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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 53 Recap

Emperor Zun sent people around to inquire about the whereabouts of Yan Dan and Ying Yuan, only to find that the Yuyun boat they were riding in was parked in the North Sea. Emperor Zun knew that it was just a sound. Tao Ziqi was trapped, and Emperor Zun had to ask Taiyou Xingjun to discuss countermeasures.

Leng Jiang came to Emperor Zun for the theory, complaining that he did not reveal Ying Yuan’s identity as the young master of the Shura clan beforehand. Ying Yuan had cut off his love and love, otherwise it would be difficult for Ying Yuan to achieve great things, but Leng Jiang did not buy it. He knew that the punishment of the blade of resentment was terrifying. Leng Jiang suspected that Emperor Zun had used the life of the Fu family to confuse them, so as to realize his wolf ambitions.

Emperor Zun killed Leng Jiang in a fit of anger. Thanks to Leng Jiang’s use of his real body, he escaped the catastrophe. Leng Jiang warned Emperor Zun to act on his own. Even if he has become Qiankun Yin, because Ying Yuan has Xuan Ye’s bloodline, he is not Ying Yuan’s opponent at all, and the emperor is gnashing his teeth in anger.

On behalf of Ye Wangchuan, Yizang came to Heaven to bring a carload of gifts to Emperor Zun. Taiyou Xingjun carefully checked and found nothing abnormal, so he put the carriage in. Yan Dan, Yu Mo and Ying Yuan hid in it, they wanted to check Huan Qin’s body again, and Yi hid outside to catch the wind. Ying Yuan and the others opened the coffin and saw a crescent-shaped scar on Huan Qin’s wrist. Ying Yuan recognized that it was left by the emperor cutting flesh to feed the eagle, so he determined that the body was the emperor, and Huan Qin used the puppet technique. Become the appearance of Emperor Zun, and turn Emperor Zun’s body into his appearance.

Ying Yuan remembered that on the day when the barrier was repaired, Emperor Zun once took out a wisp of primordial spirit to prevent him from entering the devil. Ying Yuan vowed to use this remaining wisp of primordial spirit to revive Emperor Zun, and Huan Qin’s conspiracy would be revealed. Emperor Zun’s Yuanshen recalled, Emperor Zun guarded the secret of his life for Huan Qin, but he did not expect such a tragic thing, Ying Yuan regretted finding out too late.

Emperor Zun told a big secret, Ying Yuan’s biological mother was the god Dianqing, Emperor Zun summoned the Rensoul sword, when Dianqing blew up the primordial spirit, it shattered Xuan Ye’s revolving wheel and the fragments of the revolving wheel. It was hidden in the Rensoul Sword, and some remnants of memories were preserved in it, which was the past of grievances between Ran Qing and Xuan Ye.

Back then, when the Shura clan provoked a turmoil, Xuan Ye was seriously injured, and he was surrounded by groups. Emperor Zun felt that Xuan Ye’s identity was unknown and worried that Ran Qing would cause trouble. Ran Qing found out that Xuan Ye was just a little demon with little spiritual power. Emperor Zun wanted to pass on some divine power to Xuan Ye and let Ran Qing send him away. Xuan Ye heard their conversation and took the initiative to ask for the lower realm, Ran Qing insisted on sending Xuan Ye regardless of Emperor Zun’s obstruction.

Xuan Ye and Ranqing bid farewell to each other, Leng Jiang brought the Shura clansmen suddenly to kill Ranqing to absorb her thousand-year-old spiritual power, Xuan Ye rushed forward and desperately protected Ranqing, but his old injury was not healed and he was quickly defeated. Come on, Ranqing drives away Leng Jiang and the others effortlessly. Xuan Ye suddenly vomited blood, and Ran Qing took him to the place where he was cultivating for healing. Xuan Ye used his spiritual power to make hundreds of flowers bloom there, and the spring was full of joy. Xuan Ye picked a bunch of flowers and gave it to Ran Qing, and Ran Qing also named him Mu Han, the two gradually fell in love and soon fell in love.

After Xuan Ye recovered from his injury, he said goodbye to Ran Qing and wanted to leave. Ran Qing struggled to keep him, and was willing to promise each other. Xuan Ye took the opportunity to steal Ran Qing’s artifact, the Seven Lights Divine Jade, and the two tied the knot. Ranqing found that the artifact was stolen, and immediately came to Xuanye to settle the account. Xuanye revealed his true identity, and Ranqing knew that he was the lord of the Shura clan. Everything before was designed, and Xuanye approached her for the sake of the Seven Lights Divine Jade. , to realize the ambition of the Shura tribe to dominate the world.

Xuan Ye repeatedly explained that the Shura clan has always been short-lived, and it is difficult to subdue any clan, so he wanted to use the Seven Lights Divine Jade that was dyed blue. He has already used the Seven Luminaries Divine Jade to practice the Eternal Night Technique, and his skills have reached the pinnacle.

Xuan Ye led the Shura clan to fight everywhere, they were invincible, Ran Qing heard the news wearing a mask and came to stop, was severely injured by Xuan Ye, Ran Qing never regretted falling in love with Xuan Ye, persuaded him to rein in his horse, Xuan Ye did not listen, Ran Ye never regretted falling in love with Xuan Ye. Qing was heartbroken and finally died in Xuan Ye’s arms. Xuan Ye was overcome with pain and decided to rewrite their fate.

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