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The Investigator 简言的夏冬 Episode 13 Recap

Susan asked the safe project team to produce an impeccable final report before twelve o’clock tonight, so that John Li could not pick out any faults, and the legal department would make the final communication with Yinhe Yirong, both ways. Jian Yan and Xia Dong briefed the Legal Department about the project, and they believed that Liang Meizhu was suspected of theft and commercial espionage.

The legal department’s professional judgment is the same as Susan’s, that is, to find Liang Meizhu and submit the report. Jian Yan and Xia Dong naturally disagree, but only Jian Yan is more emotional, Xia Dong is still very calm. After a brief communication, it ended with Xiaoka giving a transcript of John Li’s oral speech.

Lao Fang took a car to No. 30 Huangcun East Road, and used a credit card to chat with Liang Meizhu’s mother, and learned that Liang Meizhu had lost faith three or four days ago. Liang’s mother thinks that Liang Meizhu’s boyfriend who loves drinking and D Bo caused Liang Meizhu to owe money. Liang Meizhu’s boyfriend is called A Chang, and Liang’s mother gave Lao Fang his contact number. Jian Yan is committed to maintaining business fairness and believes that Yinhe belongs to the real Party A in this matter, while Susan cares more about Yinhe Yirong, after all, they are the representatives of Party A. Jian Yan quarreled with Susan for a while, and was quickly pulled away by Xia Dong.

Xia Dong acted more prudently, not as emotional as Jian Yan. As for Lin Junwen, he has long used a driving recorder to monitor Lin Junwen’s car at any time. It is a sure thing to work overtime tonight. Xia Dong reminded Jianyan not to forget her meal appointment with the landlord. Jianyan quickly called Aunt Huang to explain that she was going to work overtime tonight. Although Aunt Huang was very disappointed, she also expressed understanding.

Lin Junwen accidentally hit Xia Dong in the elevator, causing his mobile phone to shatter the screen. Lin Junwen gave Xia Dong his business card on the grounds that he wanted to compensate him. Xia Dong sat alone in the coffee shop, thinking of the past. He used to be best friends with Lin Junwen, but in the end they parted ways because of different ideas, which is embarrassing to say.

When Jianyan and the others were finishing their report, John Li called. After a few minutes with Susan, Jianyan finally sent the report to the mailbox provided by Yinhe Yirong. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief, but Susan said that the matter was not over, and the rest would be discussed when she returned from Beijing. Later, John Li called Susan again. He said that the report was well done, but what he wanted to know was where Liang Meizhu was. He will truthfully report to the Galaxy Headquarters, and Ou Xun can only wait for the feedback from the Galaxy Headquarters.

Through Guan Hailin to divert the attention of the guard downstairs, Lin Junwen entered the Muxin Club on the second floor of the wooden restaurant, and in the name of Xia Dong, successfully talked with Ju Wei and proposed his idea of ​​joining the club. Ju Wei meant that without the recommendation of other senior members, Lin Junwen could not enter the Muxin Club. If it was recommended by Xia Dong, it would be fine, but Ju Wei asked him if he was so familiar with Xia Dong. Both Ju Wei and Feng Jun’s secretary Tang Siyi clearly understood the purpose of Lin Junwen’s visit. As a result, Feng Jun, director of Shengxin Group, was disturbed by Yaxing. Ju Wei apologized for this.

Jian Yan took the small truck home and accidentally learned that everyone in the company knew that she and Xia Dong had stayed in the hotel suite for one night, and couldn’t help feeling speechless. She asked Xiaoka to book herself a plane ticket to Shenzhen, and she went to find Liang Meizhu herself. Ju Wei called Xia Dong to talk about Lin Junwen, and then Xia Dong took the initiative to send a message to Lin Junwen and asked him to have supper together.

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