although Lingxi didn’t find any problems with Madam Lu’s medicinal materials and food, Lu Anran was sure that her aunt would definitely work on Madam Lu’s necessities. Shanyue came to report that Lu Ting and King Yi had met many times and secretly harbored thieves. Lu Anran guessed that the second uncle was going to put the blame on Lu Qingzhou for the crime of harbouring repeated crimes from the imperial court, so that King Yi could also make money from the Lu family.

Lu Anran instructed Shanyue to take someone to the pier to check, and she went directly to the prefecture to report to the officials in the name of the Lu family. However, the government was bribed by King Yi and was unwilling to accept the case. Lu Anran simply went directly to King Mu Ze of Qing, and assured him that as long as Lu Anran was in the Lu family for one day, it would not be possible to fall to King Yi, and then Mu Ze’s request was only beneficial to the people. The Lu family will consider this as a condition for Mu Ze to let the Lu family get through the difficulties this time. Afterwards, King Qing Mu Ze took people from the prefecture to the pier to search for people. Sure enough, the thief was captured, and the Lu family survived the crisis safely.

The people came to ask Lu Anran for help, saying that someone was pulling rice seedlings in the field, hoping that Lu Anran would decide for them. Although he knew that this person was Mu Chuan, Lu Anran still had tears in his eyes when he saw the old man in his previous life. Listening to Mu Chuan’s familiar tone, Lu Anran thought that the other party remembered him, but he didn’t know that he had met Mu Chuan before when he was drunk.

After dealing with the sick rice seedlings, Lu Anran invited Mu Chuan to dinner, and when he heard the other party talk about his drunkenness, Lu Anran was deeply sorry. Both of them appreciate what each other has done for many years, and sympathize with each other in their words, chatting and laughing like confidants for many years.

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