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Immortal Samsara: Part 1 沉香如屑 Episode 52 Recap

There are nine, nine and eighty-one punishments for the blade of resentment, and each one is like a calamity of immortality. Moreover, the blade of resentment is divided into the body and transformed into it. The skin, flesh, tendons, and bones are all cut into pieces. The corpse was smashed into thousands of pieces, leaving only the skin intact. Emperor Zun forced Ying Yuan to confess his guilt and obey the law, but Ying Yuan ignored him, Yan Dan was willing to be punished together with Ying Yuan, and Emperor Zun personally executed them.

Yan Dan and Ying Yuan were tortured and bruised all over by the blade of resentment. They regarded death as home. Ying Yuan finally realized the pain of Yan Dan gouging out his heart for him. Yan Dan and Ying Yuan encouraged each other and endured a total of 80 tortures. The blade is the most powerful. Ying Yuan used the blade of resentment to break through the gate of heaven, and took Yan Dan to escape from the heavenly punishment platform. Come to the rescue, put Ying Yuan and Yan Dan on the Yuyun boat, and take out a blood vine pill for Ying Yuan to recuperate his heart.

Emperor Zun launched an attack on Yan Dan and Ying Yuan, Tao Ziqi came to help, Emperor Zun made a comeback again, Zhixi tried his best to protect Yan Dan and Ying Yuan, she was killed on the spot by Emperor Zun, Emperor Zun took her fairy spirit . Yu Mo brought Yan Dan, Tao Ziqi and Ying Yuan came to the South China Sea to seek refuge in Chaolan, Yan Dan couldn’t help thinking of Zhixi’s voice, face and smile before her death, and she was so sad that she wanted to die.

Tao Ziqi came to Yan Dan to apologize, and repeatedly explained that her perjury was to save Liu Weiyang. She did not expect Zhixi to be killed. Tao Ziqi wanted to be Yan Dan’s sister, and she wanted to find Liu Weiyang as soon as possible, but he could go to court. Lan set up a barrier, worried that Emperor Zun and Tianbing Tian would find them. Yan Dan firmly believes that Tao Ziqi and Liu Weiyang will reunite sooner or later. Tao Ziqi heard that the enchantment was created by Yu Mo, and wanted to know where it was weak, but Yan Dan didn’t know about it. Tao Ziqi couldn’t wait to know their future plans, and Yan Dan was not in the mood to think about it.

Yu Mo used the ice bath to cultivate the nine-fin fire spirit, and Chaolan’s hard persuasion was of no avail. Yan Dan feels guilty for Zhixi’s death, Ying Yuan persuades her with kind words, the dolphin essence sets off fireworks, and celebrates the birthday of her sister who is married to Beihai. Zhixi was dead, and she was very sad. Ying Yuan opened a bottle of stardust, Yan Dan held a grain of stardust in his hand, as if Zhixi was by her side, Yan Dan swore to heaven that she would be sisters with Zhixi in the next life.

Chao Lan called all the elders of the Sihai Tribe together. The elders knelt down together and were willing to obey Yu Mo’s dispatch. Yu Mo was deeply moved. What he did next was extremely dangerous, and he did not want to implicate the Sihai Tribe. Yan Dan, Yu Mo and Ying Yuan discussed opening a gap in Tao Ziqi first. Although Tao Ziqi rescued them, she was very interested in their next plan. Yan Dan suspected that she was a spy.

When Ying Yuan and Emperor Zun were fighting, he found a clear sound of swords coming from his belt, and recognized that the sword on his waist was the personal weapon of Jidu Xingjun Huanqin. Yan Dan also heard Zhixi say Emperor Zun. Changed, suspecting that someone used the puppet technique to pretend to be the emperor, Ying Yuan was worried that the real emperor was killed. Yan Dan analyzed through various signs that the current emperor is Huan Qin, and the Huan Qin in the coffin may be fake.

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